Starlink launchAstronomy, Photos
Watched the SpaceX Starlink launch from the yard. Fist Falcon 9 I've seen form there. Interestingly it was clear enough to see the exhaust trail not just a single bright light. Hopefully I have a timed exposure photo coming.

The Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry I planted a few years ago really started producing this year. Ive picked two bowls so far. One went to flavor applesauce. Planted another one beside it earlier in the year and if it produces next year may remove the old thorned blackberries.

Added some photosAstronomy, Photos
Finally got back the photos. The camera place did a horrible job. First no one actually develops film anymore they send it off to Texas. Then they came back and they tried to tell me they were all blank. They clearly arent if you have a human look at them. Told them to put them on CD anyway, and 2 weeks later still hadnt heard from them. Went to go get them. Yes they scanned them and seemingly with some automated process that lightened everything because they didnt even bother to have a human look at them. So roughly a month later and way to expensive got back some horrible digital images I have to reprocess.

The SpaceX DM1 launch from March 1.

I there are also some from the total lunar eclipse from Sept 27 2015. Having someone rescan them with black backgrounds.

Nucs soldBeekeeping
Got rid of 4 nucs this weekend. Had 2 customers either not respond or change their minds at the last minute. May start charging a deposit next year.

Did some stuff differently this year. In past years took the old queen and put her in the nuc until had new queens in the old hives then killed them and let the nucs raise a queen. This seemed to cause a lot of swarming from the nucs.

This year raised queens in another hive When the nucs were made killed all the queens except 1 per site. Let them raise queens and/or transferred cells as available from the breeder hive. Much less swarming, only one caught in the yard and it wasn't from any of my hives as far as I can tell. Nucs were ready earlier and stronger. I did end up with 2 that seem to have drone laying workers but these didnt have cells added.

Queen production stopped after the second round because again I killed half a hive. The box I was using as a cell builder lost its queen and I transferred the cell building over to the breeder queen hive. Closed the entrance and did a news paper combine. They didnt chew through the paper and half the bees in the bottom died before they chewed the tape off the front and got out. I think it was a lack of water as they were all over the water nearby immediately after they got out.

Im using a Jenter queen rearing set now. Have so problems with the queen laying eggs and getting appropriate larva. Transferring them over to the cell bar seems to be where things go wrong. very few of the larva are accepted. 5 out of 20 the first time and 2 the second. In the first set they also burr combed in 2 cells.

1st swarmBeekeeping
Hanging on the butterfly bush, forgot to take a picture. Saw the queen in the hive, unmarked. Not sure which hive she came from. Splits were made on the 23rd 17 days ago.

No Natural BridgeReenactments
I forgot to go to Natural Bridge. One of the reasons to come back on Sat from Orlando was to go there, the other one was to transfer the queen cells to the nucs. Managed to do the bees but just forgot about the reenactment until about 3:15 and it ends about 3:30. It looks like that is the first time I have missed it since 2005.

Animal KingdomPhotos
Despite being up for four hours in the middle of the night for the launch went to Animal Kingdom on Sat.

SpaceX DM1Astronomy, Photos
Since I was only an hour away went to the Cape to see the 2:49am launch of the Dragon Capsule. There was some lighting in the east as I drove over but it wasn't close enough to effect the launch. Went to the rocket viewing area on 401 just outside the base. Could have done without the flood light but other than that was a pretty good spot.

Rocket went up without problems. Also saw the firing for the first stage to return to the drone ship. More photos to come.

Went to Disney with friends and their kids. Strollers need to be banned they take up too much room and the kids are half the time asleep.

Silver SpringsPhotos
Stopped at Silver Springs on the way down to Orlando. There is nothing left at the park except the Glass Bottom boats and a few hiking trails. Even some of the buildings are abandoned, and what is open is closed except on weekends.