Weatehr station fixedComputer/Web pages, Plants, House
Got replacement parts for the weather station. New rain gauge and wind speed indicator for the anemometer. Everything is installed and working again.

Wind DamageHouse
Came home last night there was something odd in the back and had to walk back there to tell what it was. Neighbors privacy fence blew over. There were also some large limbs down nearby. Swarm trap is still up however.

2 swarms, and a full dayBeekeeping
Went home and looked at the nucs. Didnt bother to notice the 2 swarms hanging in the orange and mayhaw trees right behind me for an hour. By then it was too late to box properly. Did my best. Mayhaw one was also up against the trunk had hard to get. Next morning Half the bees of that one were on the box, the other half along the base of the tree. Too cold to work with. Orange tree now had multiple other clumps. Inspected the other bees and came back in the afternoon. Now one giant clump at the base. At one point I was scooping bees with my hand (in gloves) in to the box. Finally smoked them to force them to move. Thankfully they moved to the orange tree. By late that afternoon boxed them and took them to the Groveland site.

Tuesday moved them back and checked for queens.

Yearly photosHouse
Front of the house looks much the same. You cant tell the trim under the gutter is painted now. Azalaeas are in bloom, and have been for a while, apples actually have apples on them bloom ended a while ago. Ladder is still out where caught swarms last weekend. Its been a very warm spring but tonight and tomorrow its going to be cold, 26, but clear. There is a stuck swarm trap on the fence line, I tossed a rock over the tree limb and it got tangled. Need to get the big ladder back from Leslies to get it untangled. Lots of hives, all the nucs are here. Rain barrel tower is not only 2 barrels.

Lost a nucBeekeeping
Lost the nuc Celeste a Billet made from Double Red Fess. Was changing sugar water in the dark and smelled something odd. Looked at front of hive and it was caked with gunk and dead bees. Opened it up away from the apiary and it was overrun with small hive beetles. No live bees left.

Also caught two swarms on Sunday. One came from Celeste, watched it leave. Other one was already high in the tree. Recovered both.

Natural Bridge 2017Reenactments
Photos. More photos coming. Crowd seemed very light.

Queen rearing failureBeekeeping
They accepted none of the grafted cells. Probably because i was in too much of a rush and didnt do it right. Leaving work at 6pm does not leave enough time to do things like this after work until the time changes. Tore the double deep hive part and made 2 nucs. Will raise queens for the nucs individually.

Queen rearingBeekeeping
Grafted 6 larva from Celeste into Bend which was set up with a Cloke board. That really want enough but its getting to dark to do more. Left work at 6pm not 5 so it set me back and hour.

Olustee 2017Reenactments
It looked like rain when leaving Jax but cleared up before I got to Olustee. Took the camera this year, but forgot the battery. All photos are from the cell phone which I filled up. Sutlers were sparse. Heard someone say a lot went home Sat because of weather.

The Union drug a cannon way out into the field early which was unusual. Lots of cavalry vs infantry action also, and no action way out in the trees. The prominent Union unit was Maine and the Georgia unit that is usually close has a new more colorful flag.

Spring is hereBeekeeping
Had to split on of the hives, it was about to swarm. Open queen cells. Its at Harrys house.