Subdivision  Road  Dispatch Frequency  Dispatcher  Bank 
Brewster 161.3700  160.2300 JF 9
Valrico 161.3700  160.2300 JF 9
Achen 161.3700  160.2300 JF 9
Bone Valley 161.3700  160.2300 JF 9
Plant City 161.3700  160.2300 JF 9
Auburndale 161.100  160.5200 JG 9
South Central Florida Express (SCXF) 161.3200  N/A N/A 9
Seminole Gulf 161.7100  N/A N/A 9

•Mulberry Yard local turns and switchers 
O807 Mulberry - Bartow switcher 
O809 Mulberry - Ridgewood turn 
O810 Mulberry area switcher 
O816 Mulberry - South Pierce / Rockland turn 
O817 Mulberry - New Wales turn 
O819 Winston - Mulberry turn 

•South Fort Meade Mine wetrock trains  
O801 South Fort Meade - Riverview  
O802 South Fort Meade - New Wales 
O804 South Fort Meade - New Wales 
O805 South Fort Meade - Riverview  
O806 South Fort Meade - Riverview  
O829 South Fort Meade - Ridgewood  
O830 South Fort Meade - Ridgewood  
O841 South Fort Meade - Riverview  
O845 South Fort Meade- Big Bend 

•South Pasture Mine wetrock trains 
O818 relief / extra symbol for O821 / O822 
O821 Central - South Pasture southbound empties 
O822 South Pasture - Central northbound loads 

•Four Corners Mine / Agrock Yard wetrock trains  
O808 Agrock - New Wales  
O811 Agrock - New Wales 
O831 Agrock - Ridgewood  
O840 Agrock - Riverview  
O846 Agrock - Riverview  
O850 Agrock - Big Bend 

•Ridgewood dryrock trains 
O842 Rockport - Ridgewood  
*extra O642 runs on a near daily basis 

•New Wales dryrock trains 
O848 Rockport - New Wales 
O852 Rockport - New Wales  

•Central trains 
O800 Winston - Central turn 
O825 Hookers Point - Central turn 
O838 Rockport - Central  dryrock turn 

O828 Rockport - Port Manatee turn  
Works Riverview 

The following are the road trains that enter and exit the Bone Valley from various points on the CSX system: 

•Domestic K-series phosphate trains 
(loads north and empties south) 
K802 Mulberry - Cicero, IL (BNSF) 
K803 Cicero, IL (BNSF) - Mulberry  
K805 Chicago, IL (CN) - Mulberry  
K806 Mulberry - Selkirk, NY 
K809 Chicago, IL (UP) - Mulberry  
K813 Wauhatchie, TN (NS) - Mulberry  
K814 Mulberry - Evansville, IN 
K815 East St. Louis, IL - Mulberry  
K816 Mulberry - Cicero, IL (BNSF) 
K818 Mulberry - Botkins, OH 
K819 Botkins, OH - Mulberry  
K820 Mulberry - Bensenville, IL (CP) 
K822 Mulberry - Wauhatchie, TN (NS) 
K825 Rose Lake, IL - Mulberry  
K827 Casey, IL - Mulberry  
K828 Mulberry - Cicero (BNSF) 
K829 Crestline, OH - Mulberry  
K830 Mulberry - Crestline, OH 
K832 Mulberry - Webberville, MI 
K833 Bensenville, IL (CP) - Mulberry  
K836 Mulberry - Chicago, IL (UP) 
K838 Mulberry - Kenton, OH 
K839 Kenton, OH - Mulberry  
K843 Waycross, GA - Mulberry  
K845 Mulberry - New Orleans, LA (UP) 
K846 New Orleans, LA (UP) - Mulberry  
K847 Cooks, OH (IORY) - Mulberry  
K856 Mulberry - Birmingham, AL (BNSF) 
K861 Bensenville, IL (CP) - Mulberry  
K863 Milford Junction, IN - Mulberry  
K864 Mulberry - Milford Junction, IN 
K865 Birmingham, AL (BNSF) - Mulberry  
K867 Webberville, MI - Mulberry  
K868 Mulberry - Chicago, IL (UP) 
K871 Lafayette, IN - Mulberry  
K872 Mulberry - Lafayette, IN 
K878 Mulberry - Danville, IL 
K879 Danville, IL - Mulberry  
K880 Mulberry - Chicago, IL (CN) 
K881 Flint, MI (LSRC) - Mulberry  
K882 Mulberry - Flint, MI (LSRC) 
K886 Mulberry - Casey, IL 
K890 Mulberry - Bensenville, IL (CP) 
K893 Bensenville, IL (CP) - Mulberry  
K899 Mulberry - Cooks, OH (IORY) 

•Other Bone Valley trains 
O725 Winston - Arcadia SGLR turn 
K581 Birmingham, AL - Mulberry  
pipe loads 
K582 Mulberry - Birmingham, AL  
pipe empties 
K722 Mulberry - Junction City, GA  
Martin Marietta rock empties  
K723 Junction City, GA - Mulberry  
Martin Marietta rock loads 
K730 Mulberry - Varnons, AL 
Conrad Yelvington rock empties  
K731 Varnons, AL - Mulberry  
Conrad Yelvington rock loads  
K789 Dan, GA - Mulberry  
Martin Marietta rock loads  
K792 Mulberry - Dan, GA 
Martin Marietta rock empties  
K876 New Orleans, LA (UP) - Mulberry 
molten sulphur loads 
K877 Mulberry - New Orleans, LA (UP) 
molten sulphur empties 
K940 Mulberry - Camak, GA 
Conrad Yelvington rock empties  
K941 Camak, GA - Mulberry  
Conrad Yelvington rock loads 

Road channels are: 161.100, 161.370 . BB Dispatcher is on 160.230. The BB will tell you where to look for trains. 
If you know where Bradley, New Wales, Agrock, Brewster, "the SV 850.1" and Bartow-Fort Meade-Tencor blocks are, then you're on your way. 
Trains symbols are almost all "O" prefixes. O-802, O-806, O-820, etc.