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Added some photos
[10-Apr-2019] Finally got back the photos. The camera place did a horrible job. First no one actually develops film anymore they send it off to Texas. Then they came back and they tried to tell me they were all blank. They clearly arent if you have a human look at them. Told them to put them on CD anyway, and 2 weeks later still hadnt heard from them. Went to go get them. Yes they scanned them and seemingly with some automated process that lightened everything because they didnt even bother to have a human look at them. So roughly a month later and way to expensive got back some horrible digital images I have to reprocess.

The SpaceX DM1 launch from March 1.

I there are also some from the total lunar eclipse from Sept 27 2015. Having someone rescan them with black backgrounds.

Animal Kingdom
[03-Mar-2019] Despite being up for four hours in the middle of the night for the launch went to Animal Kingdom on Sat.

SpaceX DM1
[03-Mar-2019] Since I was only an hour away went to the Cape to see the 2:49am launch of the Dragon Capsule. There was some lighting in the east as I drove over but it wasn't close enough to effect the launch. Went to the rocket viewing area on 401 just outside the base. Could have done without the flood light but other than that was a pretty good spot.

Rocket went up without problems. Also saw the firing for the first stage to return to the drone ship. More photos to come.

[01-Mar-2019] Went to Disney with friends and their kids. Strollers need to be banned they take up too much room and the kids are half the time asleep.

Silver Springs
[28-Feb-2019] Stopped at Silver Springs on the way down to Orlando. There is nothing left at the park except the Glass Bottom boats and a few hiking trails. Even some of the buildings are abandoned, and what is open is closed except on weekends.

Hurricane Michael photos
[18-Feb-2019] Found photos from hurricane Michael on the camera when copying off the Olustee photos.

Some of the photos are from a trip down to Gulf Correctional near Wewa on the 26th.

Polka Dot Wasp Moth

Crecopia Silk Moth
[16-Apr-2018] Found this while mowing the lawn.

[20-Aug-2017] Stopped at Andersonville on my way north to the eclipse. I was there maybe 25 years ago but dont remember anything but the line of graves stones. Thats at the cemetery. Forgot the earth works and partial reconstruction of thr walls. They have also built a POW museum since then.

Leon Sinks
[08-Sep-2016] Leon Sinks is a bunch of giant sinkholes out in the woods south of town. Went out there many years ago. Went back out there now because there are 5 pokemongo gyms there that take a 3 mile hike to get to so no one takes them back.

[18-Apr-2016] Its wild flower blooming season. Stopped to take photos of them while out driving. Also a small green metallic bee.

Giant circle
[19-Oct-2015] Went driving Sat. Went to Chattahoochee for the arsenal (not worth any pictures) and the train yards. Then went down to St. Joe for the AN Yard which is pretty much abandoned. There is a 2ft pine tree growing in the tracks on the way into it. Stopped at the Constitutional Museum which unexpectedly had a train outside. Tried to stop and find the geocache I placed years ago but it wasnt stored in my phone and no service to get the coordinates.

Pretty sure I saw the back end of the Black Florida Panther that doesnt exist. Couldnt have been any other animal, tail too long for a black bear, size too big for a small cat. It was right at where the AN crosses the road to Sumatra.

First identifiable train
[03-Oct-2015] Got the scanner Thursday. At home I get mostly static. I can hear when they cleared Chaires SE, lot of got that does they are already headed away. Sat in town Fri night for a whole lot of nothing. Of course as soon as I went home two trains came through both headed east. Sat was working the bees on the Hill. Can hear the dispatcher clearly there. There is something wrong with the signalling coming across Lake Lafayette. Q606 was told to stop at Chaires SE then proceed. I left the apiary and caught it just as it started moving at Chaires.

[11-Sep-2015] Chasing trains for Grimm. I can hear train whistles from across the lake. Either the Road-to-the-lake crossing (east side) or the Sandler Ridge rd (west side). I cant tell which is which from home, or which way the train is heading. Got lucky today. Hear a whistle and went to Chaires Cross. Train was barely moving west at crossing, then stopped. Turned around and went to the other end of the lake to the Weems Rd crossing. Only had to wait about 5 min. Train was moving fast when it came through. 2 Union Pacific locomotives with empty well cars. Lead was #8416 second was #4509. Camera on phone is too slow.

Chased it across town hoping it would have to slow down. It did but I had to stop at every red light. Caught up with it at the Tallahassee rail yard. Got more pictures as it came to a stop just short of the yard end. It was waiting on another train going through the Mabry rd crossing entering from the other end of the yard. It was also not on the through track, the other train was. Watched it pass the Mabry rd crossing then went to follow the other train.

Caught the 2nd train at the Monroe St. over pass. 2 CSX locos and gondolas. Got some pictures but it was getting dark. Lead loco was 707, hard to tell in the almost dark no idea what the second was. Chased it back to Chaires Cross. Got there just a few minutes before and parked on north side. Defiantly dark now. Watched whole train. It had to more locos in the middle #3113 and #3026.

I have no idea what the train #s were. Need to work on that.

There are also photos of 2 locos that were in the rail yard on tuesday.


Morning Rainbows
[30-Jun-2015] Twice recently there have been rainbows in the morning on the way to work.

[11-Jul-2014] Seen several rainbows in the last month. One lasted long enough for me to drive from my house to Rons and show his kids.

[26-Jun-2014] Starting to put up the photos from vacation. All the light houses are now up. They are extras, side effects of being on the coast. The only one I went in was the Bodie Island light. Couldnt go on the balcony because of the 30+ mph winds. The Cape Hatteras Light was the same but I knew the wind had closed the balcony and didnt climb it.

Out apiary and others
[19-Mar-2014] Photos of the apiary out in Capitola and some other misc bee related photos. Some may be duplicates but Im cleaning up folders. The apiary is moved a little from last year, its more out of the way. Put up some cattle fencing around it.
Some photos from bees on basil from Fall, the bee loss from the weekend I went to bee college (they starved in the cold and rain).

Yearly house photos
[19-Mar-2014] 3 days late again. I just forgot to take them Saturday and didnt remember till Tues morning. Not much different.

Bees on Apples
[19-Mar-2014] The apples bloomed a few weeks early, not months like the last 2 years. They are mostly done now, but a few new ones are coming. Back in Feb at the height of the bloom took some photos of the bees pollinating them.