Mordheim Mordheim Mordheim
Mordheim is done
[15-Mar-2010] Its too hard to get everyone together at once. We are switching to Blood Bowl.

Halloween comes late to Mordheim
[05-Nov-2009] There will be no movement next turn (turn 6). All warbands will play one of several preselected scenarios/warbands all with a undead theme in their current location.

The Undead bands will be attacked by Vampire Slayers. The other bands will choose randomly from 7 warbands/scenarios.

Bring your skeleton, zombie, wraith, ghost, vampire, dreg, necromancer, dire wolf, ghoul, wight, and other undead models.

Campaign Pages Update
[26-Oct-2009] Updated the pages for the campaign campign points are now correct and calculated on the fly. Colors are show per alliance. Stats are sorted by the highest campaign points.

Better Game
[24-Oct-2009] The gae yesterday went much better. Less stress on me. Got 2 turns done despite starting really late. 7:30 or 8pm would be nice. So would staying in town for the game. Everyone has 2 warbands now. We dropped a few of the NPCs, but Clayton is going to start playing so we will go back up by 2. There were only 2 fights in 2 campaign turns. The Norse (Riley) vs Dark Elves (Ron). The Dark Elves won. On Campaign 5, the Orcs vs Tomb Guaurdians. Orcs won. Ive got some map problems whose should be fixed today. Dropped the warband rating from the web page.

Mordheim miniatures
[20-Aug-2009] Put up photos of a lot of the minis Ive been painting.

Rileys comments on scenarios
[17-Aug-2009] From Rileys email:

I think that the Breach the Wall Scenario was not as difficult as the other options. I read over the Scenario before the game started and I forgot about the rules while we were setting-up the wall. I think putting in a small NPC warband to Guard any holes or low spots might be a good way to slow down the war bands and prevent a Warband from out running the other, or turning the mod into a base to base battle on turn

I also think that the Giant Oak battle was not that over powered, I think that all of the treeman and dryads attacking one team is too much. I took down 2 dryads, if Ron had taken down 2 before the dwarves routed then I would have been facing a much more even match of 1 treeman and 1 dryad. I think another thing we might want to look at is slowing the Treeman, and dyriads down. Maybe keep their movement but say the cannot run like the Undead. Traditionally the lore around Treeman is that they are big, strong and tough, but slow and less agile. Now in the Warhammer/Games Workshop lore that might be different.

The King of the Gatehouse looked pretty balanced, but I think that Harry had a huge disadvantage because his guys are so slow. That is however a disadvantage of his war band. I also agree that there should be another way to get the war bands to the other side of the wall so more fighting can take place at the top of the Gatehouse making it more of about the possibility that the special rules come into play. Other wise there is the Gatehouse choke point that would cause teams to battle it out there and force a route before you even get near the top of the Gatehouse.

Campaign Update and Improvements
[16-Aug-2009] We played 4 games on Friday night. All the warbands are settled on where they will enter the city except Kriss Elves who didnt play. There is 1 unplaced NPC warband. Ill roll up a few more good aligned ones so Kris has some randomness and to fill out the entrances.

I need to make sure I have the current warbands printed, even for all the NPCs, and stapled or foldered together or something, it took to long to print them and searching for them during game. I should have done a better job placing the NPCs, evil st evil start, good at good start rather than rolling randomly. We need to ziploc, contain and paint the NPCs that dont belong to me (Dwarves, Sisters) so we can find them. Having something other than proxies would be nice.

The only scenario with real problems was Breach the Wall, through we didnt play some and King of the Gatehouse really didnt get to far.

It worked well to take all the stuff to Rons house Thursday and since everyone was late we could have setup the second table since we really didnt start till Gibson went to bed. Which reminds me once he is out of the picture i can move the laptop and sit down. That will help the organization.

I need to design the campaign sheet to reflect the current rules, and what players need to fill out. Put in lines for OOA enemy, and extra XP.

I think the only real rules questions were about the Lizardmen and those are resolved. In addition to closing routes Ron asked about destroying/creating locations. I have to think on this.

