Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)Astronomy
Pretty easy find now that is climbed above the trees and its clear. Tried the last couple fo nights but clouds and it being less than 12 degrees above the horizon meant i could not find it. Its 24 degrees now and between the dippers.

Drove down to St. Marks to watch a rocket launch. Of course it didnt go off. Went back Sunday. Was able to see the falcon heavy as expected at 120 degrees. Also saw the reentry burns of the side boosters.

ColdPlants, House, Beekeeping
Went down to 17.8 the day after Christmas with another low of 18.7 on the 24th. It been below freezing every night for 5 days now. Bees seem alive, not sure about the citrus. I did put some lights under them and pine straw around the bases but they are too tall to cover and have some frost damage thats obvious already. Fruit didnt fall off but oranges are mushy. There was a quarter inch of ice on the pond Christmas eve morning and the ice in the fsh fryer was so thick I couldnt remove the basket. That day it didnt get above freezing till 2pm and only reached 37.

Went back and looked at data from my weather station going back to Jan 2012. The coldest day before this week was Jan 7 2014 at 20 degrees.

Lemons are much better this year, most are not brown and dried up inside. I think it was the extra borax I kept putting on the tree. Harvest half a create full and made 2 pitcher of lemonade. More lemons on tree.

Built a 8ft x 2ft work bench in the garage last weekend. This weekend built a miter saw stand with fold up wings. Saw stores beneath long term so its not in the way. Made the saw stand 1.5in too high so the wings are higher than the work bench but its way to much trouble to take apart and fix.

Worst Leonids everAstronomy
Missed the peak last night because it was cloudy. There was a secondary peak tonight predicted for 1-1:30am. Clear all day, clear at 9pm but already down to freezing. Clear at 12:30. Got all bundled up, layers, hot packs, balakava, big winter coat. Walked outside at 12:59. Completely clouded over.

Salvage RatBooks
by Larry N. Martin
Sci-fi: 279 pages

Salvager picks up an archeologist being shot at by corporate goons and ends up part of a resistance movement.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Nov 8 Lunar eclipseAstronomy
Got up at 3, 4 and 5:30. At 3am there were some clouds which were moving swiftly and cleared off witin 10 minutes the other times it was clear. At 5:30 watched until the moon got to the tree line.

May eclipse photosAstronomy
Photos from the May eclipse.

Violet photosPlants
Down to 2. They are healthy.