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    Coat Colors
      Solid Color
    Undilute Black (Ebony) [B dominant] Chocolate (Chestnut/Sable/Brown) [b recessive] Cinnimon (Sorrel/Gold) [b1 recessive] Red (Orange/Ginger/Marmalade) [O codominate w B/b/b1 /o recessive on X chromosome] White [W]
    Dilutes (D/d only if dd] Blue (Gray) Lilac (Lavendar/Platinum/Frost) Fawn (Beige) Cream (Tan)  
    Double Dilute Caramel Apricot  
    Silver Gene Silver Smoke Silver Tabby


  • Tortoiseshells (Tortie/Particolor): Typicaly only female. Patches of a red and patches of a "black". Both have the same dilution. "Black" colors will never show markings, red colors might.
  • Tabby: Any color from solid except black with darker markings.
  • White spotting. caused by one form of the W gene Ws not WD. One WD makes the entire cat white. Ws causes white spotting nd 2 Ws more white spotting. WwWw means no white at all.


  • Red is dominant and masks other colors. O = red. o= not red
  • O/o is Carried by female X gene. Any male with an O will be red. Otherwise black.
  • Only Females with OO will be red. Oo calico/tortoiseshell. oo black. 80% of red cats are male. 20% female.
  • Male red can only be from mother who is red, calico or tortoishell.
  • Female red cant only be from red male + red/calico/tortie female.

  • Dilute is a seperate gene not sex linked. [D/d]
  • White is controlled by Wd/Ws/Ww not sex related.

  • Agouti gene makes a tabby.
  • Lack of Agouti does not work in presence of red. So all reds are tabby but stripes might be not very visible
  • Silver Gene inhibits black much more than red. On tabbies stripes are not effected.

    Makerel, Classics Tabby, Ticked, Spotted. Patched

    Tan Caramel Taupe Apricot Sandy Lemon