Its not 80 degrees out thereHouse
Outdoor temperature sensor said it was 79 when I got up. Not quite right, only about 40 degrees too warm. Replaced the sensor since it was the problem not the solar transmitter. At one point today it said it was 95 when it was more like 50.

Saw 9 between 4:30 and 5:30 seemed a really slow rate. The last was nice and bright. Also saw a half dozen satellites including one nice one that flared.

Watched another Falcon 9 launch from home. Fog started to roll in just before launch so pictures didnt come out. Was able to follow it really high.

Mythtv box is no moreComputer/Web pages
Rebuilt the mythtv box a long time ago and never got it working 100% (the remote never worked it did record). Tried upgrading it to 20.04.1 LTS and that failed miserably breaking the box so bad I just did a fresh install of 18 then upgraded. Not going to install Mythtv since I got rid of the satellite a while ago and there is nothing to record anyway. Issues with 20.04.1 LTS: Stupid Ubunto switches interface names between 18 and 20 so an upgrade seems really broken (this was probably the problem before the wipe). DNSsec validation. Need to install keychain.

SpaceX GPS IIIMain Page
Got home just in time to catch the launch. Camera batteries died so no pics. Saw the rocket through the trees, a nice red but it never cleared the trees, or more specifically it was behind clouds before it cleared the trees.

Mars is freaking hugeMain Page, Astronomy
Made an attempt to find Uranus. Didnt, nothing in the area to guide me. Mars however is bright and its disk is huge. Also got a great view of M33 Triangulum Galaxy in the binoculars don't ever remember it being so interesting.

Filled the disk on the serverMain Page, Computer/Web pages
Filled the root disk on the server with kerbal database stuff. Moved it to /home. Had to deal with app armor. Instructions Moved 1.5g of data in all the databases.


Phoenix by Steven Brust.
Fantasy: 245 pages.
Volume 5 in the series Vlad Taltos.

Better than the last, they left the rebellion behind which was uninteresting. Id like more follow up on the island kingdom.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)


Teckla by Steven Brust.
Fantasy: 214 pages.
Volume 3 in the series Vlad Taltos.

I think this was the worst book. The peasant revolt was dumb and boring.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

Certificate switchComputer/Web pages
Switched the certificate over to Let Encrypt which is free since the godaddy one was about to expire. certbot auto renews which is nice.