Roadtrip 2016 Roadtrip 2016 Roadtrip 2016

Roadtrip 2016
[29-Oct-2016] Circled the Southeast. 2055 miles. Left 7pm Oct 29 returned 1am Nov 6. Forts, battlefields, caves, trains.

Day 1: Ft. Massachusetts and Beauvoir
[30-Oct-2016] Stayed overnight in Gulfport. It was the last day the ferry ran to the island. Used pokemon incense on the way out to catch them. Fort was very small, and mosquito infested. Hundreds of them and dozens biting immediately, almost ran out of the fort. After the fort waited on the island for several hours for the ferry no interest in the beach and nothing else to do. Ft. Massachusetts pictures.

Beauvoir was the home of Jefferson Davis after the war. It was pretty close to the ferry so we were able to get to it before it closed. Strange house, elevated for cooling and with wings not in line with the other rooms and only accessible by going outside.

Drove to Vicksburg.

Day 2: Vicksburg
[31-Oct-2016] Went to the Vicksburg battlefield. Park has some really impressive monuments like the Illinois one which is an entire Pantheon building.

At the north end of the park of the the USS Cairo, an internal paddlewheel ironclad gunboat.

Stopped at a couple of small forts down on the river: South Fort and Louisiana Circle before driving on to Jackson.

Day 2: Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
[31-Oct-2016] Vicksburg didnt take as long as expected and it was a several hour drive to Memphis so we stopped at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson on the way to Memphis. Walked up and down loud obnoxious Beale St. catching pokemon.

Day 3: Memphis
[01-Nov-2016] Spent the morning at the Memphis Zoo. Its a really good zoo including a Teton area for North American animals along with the traditional African stuff. It is also full of pokemon and stops. Filled the bag.

Afternoon was at Graceland. The worst of the gaudy 60-70s decor, and they dont even let you go see the toilet. Stopped at Shelby Park Farms a Memphis regional park on the way to Nashville. Tried to hunt for pokemon there but it was dark and unlit in the park around the capitol, ended up on one of the main streets where there were more people.

Day 4: Mammoth Caves
[02-Nov-2016] Left Nashville early to drive up to Mammoth Cave. The primary tour was closed for trail work but we took the Frozen Niagara and then then Domes and Dripstones Tour. The second one covered the same area as the first at the end but in reverse and without stops.

After that hiked to the Mammoth Cave Rail exhibit, the Natural entrance, down to the Green River for the River Styx Spring. Climbing back up was death stopped at the old guides cemetery.

Stayed in Nashville a second night.

Day 5: Parthenon, Hermitage, Distillery
[03-Nov-2016] Started at the reconstruction of the Parthenon. Actually had breakfast, walked around the CSX yard, the old depot and then stopped for the big L&N steam engine in the park since the Parthenon didnt open till 9am first. Parthenon was short. Other than the statue of Athena no need to go inside.

Spent most the morning at Andrew Jacksons Hermitage. Still early when we got done there and it was only a 2 hour drive to Chattanooga so stopped at the Jack Daniels Distillery for the dry tour. Ended the day in Chattanooga.

Day 6: Battlefields and Aquarium
[04-Nov-2016] Started by driving up Lookout Mountain to Point Park the park for the Battle above the Clouds.

Came back down to the Tennessee Aquarium. Its odd it has at least 4 separate buildings and they funnel you to the top then you work your way down each one in a one way fashion.

Went on to the main Chickamauga Battlefield and hunted charmanders for an hour in Enterprise Park South a former ammo production facility.

Stayed in Athens, TN.

Day 7: Copperhill Special
[05-Nov-2016] Took the Copperhill Special train along the scenic Hiwasse River from Etowah, Tn to Copperhill, TN via the Hiwassee Loop. The town of Copperhill is a shared town with McCaysville, GA on the other side of the river. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway runs to the town also and we met that train there. Had lunch and rode the train back.

Drove home. Arrived about 1am.