Daughter of the SerpentineBooks

Daughter of the Serpentine by E.E. Knight.
Fantasy: 478 pages.
Volume 2 in the series The First Dragoneer Academy.

Ileth gets back to the Academy and then is forced to leave by a governor claiming to be her father. That puts her in the north for the short war she helped start.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Hive knocked overBeekeeping
Came home and one of the hives was knocked over. Will have to look at it more in the morning but it doest look like the brood nest was torn apart, so I dont think it was a bear. One of the supers was trashed, wax melted in the heat. The other is mostly intact. At least some bees are present still. There was a 26mph gust before the power went off, that shouldnt have been enough to push over a pretty fully loaded up hive, they have survived hurricanes stronger than that with nothing more than a rock on them.

Winds of WrathBooks

Winds of Wrath by Taylor Anderson.
Alternate History: 604 pages.
Volume 15 in the series Destroyermen.

I dont buy the ship of all smaller ships defeating real battleships. They shouldn't have even ben able to hurt them. Also its not plausible to take carriers up river and operate them.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

tau herculidsAstronomy
Spent an hour outside starting at 12:40. Saw 16 all seemed to come from Bootes. That more than I have seen in some established showers. It was partly cloudy when i started but cleared up nicely. Had it not been a work night would have stayed out longer.

Nothing went rightHouse
Lawn mower broke last week. Belt jumped off and got chewed up and one of the spindle was wobbly. Ordered new ones and they can today. Replaced them and started mowing. Discovered one of the pullys is also wobbly. Ordered that for next week when the grass will be knee high.

Then started cleaning the algae filled pond. The rubber sealant was bubbling up and coming off exposing an growing crack. Got a few years out of it but its not working. Ripped it out. Might replace the pond with a soft liner instead or just some plants since the bees dont use it any way. Hole is 5ft x 4ft at biggest.

Oh and it started raining right in the middle of ripping out the pond so had to bring all the tools back inside.

Sword and PlanetBooks
by Christopher Ruocchio
Sci-fi: 338 pages

Short stories about exactly what the title is. Most were forgettable some clearly set in the authors larger universe and didnt explain a lot of terms going on.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

UpgradesComputer/Web pages
Having problems with SVG thumbnails. Found one problem was too new a version on inkscape and too old wiki. Upgraded wiki for Fables, but had to upgrade php also. Its quickly getting to point I need to upgrade the whole server. The problem really seems to be a lack of memory.

Updated plantsPlants
Updated the plant database. Started with identifying the African violets. it looks like I have 4 varieties. Only one of them is flowering and I got it in the last year. I know the one with the tag still. That leaves 2 others. Pretty sure one of the came from Nanny, I bought the other as far back as 2013. Well, bought and have made cuttings and replanted. Im not really sure which one is which however. Assuming the dark purple ones came from her since I have several plants of it. Made some new cuttings, labeled them and set up the shelf in the library w grow lights.

Lost 2 blueberries. Need to go to Leslies and dig up new ones. Old ones are finally starting to produce. Removed a peach that was growing from the root stock. Picked 2 peaches from the other tree and a few more on the way.

Blackberries are a constant problem. The original thorny one still survives but stays small. Of the half dozen plants Ive tried to add to the bed only one had made it. It makes huge berries however. There are a number of new sprouts this year, going to encourage them.

All the purchased azaleas on the front are gone. They never got any direct sunlight. Some of the ones from Rons are still there. The ones around the Oak are fine.

Harvesting onions. Thy bulbed well since I remembered to fertilize them but lost over half of them. They just arent there any more. Not sure what happened.

Sherlock Holmes vs CthulhuBooks
by Lois Gresh
Fantasy: Lovecraftian: 434 pages

Sherlock Holmes parts werent very good, and they didnt have a Holmes writing feel. There were some great Lovecraftian chapters but they really stood out form he rest of book as odd.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

The HiveBooks

The Hive by Orson Scott Card.
Sci-fi: 451 pages.
Volume 2 in the series The Second Formic War.

Kind of slow far a war. The Formics dont seem stoppable unless the humans get lucky. Severe disconnect between the vast distances and not being able to get there and then things they need to get to being just out of the way.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)