Plant some Determinate for one time crop and some indeterminate for all season.

look for heat resistant.

Amish paste can be frozen, chop off top and pt in zip lock. take of skin after frozen and thaw in collender for paste.

Several years really gotton no Brandywine. Might be because it takes 90 days and thats too long, it gets too hot for it to set down here by then.

2008 results.

2009 plan.

2010 results A lot of the seeds I planted survived the summer, then fruited but didnt quite get ripe before the first frost. The nursiry plants fruited before the heat.

2011 results. The cherokee purple and brandywine are still producing regularly in to July. I think the difference may be the extra water (every other day instead of every 3rd) or that I moved them to the other side of the same bed. The Roma has done nothing. Sugary cherry is also doing well. Matts wild is doing good too but has little taste. Lots of other volunteer tomatoes this year.

Heat Tolerant

Cool Climates ie. no point in planting in Florida