I the last several weeks I've had 2 people contact me that I haven't heard from in several years. Neither were sure the had the right person, mainly because I have no past information up on my page. So here it is:

Born 1974 w pneumonia. Spent 10 days in the hospital. Had it almost spring till I was about 6 and they took put my adenoids. Then I got upper respiratory infections instead. Went to Ruth N. Upson Elementary school in Jacksonville, FL. Played T-ball and Tadpole at Murrey Hill. Played piano till 6th grade. Part of Cub Scout Pack 302 and later Boy Scout Troop 302. Attended Mary McLeod Bethune for 6th grade and Stanton College Prep for 7-12. Took Latin all 6 years at Stanton. Went to Russia w People to People group in July of 89.

Went to FSU 1992-1996. Majored in Russian, w minor in Latin. Worked in the Classics and Religion Departments during that time. Lived in Sally and Broward Halls but spent most my time in Landis. Went to Russia with the FSU summer program for 13 weeks with a week off in England in 1993. Actively involved with or helped run the Vampire LARP 1994-1996 (Played Jaybird's game 1994 spring, Ran game 1995 Fall to 1996 Spring, Narrated for Drew 1996 Spring). Spent lots of time at Epitome from late Spring 1995 on.

After College
Moved back to Jacksonville after graduation. Worked for OSN on the Accustaff WAN install Sept 1996-Feb 1998. Traveled all over the country for that job.

Moved back to Tallahassee Feb. 1998. Started work for Image API Sept. 1998. Drove cross country with Cayton in my Jeep from Jax to CA, then 1000mi in NM and AZ and back to Jax in 2000. Joined the Tallahassee Astronomical Society and was president for a year. Started gardening. Drove to the top end of Newfoundland with mom in 2002 and stoped at forts along the way back. Flew to Seattle, drove around the Olympic Peninsula the to Yellowstone. picked up mom and spent a week there in 2004.

Left Image API for Yuma in 2005, bought a house, went into the hospital for stress and had Clayton wreck my jeep all at the same time. Bought a new jeep. Really expanded gardening with the purchase of the house, planted fruit trees and grapes. Worked on the McCain, Thompson and Giuliani campaigns spent lot of time in D.C. and New York. Went to England for a week in 2008-9 over New Years.

Left Yuma at the wrong time during the recession in early 2010. Unemployed for most of a year. Work briefly at AWI for the State of Florida over the summer. Decided to start beekeeping. Started at Aegis in Nov. 2010. Drove to NC for grandmothers funeral just after starting the job. Rolled the new jeep on the way back from Christmas in Jax. Bought a Scion for the gas mileage. Saw the last shuttle launch from the Cape visitor center. Actually started taking classes on beekeeping and buying things for it in late 2011.