Campaign: Game4: Skaven vs Lizardmen
[16-Aug-2009] Players: Shawns Skaven vs NPC Lizardmen (Ron)
Scenario: Breach the wall
Outcome: Lizardmen win.

We added more blocks to the wall so rolls would have to be made in climbing. It didnt get that far. With no terrain on the board the Lizardmen and rats started bases to base. The lizard men ate the rats. Skaven had lost 4 models before they got a turn. They routed.

Scenario improvement discussion: a minimal amount of terrain is required. The tile rules require everyone to bring X number of tiles and a certain number to be placed, I think the same needs to apply to the outdoor terrain. Since most fights will be in the city I'm going to say at least 2/3s have to be tiles with something on them. Players could designate a blank tile in the middle not wait till the end but one player the whole board has to be filled, not stopping because the first player decides not to place anything. The second player should always be able to place at least one terrain piece.

The lizardmen need some discussion: Frenzy does not effect bite attack (treat it as secondary weapon).

The bite attack should be rolled at same time as other attacks, so one model can not OOA a knocked down or stunned model with a later bite attack. I dont know if this means all the lizardmen attacks need to go last in the round or what Im going to post it to the forums.

Campaign Game3: Dark Elves vs Norse
[16-Aug-2009] Players:Ron's Dark Elves vs NPC Norse (Riley)
Scenario: Breach the wall
Outcome: Dark Elves win

There is no point in describing this in deatil. Both bands ran stright for the wall. The Dark Elves have better movement. They win. Scenario improvement discussion:
This scenario needs work. The warbands have to be forced into contact, or slowed down enough one can catch the others stragglers. It also helps if the slower warband has missle weapons which the Norse didnt.

Campaign: Game2 Restless Dead vs Sisters
[16-Aug-2009] Players: Harry's Restless Dead vs NPC Sisters (Shawn)
Scenario King of the Gatehouse
Outcome Restless Dead win. Sisters band will be discarded and rebuilt starting at a new location.

The bands both setup as close to the wall as possible. Its a rush for the gatehouse and then through it. Round 1
Both bands move closer. The Sisters fail to cast their spell: Hearts of Steel wich would have made them immune to the Restless Fear.

Round 2
The undead move closer and start shooting, they miss. The Sisters move up, relize that they have 0 missile weapons and fail their spell again.

Round 3
The Restless dead charge the Sisters henchmen which are in front. One OOA, one stuned, one knocked down. A Sister Superior charges and knocks down a zombie.

Round 4
The undead take out the down sisters, and one more for a total of 4. The Sisters route.

Scenario improvement discussion: The wall needs to be more broken, so the warbands arent forced through the gatehouse.

Campaign: Game1 Orcs vs Dwarves
[16-Aug-2009] Players: Riley's Orcs vs NPC Dwarves (Ron) vs Giant Trees (Harry)
Scenario: The Giant Oak
Outcome: Orcs win and enter city but Giant Oak is still a threat.

Orcs setup to the north behind a hill, Dwarves to the south on a hill.

Round 1
Orcs come around the hill on thier side. Dwarves start by shooting the oak and saplings. The Trees retaliate by charging the dwarves who are mostly on a high hill and the squigs The Giant Oak itself goes after the dwarves in the ground.

Round 2
Most the Orcs continue around the hill, some goblins go up the hill and take position to shoot the saplings. The Dwarf noble and Troll Slayers charge the Giant Oak, one is intercepted by a sapling. The four dwarves on the hill shoot a sapling. The Giant oak takes the dwarf Noble out of action.

Round 3
Orcs start having animostiy problems, a fight breaks out. Despite being close to the saplings only the squigs charge in. The goblins on the hill all miss a sapling. A sapling takes a wound from a squig. The Saplings OOA a squig, a troll slayer and stun the other troll slayer and a squig.

