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[26-Apr-2021] Pulled the apple stumps easily Sat morning. Replaced 2 trees Sunday morning. Instead of putting the third in the back put it in the middle of the front yard where there is more sunlight.

A single good crop this year
[29-Oct-2019] The lemons are ripe and for a change they are juicy inside. I past years they have been all brown and shriveled. Turned out they needed boron so gave the tree some borax this year and it made a real difference. Made fresh lemonade last night.

Saddest grape harvest
[05-Sep-2019] Harvested a whole 7 gallons of grapes. Typically the number is more like 50+. Wasnt even worth making the 6 whole quarts of juice I made. Stopped canning it and just put the last 3 quarts in a pitcher to drink.

[14-May-2019] The Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry I planted a few years ago really started producing this year. Ive picked two bowls so far. One went to flavor applesauce. Planted another one beside it earlier in the year and if it produces next year may remove the old thorned blackberries.

[04-Jun-2018] Apple harvest was early and weak. Only 4 gallons from one tree. None off the others. Made right at 12 quarts of applesauce.

Fertilized the onions
[13-May-2018] If you fertilize the onions instead of ignoring them they bulb. Picked more large bulbed onions today than any other year, the only thing different was I fertilized them. In past years they grew great tops but didnt bulb.

Took out apple tree
[24-Jun-2017] The Anna is the back was doing badly. Hadnt produced apples in two years. Had almost no leaves on it at all in the middle of summer and lots of fungus growing on it. So I removed it. It had almost no roots either. I was able to topple it by hand even though it was 4in in diameter and the stump pulled out with the jeep way to easy. Didnt even have to strain and pull. Burned it.

[31-May-2017] Apple harvest was sparse. Would have been better a week or two ago but it was so early. Let a lot of them drop to the ground. Those that I did pick pretty much came off the Anna in front, none in back at all. Not many bad spots or bugs in what was left. Made it all into one and a half batches of apple butter.

Weather station fixed
[08-Apr-2017] Got replacement parts for the weather station. New rain gauge and wind speed indicator for the anemometer. Everything is installed and working again.

Apples and a snake
[12-Jun-2016] Picked almost 2 full tubes of apples from the two front trees. Started turning it into apple butter and apple sauce. So far have 14 quarts of applesauce and about 10 pints of apple butter. There is still more applesauce in the fridge and half a tub of apples left.

Found a good size snake in the grill. Vanished by the time I got a hoe and bucket. Will likely see it again.

Putting tomatos out
[17-Mar-2016] Set out about half the Glacier and Sweetie tomatos. There are not any chrokee purples to set out. Finished rebuilding the bed that was falling apart. Have lots of space for non trellis stuff left but almost none for trellisesd. Left the Garden gem and Garden treasure inside for another week.

[13-Mar-2016] Got most the garden beds in shape and planted for spring. It doesnt look like its going to come close to freezing again. Wrote off the Cherokee purple seedlings inside, they sprouted but that was it they are still only an inch high and spindly. The other seedlings did fine. Might need to look at the light situation for the one shelf.

One of the beds disintegrated. Cedar ripped it self apart when I ran the tiller in it. Will have to rebuild that one before putting anything in it. Took lot of dirt out of that one and raised the level of another bed so need wood and dirt.

Planted a lot less jalapenos this year. Still have nearly a case of hot stuff from last years bumper crop. Carrots are just breaking the surface, the syurp cane (the one I dont want) is starting to grow, chewing cane isnt. Apples are leafing out. One of the blueberries is in full bloom the rest arent. Need to get another that blooms as early.

Got a new blackberry one of the U of Arkansas prime canes. There was room for it since the blackberry on the end didnt come back up last year anyway. Need to plant it.

Yard work
[28-Feb-2016] Got the second trellis rebuilt. Tightened the first.

Split the hives. Left a super on one since the queen was up there thats where eggs were and didnt get to Azure a Fess before dark. Tomarrow will start feeding nucs. Tuesday check for the queens I couldnt find.

Not enough done
[07-Feb-2016] Got the rest of the grape vines trimmed. There is a giant pile of small useless cut vine now. It was way to windy to burn it. Did not start replacing the second trellis arms really need to.

All of the frames are built and wired. About a third have foundation added. Those need to get done and out of the living room so I can start seeds which needs to be done now.

Rebuilt worst trellis
[16-Jan-2016] The west trellis was sagging again. Surprised it didnt break back in Sept when it was loaded w grapes. The problem is the end cross beam start to bend and bow over time. Rebuilt then triple strength this time. Two the normal direction and one across the top, all three nailed to togeather.

Also got the bananas cut down this week and started building 100 frames.

Getting ridiculous
[19-Dec-2015] Still hasnt frozen. Only 33.3 last night. Bananas are still green and fine. Peppers still producing. Apples trees are showing more and more blooms.

There wont be any grapefruit this year
[05-Dec-2015] The tree didnt have many on it and they were not yellowing properly. I finally looked into it and it has a bad case of black soot mold, which really means it has insect problems. Trimmed it heavily to open it up and let some light in. Sprayed it with some soapy stuff that should kill the local problem but wont effect the bees. 2 days later the mold is starting to flake off which is a good sign.

Bumper crop of peppers
[13-Nov-2015] Picked 3.5 gallons of jalapenos today and about a gallon of other peppers. Even the bell peppers produced well this year. Already had 5 gallons of mostly jalapenos frozen. Lemons look ripe. Oranges soon. Need to pick and dray basil tomorrow.

Mayhaw fruited
[12-May-2015] The mayhaw fruited. Its only got three fruits but it did fruit. They are seedy and taste like crap, clearly only good for jelly.

Spring planting
[27-Jan-2015] Started seeds indoors. Cherokee purple, some gold cherry tomatoes Miles picked out, Serranos, Datils, sweet bananas, a number of herbs (my stock is low). Three trays worth. There are no Jalepeno seeds and I tossed some old seeds that I never try and grow anyway.

Outside there are onions, broccoli, celery, and parsley. Most the beds are empty. Didnt do strawberries. Need to update maps badly.

Also put in seed strips of lettuce, carrots and radishes with Miles and Gibson. That filled one former strawberry bed.