About My Weather Station

The station is located in the Frontier Estates subdivision several miles East of Tallahasse Florida at 30° 25' 18.25" -84° 9' 29.25. Elevation is about 100 ft.

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I am using an Oregon Scientific WMR968 Wireless Weather Station. The station was put in place in early March 2009 over the period of several days. It 5 peices are located in various parts of the yard and house.

  • Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer: Mounted next to the apiary. Mouted in a proper solar radiation shield. It was previously on the blackberry trellis but was having problems getting enough sunlight to recharge.
  • Rain Gauge: Mounted about a foot to the left and above the Thermo-Hygrometer. Placement is at about 4' high. Needs leveling as the supporting board is warping over time.
  • Anemometer: Apr. 22' high. It is attached to a 16' post on the waterbarrel tower then on a 10' pole above that. There is about a 2' overlap of the post and the pole and the post is sunk into the ground. It is well above the roof line of the house (by about 12') but not at the 33' reccomended and just short of the 24' for "offical" readings.
  • Indoor Baro-Hygrometer: inside by the TV.
  • Monitoring Station: Inside on the kitchen wall. Connected to a headless fanless PC.

The PC runs Fedora Core 12. Monitoring software is weathermachine with a few modifications to correct Wind Chill, Forecast and to display the last date for rain total resets. $wind_chill=35.74+0.6215*$out_temp - 35.75*pow($wind_avrg,0.16) + 0.4275 * $out_temp * pow($wind_avrg,0.16);

12/14/2010 I noticed the wind chill is wrong. it was showing 39 with a temp of 25 and grpahing the same. the above forumla is correct need to find out how it comes from the weather station. Initially it looks like it just gets pulled from the anomoeter which is wrong. I corrected the display of the number on the web page but not the graphs.

The graphs are generated via mrtg and a slightly modified weatheroutput.pl from the same source. The current conditions page is custom php script that calls weatheroutput.pl for data. c

Software change 4/1/2009
Changed the software to weathermachine with a few modifications to correct Wind Chill and Forecast.

Install Notes
1. yum -y install perl-CPAN
2. perl install Module::build Date:Manip, LWP::UserAgent  Device::Serialport, Image::Size, rrdtool
3. in php.ini short_open_tag = on
4. in gui admin selinux disable selinux.
5. yum -y install mrtg
6. yum -y install rrdtool-perl
7. chmod a+rw /dev/ttyS0 in rc.local
8. in /etc/gdm/custom.conf

9. chown apache /var/www/mrtg
 in rc.local
8. in /etc/gdm/custom.conf

KTLH requires pymetar and create rrd script, ktlh mrtg config, Custom rrd.cgi

To clear rain fall
  • . press the rainfall window
  • . Press and hold memory until tone is heard

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