Ceasers Legions Ceasers Legions Ceasers Legions
Bought a box of Ceasers Legions from Wargames Factory when they were about half price. 48 legionaries total, 3 sets of Centurions/Optios/Cornicen/Signifiers with 12 Thrusting, 12 standing and 12 Javelin legionaries. Somehow I've lost 2 (Thruster and Javelin). So one of the standing ones is now an Aquilifer. Based on this it makes 3 centuries of 15 men each and a lone Aquilifer.
1st Century
  • Legionaries, Signifer, Cornicen: Red tunics, Black crests, Bronze helmets
  • Optios: Red tunics, White crests, Steel helmets
  • Centurions: Red tunics, Red crest, Steel Helmets
  • 2nd Century
  • Legionaries, Signifer, Cornicen: White tunics, Black crests, Bronze helmets
  • Optios: White tunics, White crests, Steel helmets
  • Centurions: Red tunics, Red crest, Steel Helmets
  • 3rd Century
  • Legionaries, Signifer, Cornicen: Sand tunics, Black crests, Bronze helmets
  • Optios: Sand tunics, White crests, Steel helmets
  • Centurions: Red tunics, Red crest, Steel Helmets
  • Aquilifer: as 1st Century, steel helmet.

    All shields will be Red.

    Painting Guide
    There is another painting guide on the Wargmaes Factory site

    Models are pretty clean of flash and it is easier to paint the sword arms on the spure because they are very close to the chest once put together. Both arms of the Signifer and Cornicen are close too. Do not attach the shield at this point.

  • Centurions: Crest runs parallel to the shoulders. Armor is on command spure. Rods on command sprue.
  • Optios: Crest is a full crest perpendicular to the shoulders Armor is on command spure. Swords on command sprue.
  • Signifer: Standing wolf cloak body. Standards with medallions. There should be one per cohort.
  • Cornicen: Leaning wolf cloaked body. Horns.
  • Aquilifer: Standard Legionary body. Standard looks like it has 2 prongs. Only 1 eagle per legion. I took the round shield from the free Germans that came with the set to give to him instead of the large Legionary shield so it looks more like a parma. Research says that he didn't wear an animal skin or helmet but I dont have a model without a helmet.

    Prime everything white

    Paint the armor, gladius and pila (above the handguard) Boltgun Metal and dry brush lightly with Mithril Silver for highlights. Paint the helmets and greaves of the Centurions and Optios also.

    • Red tunics and shields: paint pink (Blood Red/Bone White). Then paint with a mixture of Blood Red and Scorced Brown.
    • White tunics: Skull White
    • Off White tunics: Bleached Bone
    Paint the skin Tallen Flesh

    Paint the helmets of the Legionaries, sword hilts both in the hands and on thier sides, horns, medallions (on standards and officer armor), the eagle and top of the standards Snakebite leather. Once dry paint with Burnished Gold.

    Paint sheaths Bestial Brown.

    Paint belts, chin straps, sandals, greave straps, lower javelin and upper armor trim Scorched brown.

    Wash the armor with Gryphonne Seipia.

    Wash the flesh with Develin Mud

    Paint the shield boss and javelin studs Boltgun Metal.

    Paint the crests.

    Paint the base a green.

    UnitMade ofMenOfficers
    Century10 Contubernium80Centurion, Optio, Tesserarius, Signifier, Cornicen
    Maniple2 Centuries160
    Cohort6 Centuries480
    Prima Cohors5 double strength Centuries800Primus Pilus
    Legion9 Cohorts + Prima Cohors + 120 Horse 5240Senatorial: Legatus, Tribune Laticlavius (2nd in command)
    Equestrian: 5x Tribuni Angusticlavii
    Plebian: Camp Prefect (3rd in command), Aquilifer, Imaginifer
    +non-combatants = 6000 men
    Centurions ride or horseback, have 2-3' staff and distinctive armor
    The 120 Horse are scouts and messengers
    Aqufiler looks like a bi-fork, no animal skin, round shield
    Signifer has medallions, round shield, often strapped on back. Leg XXV and COH in sign.
    Centurions lead from front right. Crest right to left.

    At 1:30 each cohort is 16 figures.