Power just came back on at 1:35 its been off since yesterday at 4:30am. 1.69in of rain. Anemometer was down so no idea how fast the winds were but they were not bad. Only a few branches down now other damage at home.

2017 EclipseAstronomy
I have now seen the effects of a total eclipse. I havent seen an eclipse however. Went to Highlands, NC to be under the path of totality a 7 hour drive. Eclipse started at 1:07. Clouds moved in at 12:30 covering everything. Totality was at 2:35, it cleared up about 5 minutes before that just enough to get a photo.

Then clouded back over for totality. Could still tell when it started and ended. Totality is not more of the same of a partial eclipse. Started packing up when totality ended. Got everything packed, and it cleared up enough to see the rest off and on.

Then the nightmare started. Left Highlands apr 3:30. Left Mountain City at 7pm. It had taken 40 minutes to go from Mountain City to Highlands on the way up. Sat in traffic for over 3 hours to move 8 miles because the Rabun county sherrifs dept were not smart enough to open more lanes southbound, despite 2 empty northbound lanes being available until after I passed the bottleneck at 7pm. Passed over I-85 at Commerce, 70 miles from Atlanta at 8:30. It was stopped as far as I could see in both directions. Ended up stopping at Cordelle and spending the night at 12:30am.

AndersonvilleTravel, Photos
Stopped at Andersonville on my way north to the eclipse. I was there maybe 25 years ago but dont remember anything but the line of graves stones. Thats at the cemetery. Forgot the earth works and partial reconstruction of thr walls. They have also built a POW museum since then.

Weather was horrible as usual. Moon rose clear and bright at midnight despite clouds. There was a clear spell around 2:30 am and I saw seven but it clouded over completely soon after that. It must have cleared up later because its all blue sky this morning.

Fixing JeepHouse, Beekeeping
When I went to get the extractor it was raining. Came around a corner, downhill in Killearn and skidded. While avoiding the sherrif blocking the road dealing with the previous person who did the same thing hit a tree and messed up the fender on the jeep (and later found out messed up the extractor too). Ordered new parts and replaced. Took 7 hours to get the old fender off because of 1 bolt. Bolt had a retainer on the back side that was rusted out so it just spun in place and couldnt get a grip in the nut side at all. Took about an hour to put the new one in place. Still have to paint, think I should have done that before installing however. Found out why the horn didnt work, broken in half and loose wire (broken was long before accident).



Spring extractionBeekeeping
About 180 pounds. Half from groveland hills which was light in color. Still have honey left from last fall.

Took out apple treePlants
The Anna is the back was doing badly. Hadnt produced apples in two years. Had almost no leaves on it at all in the middle of summer and lots of fungus growing on it. So I removed it. It had almost no roots either. I was able to topple it by hand even though it was 4in in diameter and the stump pulled out with the jeep way to easy. Didnt even have to strain and pull. Burned it.

Railcars and Depots in the Bone ValleyTrains
Two small historical museums/former railroad depots (Ft. Meade and Bowling Green) with rail cars outside. Add to the Florida Rail Road Museum, Lake Placid Depot, and K365 (seen at Ft. Meade) and thats a number of train things this weekend.

Ft. ChokoniklaForts
Killing time while working in nowhere. This is the site of a 2nd Seminole Indian War fort. Not much to see just a small visitor center and field

Lake PlacidTravel, Trains
Wandered around the little town of Lake Placid on Sat while waiting to start a network conversion for work. Town has some 43 murals, the American Clown Museum and old railroad depot. Two hours later back to the hotel because thats all there here.