Round 4
The shooting dwarfs miss the saplings. The other troll slayer is taken out of action. The orcs start going mideval on each other getting some bad animosity rolls. Both prodders charge the nearest saplings, 2 others pout. One prodder crits a sapling but since its not the last wound nothing happens. The orcs wound several saplings, and the sapling in return completly flattens a Squig. A prodder gets hit with 2 simultaneous crits, both take him OOA.

Round 5
The Squigs stun a sapling. The Orc Boss OOAs that sapling. The Dwarves miss again. The trees dont even try to climb the hill the dwarves are on and change direction heading towards the orcs.

Round 6
Knock a Bigun OOAs a sapling. A Sapling stuns the Orc Boss. The dwarves fail a route check which they have been passing for several rounds. The orcs choose not to continue fighting the Trees since the Giant Oak and all the Saplings are now focused on them.

Scenario improvement discussion
. The players felt the trees were a bit tough, however I note that no one actually died, and they did mange to take out 2 of the trees. Everyone felt however with some improvements to the warbands the trees could be beaten. Suggestions were made that they be more susceptable to axes or have lower toughness. I think the axes is a good idea, along with the existing torch rule. We also need to be careful the trees arnt supposed to attack until someone is within 8in of them. Though the Dwarves did shoot at them immediatly so maybe that counts.

[06-Aug-2009] I have started putting up the Scenarios we will use for the game.

Reseting the Campaign
[05-Aug-2009] I should have posted this a while ago. The Big Campaign is being reset. Im running it now not Ron (Ive got more time). Game will be on Fridays same week as Seventh Sea LARP. We will start Aug 14. I am putting up a lot of information under the campaign pages. Particularly read the Campaign Rules and House Rules. These are still works in progress but shouldnt change too much. Id like to have everyones warband by Sunday (Aug 9) so I can put them on the right sheets and have time to correct problems.

Terrain updates. Im slowly pouring the water on the river segments, and by slowly I mean 1 pour every 3 or four days. Its just lazyness. Im not building anything else right now. Working too much on campaign paperwork and painting.

Miniature updates. Former Guardsmen, Mordheimer Fanatics, Norse Explorer warbands are all built and primed. Ghouls I painted last night need to seal them. Still painting the Bretonnians though 4 are done enough for play. Won a good auction on ebay ($17) for a sealed box of mordeim witch hunters so Ill probably add them as an NPC band after they get here.

1st five turns report
[19-Jul-2009] We played 5 campaign turns last night with 4 battles (see below). After 5 turns the stats are as follows.
WarbandCampaign PointsWarband RatingWinsLosses
Shawn's Skaven2815420
Kris's Sisters1813611
Harry's Undead2014400
Ron's Dark Elves1411801

The Skaven have been very lucky, good Scenarios (Defend the Wizards Mansion), and lots of loot. They have also cut off some of the Sisters occupied areas depriving them of points. The Undead have also done well. While they havnt had a battle they looted the Library. Ther Dark Elves are apparently on the other side of the river from the other warbands and isolated right now. We are playing blind so no on knows where they are on the map. The Skaven and Sisters ran into each other accidently, and have since gone different directions. We ruined the color map because dray erase markers wont erase off the lamination Target used. I'm going to try and figure something else out. I am keeping track of all the warband bookkeeping on the laptop between battles and trying to take a few notes on the battles. I will provide new printouts of warband rosters for each game, as well as campaign history and blank campaign forms. The warbands we are using can be downloaded here. I will update them after each session.

NPC Bands
I have provided minis and stats for 2 bands the Pirate crew and a Tomb Guardian band. Rons has provided his Dwarf Treasure hunters (minis, he has the stats). I currently dont have roster sheets for the random Sisters and I think they used Kris's models. We are going to do something about tracking them.

Mordheim Big Campaign Battle Report
[19-Jul-2009] We started the big campaign. Others can join as needed. Most turns went without battles so Im only recording the fighting here.

