DVRComputer/Web pages
Rebuilt (after destroying by trying to update) the mythtv box. Got it to a state where it records and changes channels, does backups. The remote still does not work. Lots of problems with lircd. The entire config setup changed and no one (Iguana) updated their documentation.

Ashes of VictoryBooks

Ashes of Victory by David Weber.
Sci-Fi: Military: 647 pages.
Volume 9 in the series Honorverse: Honor Harrington.

I think this is where the series starts to die. Mantiocres weapons become to powerful, and unreasonable. Haven has another couple of coups.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Week offMain Page, House
Cleaned the garage. Removed 2 garden beds I no longer use. Rebuilt 2 others. Ripped out a bunch of rotted landscape timbers from the blueberry beds but stopped because even rotted they were keeping a lot of grass out. Not sure if I will replace the removed ones or remove the remaining ones. Pressure washed the house. Cut back the pineapple guava, I am supposed to be able to drive a car between them and the house and it was getting hard to drive the lawn mower through there. Still need to burn the branches but it was to wet to get the fire going and stay lit. Sorted the stack of bills from the last 3 years. Transit of Mercury, dentist and termite inspection.

Transit of MercuryAstronomy
Watched the transit of Mercury off and on from start to finish today. It was nice and clear. No pictures I really dont have to capacity to take photos with the telescope any more.

Echos of HonorBooks

Echos of Honor by David Weber.
Sci-Fi: Military: 736 pages.
Volume 8 in the series Honorverse: Honor Harrington.

Not only does she escape an inescapable planet she takes half a million people with her.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Grand Canyon GeologyBooks
by L. Greer Price
Science: 63 pages

A pretty short book on the rocks and geology of the Grand Canyon.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

A single good crop this yearPlants
The lemons are ripe and for a change they are juicy inside. I past years they have been all brown and shriveled. Turned out they needed boron so gave the tree some borax this year and it made a real difference. Made fresh lemonade last night.

In Enemy HandsBooks

In Enemy Hands by David Weber.
Sci-Fi: Military: 530 pages.
Volume 7 in the series Honorverse: Honor Harrington.

This is a good book but I dont find the circumstances of Honor being on the ship to be captured plausible. She wouldnt be there during translation. Its the most important part of the mission just in case something went wrong, its the last place she would be. And what Harkness does is fantasy.

Rating: 6 (out of 8)

Leviathan WakesBooks
by James S. A. Corey
Sci-fi: 572 pages

Too much Miller and his crap. This could have been a good sci-fi book but one of the authors wanted to write a crappy detective nor story in the middle of everything.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

Honor Among EnemiesBooks

Honor Among Enemies by David Weber.
Sci-Fi: Military: 538 pages.
Volume 6 in the series Honorverse: Honor Harrington.

Honor gets recalled and assigned a Q-ship to fight Pirates, but finds Peeps also.

Rating: 6 (out of 8)