Name: Agent Thomas
Concept: First Responder MiB
Nature: Caretaker
Demeanor: Crusader
Convention: NWO
Methodology: Operative
Team Position: Witness Containment
Thomas's parents were NWO sympathizers in the mid 70's when it was decided by Control that their children might have the potential to server the greater good and the proper directives were implanted. Of the three children two were admitted to the West Hills Academy of the Gifted and Talented [], an NWO front school. The third was abducted at a young age by an unknown agent(s) and has not been seen since.

After high school Thomas attended one of the smaller Ivy League Colleges on the recommendation of the Academy teachers. He majored in International Studies (Latin America), and minored in Psychology. An active member of school intramural activities and a member Alpha Nu Omicron Fraternity, another NWO front.

After graduating with a B.A. Thomas committed his sole act of non-pre-determined thought and joined the Air Force, despite the strong suggestion he pursue a Law Enforcement career. Selected for OTS he was assigned to Intelligence at Ft. Meade,Md working closely with the NSA in signals intelligence monitoring South American governments. Thomas was restricted to base for the majority of the tour, "For National Security Reasons", and since the base was underground rarely saw the outside world. He served only one 4 year tour and applied to the FBI as a Special Agent. He was quickly accepted and assigned to the Counter-terrorism (Latin American Guerrilla Groups) Unit in Tampa, FL.

Strength: 3Charisma: 4Perception: 3
Dexterity: 3Manipulation: 4Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 3Appearance: 3Wits: 3

Academics 3
Area Knowledge: Latin America 4
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Computer 2
Drive 2
Firearms 3
Horseback Riding 2
Intimidation 4
Investigation 5
Law Enforcement 3
Leadership 3
Linguistics (Spanish) 4
Martial Arts 2
Psychology 5
Stealth 1
Swimming 2
Technology 1
Terrorism 3
Correspondence 2
Dimensional Science
Life 1
Mind 3


Primal Energy



Mind Procedures

Correspondence Procedures Life Procedures