The Fall of GondolinBooks
by J.R.R. Tolkien
Fantasy: 304 pages

Tolkiens son promises this will be his fathers last book, mainly because the son is around 90 and will die soon himself. Several versions of the story and notes on how it developed over the years.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Atlas V launchAstronomy
Was able to see the Atlas V launch from the house. It cleared the trees, then vanished for a few seconds behind clouds then reappeared and moved into Orion before curving lower and vanishing behind the trees again.

Server upgradeComputer/Web pages
Upgraded server to Ubuntu 18. Likely everything is broken. Already found php wasnt running right.

SASL for postfix /dovecout/roundcube is broken. Fixed with this guide

Michael 2Computer/Web pages
Power is starting to flicker occasional. Lost the UPS holding up the firewall in the last one. It won't stay up more than a few minutes now.

Making progress pouring candles with old wax before the power goes out for good.

Hurricane MichaelComputer/Web pages
Reset the rain gauge on the weather station and cleaned up the yard this morning. Started raining about 12:50.

And the promptly stopped. Hurricane was initially supposed to be here about 10pm last night. Instead just cloudy and not wind. Wed. morning it wasn't even raining at 7am. Wind picked up and it started raining by 8:30 but not bad. They are saying afternoon now and 80-90mph here.

At 8:30am, there is a train coming west from Jax. Traveling at normal speeds it would get here about noon. Someone isnt planning well.

Straight Outta TombstoneBooks
by David Boop
Alternate Fantasy: 371 pages

Wild West stories but with strangeness. The MHI story by Corria was good, Butchers on Luccio too. Most the others mediocre. Will probobly loan to Ron.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

More spaceComputer/Web pages
Ran out of space when uploading the recent photos. Expanded the server to 40GB.

Monster Hunter Memoirs: SaintsBooks

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints by Larry Correia.
Fantasy: Contemporary: 273 pages.
Volume 2 in the series Monster Hunter Memoirs.

Following one of the older members of MHI. How do destroy Cthulu spawn beneath New Orleans. Also what happened at the Gulf hotel.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Day 6: Ft. SnellingForts, Vacation2018
Ft. Snelling was an infantry fort built in the 1820s to protect the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. It saw action during the Dakota War coinciding with the Civil War. Design is very different from the sea coast forts I usually go to. No large batteries of guns, just a few in large round towers with central pillars. No ramparts, galacis, moat or the usual features.

Drove 1183 miles in total.

Day 5: Duluth and MinneapolisVacation2018
Finished Duluth by going to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. Drove to Minneapolis. Was able to see the St. Paul Cathedral as we drove in and would come back to it later. Stopped at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, then the Cathederal and spent the rest of the evening at the Mall of America. I needed more books for the plane flight home.