Fiasco of a swarm captureBeekeeping
[25-May-2016] One of the hives swarmed last night despite the fact I checked it Sunday and it showed no signs of doing so. Landed in a tree limb just the other side of the fence, and too high to reach from a step ladder, and spread out to much to use a bucket, and the limb to large to shake adequately with a rope. Drove around to try and get it down. Dumped about half into a box likely not the queen. Got stung a number of times try to get more with an improvised bucket on a pole; both shoulders, back, hand, under the arm pit. The last in the eyelid when I decided to quit. Thats when the car wouldn't start.

Guy who works for the Sharps (cow pasture owners), and doesn't speak, towed me back around to the house. Then I went all the way out to the hill to get the right tool figuring maybe letting them calm down for an hour would help. Used the right bucket and pole to get the majority of them and stopped for the night. All this meant I didnt get to inspect the hive on the hill.

By the time I looked at this this morning the last of them had migrated down from the tree lib to the box but the way they were crawling on the queen cage I left at the entrance suggests maybe I didnt get the queen. Will find out tonight.

Nucs almost goneBeekeeping
[18-May-2016] Down two 3 nucs either not spoken for or sold and have someone interested in two of them. All the nucs are back at my house now. Swarms stopped a while ago. Need to start thinking about moving some larger hives back to the house for Chinese tallow which should bloom soon (or might already be blooming).

Transit of MercuryAstronomy
[09-May-2016] Had to wait until 7:25 to see it. Trees and clouds on the horizon obscured the start at 7:13.

Found the stickersMain Page
[05-May-2016] Found the stickers, buttons and stuff from the 2008 election. I kept them from the places I worked and bought a shadow box to put them in but by the time I got around to getting the box forgot where I put the stickers. They have been missing for years. Found them last night under the bed with the posters and maps. They were in a good safe place to be undisturbed.

More swarmsBeekeeping
[19-Apr-2016] Swarm 6 was in the grass yesterday when I came home. Still in the box the went in at lunch.

[18-Apr-2016] You can not make it from Capitola to Drifton before a train. You can barely make it to Aucilla however. Chased a coal train out there to get shots of the 3rd locomotive a NS one. Coal trains typically only have CSX locomotives. Though we see UP locomotives frequently NS ones are rare. Also was trying to kill time til the weather cleared and could inspect the bees. Still didnt get great shots. Got there just in time to not get out of the car. Locomotives shot though the window, then got out for the rest of the train.

[18-Apr-2016] Its wild flower blooming season. Stopped to take photos of them while out driving. Also a small green metallic bee.

Caught a swarm, lost a swarmBeekeeping
[17-Apr-2016] Virgin queen continue to swarm because the nucs are too strong. This morning there was one very low on the Mayhaw. Boxed it about 11:30. Everyone went into the hive. Had to use a full size box since Im out of nucs.

Came back to it at 4:30. Bees were gone. The took off for parts unknown. Probably when I was inside. Got stung while looking at the other hives under the fingernail. That hurts a lot. Finger swells and throbs almost immediately and didnt go down for about 2 hours. This is the first swarm i know I have lost this year (there is evidence other others gone).

Some other pictures of bees taken recently included.

Another swarmBeekeeping
[11-Apr-2016] Swarm was landing on a branch as I arrived at hill. Used broom and bucket to put in in a hive but did not get queen. She went and landed under a hive that I had to move. Then she tried to do it again before i caught her and caged her. She was unmarked but not sure which of my hives she came from. Can rule out Argent and Green Flaunches.

A month of bees: Day 31Beekeeping
[30-Mar-2016] Captured another swarm. Didnt finish inspecting the hives at the house. Started killing queens in nucs they are ready to sell if they have new queens. might take some queens from the other hives and put them in so I can start getting rid of a few of them if it doesnt rain all weekend again.