Saddest grape harvestPlants
Harvested a whole 7 gallons of grapes. Typically the number is more like 50+. Wasnt even worth making the 6 whole quarts of juice I made. Stopped canning it and just put the last 3 quarts in a pitcher to drink.

Small honey harvestBeekeeping
Extracted right at 120lbs of honey. Much less than previous years. Everything dried up in May so bad that I lost several hives also, down to 6. Trying to feed them now and make the ones left stronger to do some splits in fall.

Japanese Friendship GardenTravel, Photos
Only open Friday-Sun or some such. Phoenix is sister cities with some city in Japan and that city built this. It took longer to drive across Phoenix to it that it did to walk around. Nice little garden it had grass, a small pond and fish but again outside in the heat.

Hole in the WallTravel, Photos
A sandstone formation with a hole though it in the middle of a larger park. The park even had a community fishing spot which was the largest body of water Id seen in Phoenix so far.

Desert Botanical GardenTravel, Photos
There is nothing to do in Pheonix after work except hike in the 100+ degree heat. I went to the Desert Botanical Garden hoping for some shade, or at least regular water. No shade. Lot of cacti

Sunset CraterTravel, Photos
Sunset Crater volcano is a bunch of cinder cones and lava fields. Didnt get there in time to get my National Park stamp and it was too hot to climb the one cinder cone that was available (I think I climbed it last time I was here). Did do the scenic drive that leads through park and then on to Waputki.

WaputkiTravel, Photos
Drove through Sunset Crater Volcano and Waputki on the way from Winslow to Flagstaff. Camera batteries died at Sunset Crater so only had cell for for Waputki. It wasnt open anyway, just the scenic drive. There were a bunch of people on top of Citadel Pueblo however right at sunset so climbed up to it and waited till they left to continue driving.

Petrified ForestTravel, Photos
Spent the morning driving the Petrified Forest. Did no hiking because my legs still hurt from the Grand Canyon. The park slow changes from being about petrified trees to badlands landscapes as you travel north. At the northern end visitor center they even have the lab open where they are preparing fossils they found in the park. Some sort of new species because they thing its related to from Madagascar is vegetarian but theirs is carnivorous. Cant remember the genus however. About 3-4ft long.

The Grand CanyonTravel, Photos, Trains
Spent all day the Grand Canyon. Arrived before 8:30 and started down the South Kaibab trail. It took me about an hour to reach Ceder Point a 1000ft down and a mile and a half in. It took nearly 3 hours to come back up. Got passed by the mule train bringing garbage up. This immediately make this one of the most exhausting hikes Ive ever done. Not going back down into the canyon. Spent most the rest of the day riding the bus from site to site along the rim taking pictures. Rode from Yaki Point all the way to Hermits Rest. The drove out to Desert View. I was there for sunset but it was too cloudy to even bother with pictures.

Also caught the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams for the steam engine then again in the park when it pulled out, where it had a diesel engine.

Little Painted DesertTravel, Photos
13 miles up the road from Homolovi is a county park the Little Painted Desert. It has the advantage of always being open unlike Homolovi which doesnt open till 8am.