Cat Genetics

This is a simplified genetic profiler for cats for use with the Warriorcats game. Each cat has 2 genes (WW) of each type onr from the mother and one from the father. These genes determine coat color, sex, eye color, and hair length. I based some of this on American Shorthairs since they are the closest to Domestic shorthiars in America.

Where each two letters represents a gene and the final letter detemines sex.

The agouti gene. Causes hairs to have bands of yellow and black rather than being just a solid color. This gene is required for tabby cat patterns, it works in conjunction with several other genes (Ggene, Igene, Tgene, Mgene) to express colors and patterns.

The black gene. Express which variation of the "black" color a cats coat is. Cgene
Full color Gene. This gene in various forms produces albanism but I am only using it to produce rare color pointed cats that have dark Tail, legs, muzzle, ears but lighter color or white bodies. The albanism effects eye color, making the full expressin have blue eyes (lack of pigment). Dgene
Dilution Gene. Dilutes black and red genes to lighter colors. Egene
Eye color. Hazel is the most common. Ggene
. Wide Band Gene effects the length of the Agene yellow bands. Requires Agene to show up. Appears recessive. Assume most dominate # trumps others. Produces silver and goldens Igene
Inhibitor Gene. Inhibits the yellow production of Agene making it white instead. This produces shaded, shell and chinchilla in tabbies (with reduced tabby markings) and smoke in solids. There is no golden smoke.

Long hair. Domestic short hairs are 90-95% of cats in the U.S.

Mackeral pattern gene. Recesive to the Tgene. Any O gene will show some tabby pattern regardless of MGene Any non-O gene requires Agene > 1 to show tabby pattern Ngene Spotted Tabby Gene. Unused. Dominant over Mgene but requires it. Ogene
Red (Orange) Gene. co-dominant with BGene. Only appears in X chromosone. Sgene
White Spotting gene. Causes a lack of pigement. Spreads from ventral to dorsal sides. Tgene
Ticking Gene causes alternating yellow/black on hair when active and stripes on legs and tail only. Dominant over Mgene. Requires Agene. Wgene
. White gene. overrides all other colors.


#$catscode="00330000000000000000000000XX"; #black
#$catscode="10330000000000000000000000XX"; #white
#$catscode="00333000000000000000000000XY"; #red male
#$catscode="00331100300000000000000000XX";  #black (red carrier) female
#$catscode="00333100000000000000000000XX"; #tortie female
#$catscode="00333300000000000000000000XX"; #red female

#$catscode="00330000000010000000000000XX"; #black smoke
#$catscode="00333000000010000000000000XY"; #red smoke male
#$catscode="00331100000010000000000000XX";  #black smoke (red carrier) female
#$catscode="00333100000010000000000000XX"; #tortie smoke female
#$catscode="00333300000010000000000000XX"; #red smoke female

#$catscode="00330000100000000000000000XX"; #black tabby
#$catscode="10330000100000000000000000XX"; #white tabby
#$catscode="00333000100000000000000000XY"; #red tabby male
#$catscode="00333100100000000000000000XX"; #tortie tabby female
#$catscode="00333300100000000000000000XX"; #red tabby female


  • Shorthair standadrd