1st swarmBeekeeping
Hanging on the butterfly bush, forgot to take a picture. Saw the queen in the hive, unmarked. Not sure which hive she came from. Splits were made on the 23rd 17 days ago.

No Natural BridgeReenactments
I forgot to go to Natural Bridge. One of the reasons to come back on Sat from Orlando was to go there, the other one was to transfer the queen cells to the nucs. Managed to do the bees but just forgot about the reenactment until about 3:15 and it ends about 3:30. It looks like that is the first time I have missed it since 2005.

Animal KingdomPhotos
Despite being up for four hours in the middle of the night for the launch went to Animal Kingdom on Sat.

SpaceX DM1Astronomy, Photos
Since I was only an hour away went to the Cape to see the 2:49am launch of the Dragon Capsule. There was some lighting in the east as I drove over but it wasn't close enough to effect the launch. Went to the rocket viewing area on 401 just outside the base. Could have done without the flood light but other than that was a pretty good spot.

Rocket went up without problems. Also saw the firing for the first stage to return to the drone ship. More photos to come.

Went to Disney with friends and their kids. Strollers need to be banned they take up too much room and the kids are half the time asleep.

Silver SpringsPhotos
Stopped at Silver Springs on the way down to Orlando. There is nothing left at the park except the Glass Bottom boats and a few hiking trails. Even some of the buildings are abandoned, and what is open is closed except on weekends.

Hurricane Michael photosPhotos
Found photos from hurricane Michael on the camera when copying off the Olustee photos.

Some of the photos are from a trip down to Gulf Correctional near Wewa on the 26th.

Olustee 2019Reenactments
Didnt go to Jax first since I had bee stuff to do on Sat. Drove past to come at it from the east as usual only to find out you are no longer allowed to part on 90. Had to drive halfway to Lake City for a parking area and take a shuttle.

Weather was dreary but cleared up as the reenactment started. Sutler attendance was very low. There was a lot of high grass on the field making it hard to see anything from the sidelines and pictures even worse. The 54th did show up and got a place near the crowd again. In an unusual move the Union cannons came out on the field and were very far forward at the beginning, later the pulled back.

Forts fixed mostlyForts
Somehow I was using the link.php that was causing the site to slow down for the forts site maps. Rebuilt it so its not slow and the maps work.

Forts brokenForts
Forts site is broken. Wont drill down properly. Probably has something to do with google maps but will take time to look into.