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Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
[28-Jan-2023] Pretty easy find now that is climbed above the trees and its clear. Tried the last couple fo nights but clouds and it being less than 12 degrees above the horizon meant i could not find it. Its 24 degrees now and between the dippers.

Worst Leonids ever
[19-Nov-2022] Missed the peak last night because it was cloudy. There was a secondary peak tonight predicted for 1-1:30am. Clear all day, clear at 9pm but already down to freezing. Clear at 12:30. Got all bundled up, layers, hot packs, balakava, big winter coat. Walked outside at 12:59. Completely clouded over.

Nov 8 Lunar eclipse
[08-Nov-2022] Got up at 3, 4 and 5:30. At 3am there were some clouds which were moving swiftly and cleared off witin 10 minutes the other times it was clear. At 5:30 watched until the moon got to the tree line.

May eclipse photos
[08-Nov-2022] Photos from the May eclipse.

SpaceX USSF-44 (Falcon Heavy)
[01-Nov-2022] Pretty sure I just saw this from out the window at work. Some research says it was straight to GTO so I think it was a steeper trajectory than usually. What I saw looked very much like a rocket and at the right time in the right place but much higher than most launches (the mere fact I could see it from work meant that). What I saw was between 90 and 120 degrees East and abt 15-20 degrees high before it vanished in the tree.

No Persieds
[14-Aug-2022] Cloudy at bed time, cloudy at 2aam cloudy at 5am so bad couldnt even see the full moon. Two days in a row. Sunny and clear the next day.

tau herculids
[31-May-2022] Spent an hour outside starting at 12:40. Saw 16 all seemed to come from Bootes. That more than I have seen in some established showers. It was partly cloudy when i started but cleared up nicely. Had it not been a work night would have stayed out longer.

Comet Leonard
[22-Dec-2021] Weather finally cleared up so was able to look. Found it down and to the left of Saturn abt 7pm. Unimpressive binocular object.

Lunar Eclipse
[19-Nov-2021] Overcast at 2:30am, could find the moon but couldnt even tell it was eclipsed. Overall better at 4:30 but a patch of clouds right over the moon. Nice and clear by 5:10, watched to the end. Scanned the sky for Comet Leonard but didnt find it, might need to actually use a chart to see where it is since the chart I saw was for it in a week or more.

[17-Nov-2020] Saw 9 between 4:30 and 5:30 seemed a really slow rate. The last was nice and bright. Also saw a half dozen satellites including one nice one that flared.

[15-Nov-2020] Watched another Falcon 9 launch from home. Fog started to roll in just before launch so pictures didnt come out. Was able to follow it really high.

Mars is freaking huge
[17-Oct-2020] Made an attempt to find Uranus. Didnt, nothing in the area to guide me. Mars however is bright and its disk is huge. Also got a great view of M33 Triangulum Galaxy in the binoculars don't ever remember it being so interesting.

Comet Neowise
[19-Jul-2020] Like clockwork it clouded over every night this week except Sunday right at sunset and right in the area where the comet was. It was finally visible tonight, again just at the edge of naked eye but very good in binoculars.

Comet Neowise
[13-Jul-2020] Had to get up three mornings in a row to see this. There is a brief window between it rising above the tree and it being to bright to see the comet. Also was looking to far south the first two nights. It is visible to the naked eye but not impressive. A nice binocular comet however. Photos.

[28-May-2020] Went down to try and see Demo-2. Canceled at the last minute because of lighting. If it had been able to launch 10 min later they could have done it. Lies about light turn out, people were every where.

Venus and Mercury
[19-May-2020] Took some pictures of Venus and Mercury since it was clear. They will be closer in a few days but the weather probably wont be as good. Mercury is just above the trees.

Starlink mission
[06-Jan-2020] A wonderfully clear night. Caught site of the rocket at 1:40 behind the trees. Really red tonight. Started the camera a bit too early, only get 15 seconds of shot and it finished before it cleared the trees. Also was aimed right at the church lights. Deleted the photo since it was so bad. Was able to follow it to around 5 minutes but it was to faint to pick up with the camera.

Transit of Mercury
[11-Nov-2019] Watched the transit of Mercury off and on from start to finish today. It was nice and clear. No pictures I really dont have to capacity to take photos with the telescope any more.

Starlink launch
[23-May-2019] Watched the SpaceX Starlink launch from the yard. Fist Falcon 9 I've seen form there. Interestingly it was clear enough to see the exhaust trail not just a single bright light. Hopefully I have a timed exposure photo coming.

Added some photos
[10-Apr-2019] Finally got back the photos. The camera place did a horrible job. First no one actually develops film anymore they send it off to Texas. Then they came back and they tried to tell me they were all blank. They clearly arent if you have a human look at them. Told them to put them on CD anyway, and 2 weeks later still hadnt heard from them. Went to go get them. Yes they scanned them and seemingly with some automated process that lightened everything because they didnt even bother to have a human look at them. So roughly a month later and way to expensive got back some horrible digital images I have to reprocess.

The SpaceX DM1 launch from March 1.

I there are also some from the total lunar eclipse from Sept 27 2015. Having someone rescan them with black backgrounds.