Fixed more pagesAmber
Fixed more Amber pages. The broken ones will never end.

Extracted honeyBeekeeping
About 130lbs. Less than last year. The hill didnt produce (clear cutting near by) and didnt move hive back home. Extracting was a mess. Almost overflowed a bucket, swapped in a bucket with a honey gate the leaked, had a call about a swarm in the middle of extracting. Had 2 other buckets with cracks on the bottom or holes in the side. Left the nuts on the kitchen counter when returning the extractor.

Moved weather stationHouse
The temperature gauge and rain gauge have been giving me problems with running out of power. The trees on either side have grown up and are shading it too much. Moved it more to the center of the yard, I think that will help in summer but in winter the big oak might cause the same shade problem.

Apple harvest was early and weak. Only 4 gallons from one tree. None off the others. Made right at 12 quarts of applesauce.

Dryer stopped drying. Would not produce heat. Vents clean, tested all the switches on the rear and everything is good. Still no heat. Finally tore the whole thing apart, removed the drum and the motor. The switch on the motor had 2 pieces of lint in it stopping contact from happening when the motor was spinning the drum. What a stupid design.

Fertilized the onionsPlants
If you fertilize the onions instead of ignoring them they bulb. Picked more large bulbed onions today than any other year, the only thing different was I fertilized them. In past years they grew great tops but didnt bulb.

Yearly photosHouse
Yearly house photos are a month late. Forgot to take them. There is a new apple tree, the old one died and I pushed it over by hand last year. Grapes are leafed out since its April. Took some photos of the beehives and equipment.

Castillo de San MarcosForts
Went to St. Augustine with friends end of March. Added more pictures of the fort. We took the trolley around town, I think it was the first time I rode it.

Olustee and Natural BridgeReenactments
Finally put the photos up for Olustee and Natural Bridge from Feb and Mar.

Crecopia Silk MothPhotos
Found this while mowing the lawn.