Computers Computers Computers
[19-Nov-2019] Rebuilt (after destroying by trying to update) the mythtv box. Got it to a state where it records and changes channels, does backups. The remote still does not work. Lots of problems with lircd. The entire config setup changed and no one (Iguana) updated their documentation.

Spore and slowness
[13-Nov-2018] Fixed the spore pages.

Performance on the site has been very slow recently. Tracked it down to the menu option up in the corner. Removed it from all pages for now.

Server upgrade
[14-Oct-2018] Upgraded server to Ubuntu 18. Likely everything is broken. Already found php wasnt running right.

SASL for postfix /dovecout/roundcube is broken. Fixed with this guide

Michael 2
[10-Oct-2018] Power is starting to flicker occasional. Lost the UPS holding up the firewall in the last one. It won't stay up more than a few minutes now.

Making progress pouring candles with old wax before the power goes out for good.

Hurricane Michael
[09-Oct-2018] Reset the rain gauge on the weather station and cleaned up the yard this morning. Started raining about 12:50.

And the promptly stopped. Hurricane was initially supposed to be here about 10pm last night. Instead just cloudy and not wind. Wed. morning it wasn't even raining at 7am. Wind picked up and it started raining by 8:30 but not bad. They are saying afternoon now and 80-90mph here.

At 8:30am, there is a train coming west from Jax. Traveling at normal speeds it would get here about noon. Someone isnt planning well.

More space
[18-Sep-2018] Ran out of space when uploading the recent photos. Expanded the server to 40GB.

[21-Jan-2018] Got the mouse. Heard it when I was up all night last weekend playing games. Put traps way back in the attic where I heard it. Also took the opportunity to run the network cable for the library to the right hole not though the ceiling. Hadn't heard the mouse again so thought maybe I scared it off. Nope it was caught in that far trap. Removed all the traps today since I havent heard any more an nothing set the rest off.

Weather station fixed
[08-Apr-2017] Got replacement parts for the weather station. New rain gauge and wind speed indicator for the anemometer. Everything is installed and working again.

Tulkas is dead
[29-Nov-2016] Tulkas is a server I got for really cheap from a client as they abandoned equipment. For a while it was my primary server but I have had problems with drive failures constantly. I dont think its the drives, it seems to be something about the slots or raid controller (which was also replaced). Finally took it offline and move everything to the cloud to stop dealing with the problems and used the server at home for playing around. Had another drive fail a few weeks ago, and when the power went off yesterday it wont boot. Not even going to try and figure out why its no longer worth the effort.

Fixed books
[09-Nov-2016] Entered a lot of books. Fixed a lot of problems in the book submission scripts. Im sure there are more but these were the blatant ones keeping things from working after the php update them losing and duplicating books.

Updated travel maps
[07-Nov-2016] Stopped entering the 2016 roadtrip because many things were broken, like the maps that should be generated. I think all that is fixed now.

[26-Sep-2016] Updated all the wikis to 1.27 so they work with the new PHP. Looks ok, Im sure there is something buried in there that is broken. Probably for ksp.

Everything broken
[12-Sep-2016] Everything on the site is potentially broken. Upgraded ubuntu which included a php upgrade and have to rewrite all the mysql code.

Hp hardware still a problem
[23-Feb-2016] Back in Nov the server at Yuma started having problems. Changed the raid battery, and some disks and it still kept crashing. So bad I relocated it all to a virtual box at amazon and took the hardware home. Rebuilt the hardware and started using it planning on relocating some infrastructure off the DVR. Worked fine for a while then last night when i rebooted it it crashed again losing another drive. No I have to relocate all the services and data off it back to the other box. I think its very soon going to the recycle center at the landfill.

Fixed forts site
[17-Dec-2015] When I switched everything to https it broke the forts portion of the site. Added some rewrite rules so that forts works under http but everything else under https. Forts also has to have not Really needs to be rewritten entirely eventually google will shutdown the service Im using but thats a major undertaking.

New server
[12-Nov-2015] Mail is switched over. Forts work. Reused script from last move to fix the link at the top left of each page. Everything is going smoothly have to be missing something major.

Progress on new server
[11-Nov-2015] New server had to be upgrade from a micro to a small instance and added a 20GB partition to handle the pictures. Web site is entirely transferred and seems to be working properly (except /forts it needs a new key from google). Mail is nearly ready, connection to phone works and I installed a new webmail interface that I wont use. Got a real certificate for use all over the place.

Discontinuing the amber archive its too low volume to bother with. Also stopped doing dns on the new server. leaving it all at godaddy for now. The box at home has never done it right anyway so when the internet server went down it all broke since no one could contact the one at home. Moved a lot of stuff off the internet box to storage at home.

[11-Nov-2015] Moving the server to AWS. This is a test log entry.

Server issues again
[09-Nov-2015] Server is still causing problems. Put the new cache battery in that should have gone in months ago. One drive is flaky. Array A, Drive 1 is still rebuilding and the battery is taking its time recharging. Had to restore all the databases from backup to get things to work properly.

Century Link crap
[28-Jul-2015] Power went off to the dsl modem on Sat when I replaced a ceiling fan. It didn't come back up right. Internet at home is sporadic over seconds. Called CL last night, as normal level 1 script monkey cant help, but someone will call be back in 4 hours. So next morning no phone call. Still broken. DNS is failing for the domain. Moved the DNS to godaddy so I cant at least get email.