Lucky catch of carnival trainTrains
Was hitting pokestops at railroad square when I heard a train. Caught it a the station. looked like Q606 and it had a CN loco as the third engine. It was pulling to a stop took some photos and waited. Good choice the approaching train was the Strates Carnival train for the year. Pictures are horrible because it was dark by then but saw it. Then the pokemon Halloween event started.

Fixed the forts website from afrer the php upgrade.

WikisComputer/Web pages
Updated all the wikis to 1.27 so they work with the new PHP. Looks ok, Im sure there is something buried in there that is broken. Probably for ksp.

Everything brokenComputer/Web pages
Everything on the site is potentially broken. Upgraded ubuntu which included a php upgrade and have to rewrite all the mysql code.

Leon SinksPhotos
Leon Sinks is a bunch of giant sinkholes out in the woods south of town. Went out there many years ago. Went back out there now because there are 5 pokemongo gyms there that take a 3 mile hike to get to so no one takes them back.

Dragoncon 2016Dragoncon
Spent lots of time with kids. Went to the aquarium and found out that yes rural people are really shafted in pokemon.

Hurricane HermineHouse, Beekeeping
Wasnt actually here fror the hurricane, left Thursday morning for Dragoncon before it even started raining. Hurricane came ashore at St. Marks early Friday morning. Power went off 11:35pm Thursday (or at least the weather station stopped reporting then) and came back on Saturday at 2:30. Servers all came back on but not PCs. Turns out BIOS settings were wrong. Couldnt get into the cameras because the PCs were off so no idea what things looked like.

Update: No problems at home other than throwing out the food. Did have to clean up some branches before mowing but nothing excessive. One large branch of the black cherry was still attached to the tree on my side but hanging over Mr. Sharps fence. He finished cutting it off and removed it on Tuesday. Didnt bother taking photos of anything at the house. Bees seemed fine. One hive on the hill had water in the bottom,fixed that.

Photos around town

4am-5am. 19 meteors with one short fireball, lots of distractions like bug spray and trying to get the AMS app to work. Was mostly clouded over at 4am and almost abandoned the attempt but there was a window open over Perseus and to the east. It cleared up pretty well by 4:15 but right at 5am clouded over completly leaving about 45 min of decent viewing with some clouds.

Extracted near 180lbs of honey. 6 full 5 gallon buckets. Still have one caped frame in the freezer and nearly all the hives have one super of uncapped honey left.

Watched Celeste swarm about 6pm. It was good size but went way up in the oak. Next morning it moved about 10:30. Lost track of it in the sycamore tree at the end of the cul-du-sac.

A Feast for CrowsBooks

A Feast for Crows by .
Fantasy: 770 pages.
Volume 4 in the series A Song of Fire and Ice.

Its really apparent rereading this how much HBO is deviating. People killed in the book show no signs of dying on TV. Stories show no convergence.

Rating: 6 (out of 8)