More swarmsBeekeeping
[19-Apr-2016] Swarm 6 was in the grass yesterday when I came home. Still in the box the went in at lunch.

[18-Apr-2016] You can not make it from Capitola to Drifton before a train. You can barely make it to Aucilla however. Chased a coal train out there to get shots of the 3rd locomotive a NS one. Coal trains typically only have CSX locomotives. Though we see UP locomotives frequently NS ones are rare. Also was trying to kill time til the weather cleared and could inspect the bees. Still didnt get great shots. Got there just in time to not get out of the car. Locomotives shot though the window, then got out for the rest of the train.

[18-Apr-2016] Its wild flower blooming season. Stopped to take photos of them while out driving. Also a small green metallic bee.

Caught a swarm, lost a swarmBeekeeping
[17-Apr-2016] Virgin queen continue to swarm because the nucs are too strong. This morning there was one very low on the Mayhaw. Boxed it about 11:30. Everyone went into the hive. Had to use a full size box since Im out of nucs.

Came back to it at 4:30. Bees were gone. The took off for parts unknown. Probably when I was inside. Got stung while looking at the other hives under the fingernail. That hurts a lot. Finger swells and throbs almost immediately and didnt go down for about 2 hours. This is the first swarm i know I have lost this year (there is evidence other others gone).

Some other pictures of bees taken recently included.

Another swarmBeekeeping
[11-Apr-2016] Swarm was landing on a branch as I arrived at hill. Used broom and bucket to put in in a hive but did not get queen. She went and landed under a hive that I had to move. Then she tried to do it again before i caught her and caged her. She was unmarked but not sure which of my hives she came from. Can rule out Argent and Green Flaunches.

A month of bees: Day 31Beekeeping
[30-Mar-2016] Captured another swarm. Didnt finish inspecting the hives at the house. Started killing queens in nucs they are ready to sell if they have new queens. might take some queens from the other hives and put them in so I can start getting rid of a few of them if it doesnt rain all weekend again.

A month of bees: Day 30Beekeeping
[29-Mar-2016] Much better than yesterday. Dry pinestraw, more pleasant bees. Got several new queens marked and finished up the hives on the hill. Hopefully stopped one hive from swarming by transferring cells to the queenless hive, removing some bees and supering it. Need to watch it. Got a coat of paint on the lids (hopefully the last) and the moving screens I built last week.

A month of bees: Day 29Beekeeping
[28-Mar-2016] Days 26, 27 and 28 (Fri-Sun) we lost due to rain. Nothing but rain all day. Monday got to check on the bees on the hill. Smoker wouldnt stay lit because everything was wet. Wasted lots of time. One hive was dead. Actually it appears to have absconded with a virgin queen. There were queen cells left but less than 50 bees. One hive appears queenless and agitated between their attitude and the time got stung a number of times and didnt finish all the hives.

A month of bees: Day 25Beekeeping
[24-Mar-2016] Chose not to paint because it looked it it would rain at any time. It didn't. Built some moving screens for the narrower nucs. Not sure what I am going to be able to do friday or Sat since its supposed to rain all weekend.

A month of bees: Day 24Beekeeping
[23-Mar-2016] Feeding. Marking queens. Painting.