Lining them upTrains
[07-Feb-2016] Went inside to get something while working in the yard yesterday to find a train in town. Was barely able to catch Q179 at the GF&A but didnt get any pictures. Behind it a grain train was pulling into the yard, and behind that Q609 was stopped just short of Meyers Park. This was the closest Ive seen them run trains all going in the same direction. Q609 was almost exactly 3 miles behind the grain train and moved forward as soon as it did. All the grain was waiting for was Q179 to get further down the track.

Not enough donePlants, Beekeeping
[07-Feb-2016] Got the rest of the grape vines trimmed. There is a giant pile of small useless cut vine now. It was way to windy to burn it. Did not start replacing the second trellis arms really need to.

All of the frames are built and wired. About a third have foundation added. Those need to get done and out of the living room so I can start seeds which needs to be done now.

Burst of activityTrains
[03-Feb-2016] There were two trains this afternoon. The last Q609 stopped in the yard about 4pm and sat there twiddling their thumbs. At about 9:30 there was a burst of activity. A train (Q606) showed up at the GF&A headed north, at the same time M746 left the other end of the yard also northbound. As Q606 passed the GF&A M743 came south asking permission to get on the sub and go into the yard. Dispatcher told M743 to wait on Q606 (which had already passed) the he had to get M746 to pull over at Drifton so Q606 could pass. By 10pm Q606 had passed Capitola and everything went back to quiet.

Q609 sat around for no apparent reason till 11:30.

The new radio has been working well. Even with tonights rain I could just make out M743 when they entered the south end of the yard about 11 miles away. Less static would be nice but it so much better than the portable that didn't pick up Q606 a mile down at Chaires when I was at Baum.

A Call to ArmsBooks

A Call to Arms by David Weber.
Sci-Fi: Military: 357 pages.
Volume 2 in the series Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant.

Started out slow but got better. Good battles not crazy hundreds of missiles from a distance like in the main series.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

New Sanner and AntennaTrains
[26-Jan-2016] The new antenna is up for the more powerful scanner in the house. Managed to break the rain sensor for the sprinkler system, one of the cups of the anemometer (now on the new mast) and the stand for the anemometer solar panel in the process. Cable is routed through the giant preexisting hole in the back window screen until I can get it run properly through the attic. Antenna is grounded but needs to be done better. Cable is loose. Also have to fix all the stuff I broke.

The scanner is a 4 channel Motorola M1225. The 4 channel is very different from the 20 channel which is what everyone talks about. And you have to pay attention to but the right 4 channel to get the right frequencies. Such a pain. Managed to find a program to program it. Had to use an old XP box since it only runs in 32bit and uses a special usb-scanner cable. Even then it fails half the time. Thankfully the Tallahassee sub only uses 3 channels. Getting the stupid thing to scan rather than listen on one channels means you have to have the mic in the clip, even though I have all the transmit functions disabled.

The new setup lets me frustratingly get static from all the transmissions at the yard, but not be able to quite make them out. I did manage to confirm that they are running a local Southbound on at least Tuesdays. It goes out to the Quincy Mine and runs as M746, which is the same train that runs MWF Northbound maybe as far as Lake City.

Well this is messed up.Books
[19-Jan-2016] I have been keeping track of the books I have read since 1999. There are lots of errors and typos in the database but I have never had a problem where the entry was so messed up as today. Somewhere in the code I am checking for duplicate books by title. When I entered Storm Front by Conroy it decided that it was a second copy of Storm Font by Butcher. This is going to be a problem to fix.

Brooksville 2016Reenactments
[18-Jan-2016] I last went to Brooksville in 2005. Its gone downhill. Smaller crowds, fewer reenactors, they have no right to claim the biggest reenenactment in Florida at all anymore. An annoying chattering commentator who gets facts wrong. Even the reenactors responded positively hen he finally said he would stop talking, then talked during Taps anyway. The field is way to large for the number of reenactors attending action is to far away reminded my of Gettysburg where you need binoculars. Some things would have been much better without the commentary, 2 guys does not constitute a cavalry force and pointing out that action just made it look pathetic.

Storm FrontBooks
[17-Jan-2016] by Robert Conroy
Fiction: 233 pages

This is not Conroys usual story. It is not alternate history its modern day, a snow storm beats up on a town in Michigan.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

S LineTrains, Trains
[17-Jan-2016] Found an unexpected train on the way down to Brooksville along the side of the road.

One the way back from Brooksville drove the long way back up 301 to Ocala hoping to catch trains. Caught the tail end of 2 both southbound then spent a good hour driving around the mess Ocala has become before catching Q604. Saw Q604 again on the Folkston webcam 4 hours later as it went through there. Also saw this thing at Wildwood. Maybe for ballast? Cant be for snow.

Rebuilt worst trellisPlants, Beekeeping
[16-Jan-2016] The west trellis was sagging again. Surprised it didnt break back in Sept when it was loaded w grapes. The problem is the end cross beam start to bend and bow over time. Rebuilt then triple strength this time. Two the normal direction and one across the top, all three nailed to togeather.

Also got the bananas cut down this week and started building 100 frames.