2nd BathroomHouse
Went in the second bathroom for the first time in weeks. There was water on the floor and when I went to get a towel could feel it under the laminate in the hallway. Toilet was leaking at the input line. Dried it, removed all the molding and the laminate in the hall and closet. It doesnt look like and of the drywall is wet. Replace everything on the toilet but the ceramic (wax ring, internals) just to be sure. Still have to put the laminate and molding back but letting some paint dry since it was easier to paint it while it was all down than on the wall.

MindyPlants, House
Yesterday there was a 50% chance a tropical storm out in the Gulf would form. Apparently it decided it wanted to and came right for us. Power out overnight for a couple hours. Winds rattling the ladder on the side of the house and plants knocked down. Mail in the mailbox was wet too.

Dragoncon 2021Main Page, Dragoncon
2.5 hours in line for a badge is the longest Ive had to be in line in a long time. Beyond that capped attendance at 40k was amazing. Elevators open, food court easily accessible, no shuffling through the hamster tubes. Only had the Amber game, Galaxy Rangers was canceled. Took kids to Medieval knights battles, robot wars, crafts, and a really bad fan panel on Wings of Fire that we left.

Water problemsHouse
Last night while making grape juice lost water pressure. Could tell there was a leak coming into the house just past the water shutoff from the street. Just turned it off since it was almost dark and raining, also needed the water to drain off. This morning dug it up nd the fitting connecting the irrigation to the rest of the water system had just popped loose. Reglued it and put it all back together.

Later notice lots of water coming out of the vent of the irrigation valve. Had to take it apart and clean the #1 check valve. There was some dirt in it. Came apart a lot easier than I expected. Cleaned it and put it back together and everything is fine.

Replaced train radio computerComputer/Web pages
The old train radio computer died a while ago. Hooked it up to the old laptop but want it every so often to take somewhere else. Replaced the computer with an old Optiplex 760. It has to run XP and have a serial port so that the radio configuration software will run if i ever need it.

More tomatoesPlants
Still getting tomatoes. Im sure Ive never been getting full sized one in August before. Trying to pick all the okra and freeze it also. Grapes are just about ready to pick.

This is been both the best and worst tomato season. Plants are still healthy and green and producing a number of tomatoes, long after they are usually done for the year. At the same time almost none of those tomatoes are edible. Early on they were getting blossom end rot and rotting on the vine because not enough water, later splitting from too much water. I think Ive gotten maybe 4 edible tomatoes, and tossed a dozen that werent.

Lost another hive at Groveland hills. Same time as the pervious years. Removed honey last Thursday, went to feed them yesterday and it was overwhelmed with beetles. Lots of dead bees in the bottom but still had capped honey. Saw eggs, larva and capped brood last Thursday so not sure why it failed. Burned all the frames. Will relocate the other hive tonight. Thought there were a lot less beetles being out in the sun, apparently not enough less.

Have honey again. Abt 140 lbs. Took forever. Started around 8 and finished after midnight. Had to clean up in the morning.

Congaree National Park & ReunionTravel, Photos
Stopped at Congaree National Park on the way to North Carolina for the family reunion. Split the drive up and down in two so I didnt have to drive 9 hours at once. Went up through Augusta and down through Savannah with trip to Raleigh on Sat to see Roberto.