Lost another hive at Groveland hills. Same time as the pervious years. Removed honey last Thursday, went to feed them yesterday and it was overwhelmed with beetles. Lots of dead bees in the bottom but still had capped honey. Saw eggs, larva and capped brood last Thursday so not sure why it failed. Burned all the frames. Will relocate the other hive tonight. Thought there were a lot less beetles being out in the sun, apparently not enough less.

Have honey again. Abt 140 lbs. Took forever. Started around 8 and finished after midnight. Had to clean up in the morning.

Congaree National Park & ReunionTravel, Photos
Stopped at Congaree National Park on the way to North Carolina for the family reunion. Split the drive up and down in two so I didnt have to drive 9 hours at once. Went up through Augusta and down through Savannah with trip to Raleigh on Sat to see Roberto.

The History of the ChurchBooks
by Eusebius
History: 439 pages

Interesting to read what was happening as each emperor came to power.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

Went to Savannah with Drew, Rachel and families. Stopped at the Spring Hill Redoubt and the Georgia State Train Museum on the way in to town. Drug them to Ft. Pulaski and stopped at Ft. McAllister on the way back.

The Storm before the StormBooks
by Mike Duncan
History: 327 pages

covers the period from the rise of the Gracchi to the end of Sullas reforms. Lots of details I havent read before. By the history of rome podcast guy.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

ApplesMain Page, Plants
Pulled the apple stumps easily Sat morning. Replaced 2 trees Sunday morning. Instead of putting the third in the back put it in the middle of the front yard where there is more sunlight.

New JeepMain Page
It arrived Monday. Had all the fancy stuff taken out still too many electronics. Roll up windows like it should have.

The year that the caterpillars were everywhere.

Swarm #4Beekeeping
Swarm #4 is up in one of the trees abt 15ft high. Got a rope over the branch and shook it but they fall to about 5ft then fly back up before they land in a box. Cant get with the bucket on a pole. Got the 13ft ladder out and cut the limb, only did a part of it because the constant winds made it unsafe. Pulled the rest of the limb down with the rope, only to have the bees relocate to another limb 10ft higher up. Giving up.

The next day the swarm moved into the bait hive in the next tree over. Will give them a day or so to settle before transferring them to a box.