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Dragoncon and Hurricane Idalia
[06-Sep-2023] Idalia threatened to wreck all the plans for dragoncon. Power went out abt 4am and didnt come back on till 2am the next morning. Watch the hurricane out the window some gusts and drizzling rain but nothing bad. A few small limbs down.

Left Wed night instead of Thursday since I still didnt have power. Staid in the worst hotel ever. Roaches all over the bathroom in the middle of the night, so bad we didnt even take showers and waited till we got the hyatt room.

Went to see Jesses mom Edi for lunch in Highlands after dropping Craig off at the Hyatt so added an extra 5 hours of driving to the trip.

2 games and several panels. Got Cece to play FATE since Clayton and Leslie didnt come and had tickets already. Crowds were not bad only walked down the stairs once.

Tuesday had to rent a u-haul trailer and tow Kris car to jax. His house got wiped out and he needed the car towed to get it fixed by his nephew. That took all day so another 6 hours of driving (55 with the trailer).

Grapes have been late and fish fryer for canning not working right. Havent even checked to see how many are left after the hurricane. Got Craigs fryer so if there are any left can process them.

Dragoncon 2021
[08-Sep-2021] 2.5 hours in line for a badge is the longest Ive had to be in line in a long time. Beyond that capped attendance at 40k was amazing. Elevators open, food court easily accessible, no shuffling through the hamster tubes. Only had the Amber game, Galaxy Rangers was canceled. Took kids to Medieval knights battles, robot wars, crafts, and a really bad fan panel on Wings of Fire that we left.

Megacon 2017
[29-May-2017] Went to Megacon again. Saw no panels again just the dealer room, food and kids area. Lots of time at the pool of the hotel. Played lots of Mariokart.

Dragoncon 2016
[07-Sep-2016] Spent lots of time with kids. Went to the aquarium and found out that yes rural people are really shafted in pokemon.

A painless as is could be
[04-Sep-2014] Hyatt rooms went on sale today, 2 days after con. Hilton is already sold out. 2 web browsers and calling the gold passport line. Website overloaded at 10:07 unable to complete to even get reservation pages. Girl on phone said they were sold out at 10:02, told her it wasnt possible. Checked again. Had issues with her her system confirming (with 247 rooms free), finally got it to confirm at 10:12. Ordered badge.

This years Marriot screw up.
  • 8:30 Passkey site says everything opens at 9am in 3 places. Site not open.
  • 8:50 Passkey site says everything opens at 10am in 3 places. Site not open.
  • 9:05 Site open. Still says it doesnt open till 10am. Phone call disconnected from recording and will not answer.
  • 9:15 manged to get through the online reservation process but it errored out at the end. Site still says it doesnt open till 10am. Phone lines back to holding for representative.
  • 9:35 site closed. Says it opens at 10am in two places and 9am in another. Phone service says everything went on sale at 9am and is sold out.
  • 9:45 customer service reiterates sales 9am and sold line but cant answer the why site says it doesnt open till 10am. Maybe you should try after 10am.
  • 9:55 site reopens. Customer service accidentally disconnects me when transferring to a supervisor to ask questions. Everything sold out online.
  • 10:00 site open but sold out. This continues until its clear they did go on sale at 9am.
  • Dragoncon
    [05-Sep-2013] None of the out of town friends came. Nothing eventful happened at the con. No photos.

    Dragoncon 2008
    [07-Sep-2008] Photos are up, with labels for Mark.

    Also the photos of the house after the carpet was ripped out but before they got the equipment out.

    [04-Sep-2006] Took no pictures. Stayed with Jesse, Padraig and Preston in the International tower which was much easier to access, and generally quieter. We will probably stay there next year. Played 4 games: A giant sized American Civil War game (I have the normal size), as Lincoln, lost the war badly; 2 rounds of the British vs the Zulus, it wasnt going so well but I had to go run the Cruxshadows booth so didnt see the end; A d20 hijack situation, ened up storming the shuttle and only lost 5 or 6 hostages, got both terrorists alive, software was kind of cool for the situation, and an Amber game that we will play for the next several years in the same time slot. Ill put another entry on it later. Most the panels were bland nobody really interesting on them. Spend Sunday night with John Ringo and Jesse while Voltaire and Jessica entertained us.

    DragonCon 2005
    [08-Sep-2005] Claytons photos for Dragoncon are up now. We spents $3.39/gal for gas because they didnt have regular on the way up. Played Game of Thrones board game and saw all the Firefly panels. Wasted a lot of time.

    Dragoncon pics
    [08-Sep-2004] The last of Clayton's Dragoncon pics are up.

    Evacuating Atlanta. Heading for Frances.
    [08-Sep-2004] We left Atlanta about 2pm monday having decided to go to Jax instead of Tallahasse seeing as hurricane Francis was due to be centered over Tallahasse about the time we would be arriving. Turn out to be a good decision as we saw this sortly after starting out:

    It took us forever becasue Jesse drives slow. Drizzeled rain the whole way, lots of wind too. We stopped outside of Brunswick for foor and Pirates. Stayed at mom's house.

    Next day we set out down I-10 to Tallahasse. My sister had said it was closed at Lake City so we waited till late afternoon. About mile 301 we saw:

    That is the eastbound lane completly submerged, with flowing water. The westbound lane had 6-8 inches on it. There are more photos of the seven miles of traffic backed up behind the water, misc interesting signs, and the water.

    Revised Clayton's pics
    [04-Sep-2004] Revised the pictures Clayton took friday into the sorted areas. Tried to get more sleep last night but laid there awake for most of it. Played d20 modern, it happened at the con. Waiting for Firefly stuff later tonight.

    [04-Sep-2004] We got here late, about 7:30 so we got stuck on the 8th floor rather than the fourth. They tried to put us on the 16th.

    Had dinner with Drew and Heather after registration. Came back and bumbed around for a while till the Crux Shadows arrived. Helped them setup finally going to sleep about 6am.

    Got up before 10. Had to find more sinus medicine (and I need more tomarrow too). First game was Stargate at 1. Pretty good. Too bad it was almost all a combat session. 2nd game was FUDGE Musketeers vs Cthulu. Cthulu won. We got eaten. Fudge is pretty of cool system, dice is only nothing, plus or minus. Lots of roll playing rather than stats and numbers.

    Uploaded first of Claytons pictures. Was going to go to sleep but neither Clayton nor Jesse are here so they will just wake me up.

    Dragoncon, year2
    [02-Sep-2004] I'm going to try and do a better job logging the Dragoncon trip this year. Its Thursday. Jesse got in last night about midnight and I'm waiting for Clayton to arrive so we can leave. He's running late because he had to go to Quincy for some digital camera cables. Thats ok though since we wern't planning to leave till around 1pm anyway but since we can't go to lunch with Roberto (he's sick) we have an extra hour to fill, giving me time to write this. Hopefully the next post will be from the hotel.

    All the photos and such from this year will be here