1st battle: Shawns Skaven vs Random Dwarves
Scenario: Chance Encounter
Ron plays the Dwarves. The Dwarves setup in the Ruined Tower. Skaven behind a building. For 2 turns the Skaven cautiously moved closer under cover a few shots from the Dwarves missing. The Dwarves dont move. On turn 3 the Dwarf Noble charges a rat and fails. A few more shots from the Dwarves fail. 2 rats, a Clubber and the Black Skaven Raghead attack the Noble. Raghead OOAs him. On turn 4 the dwarves shoot a clubber into stun. A Slayer charges a rat, fails and on the return stroke the rat rolls 3 6s in a row OOAing the Slayer. 3 rats and a Clubber jump the remaining Slayer on the ground but fail. The Dwarves route autoamtically without a test (See House rules).

2nd battle: Kriss Sisters of Sigmar vs The Pirate Crew of Allahs Cutlass
Scenario: Wyrdstone Hunt.
Harry plays the pirates. The Pirates setup with a Swivel Gunner up high. The Sisters with their Elf Ranger on a second floor behind cover but also with a few of the center fountain area. The swivel gunner shoots at the Elf Ranger and misses. The Elf Ranger returns fire and downs the swivel gunner. He falls and is stunned. One of Tooties homies (The Sisters Henchmen) grab a Wyrdstone. Turn 2: A Cabin boy gets a wyrdstone. 4 of the Crew crossbow the Elf Ranger OOA. Tooties Homies grab the 3rd Wyrdstone. The Sisters slowly advance hiding behind the standing stones. The Pirate crew stays back and tries shooting at them when the can. On turn 6 the sisters start climbing, one falls. The Pirates finally move forward hiding also. Turn 7: A Random encounter happens plague carrying ogres enter from the same edge the Sisters entered. Turn 8 the sisters and Pirates meeting the middle around the fountain and start scrapping. Two Tooties Homies go down and drop their wyrdstones. A Mate is stunned. One of the sisters fires a sling bullet knocks down the swivel gunner, the richochets to stun a crew member the richochets again and OOAs a another crew member. Turn 10 A Sister OOAs the pirate captain. The Matricarch OOAs a Crew. A Cabin boy is stunned. The remaining Mate stuns a Sister Superior. The Auger OOAs the last cabin boy. On turn 11 the Sisters pass their route test and stun the swivel gunner, the Pirates route on their turn.

Several Campaign turns pass with no action. Finally Kriss Sisters try and move into the Wizards Mansion held by Shawns Skaven.

Battle 3 Shawns Skaven vs Kriss Sisters
Scenario: Wizards Mansion
The Skaven setup with 17 warriors on the Ruined Tower. Spearmen and Rats down low Heroes and other up high with good views. The Sisters try to advance in a mass, hiding behind the minimal terrain but there is really no hope. All action is by slings. Black Skaven Twisty OOAs a Sister in the front. The Sisters stun a rat. A clubber stuns a Sister with a richochet and Knocks down another. Further clubbers OOA the stuned sister. The Sisters voluntarily route start of turn 3. They have not even entered the tile with the Tower.

Battle 4: Rons Dark Elves vs Random Sisters of Sigmar
I didnt pay much attention. It was a slaughter. The Sisters sling on the first open guy they see with 4 hits -> 2 wounds -> stunned. The Sisters dont move and drop 3 corsairs. The Elves approach slowly trying to cast Doom bolt unsuccessfully. The Sisters OOA the Sorceress. The Elves voluntarily route

House Rules
NPC warbands will voluntarily route whenever they can. This is to prevent a player from using the NPCs to kill other players bands.

[15-Jul-2009] I have updated the Warband Creator to support the campaign we will be running. Made the XP chart clearer and with numbers. Armor and Pit Fighter Styles must go in the blue box now for proper calculations, if it does all the armor/shield combinations should show up with the right price and armor saves. Also finished updating all the Unoffical Warbands, added support for Hired Swords and Dramatis Personae (with the ones from the main book entered). Seperate the Reference Tables into many pages, it was getting to hard to find the right place to add new stuff. Im sure there are a few other changes, mostly bug fixes.

More Finished Terrain
[13-Jul-2009] I slowed down last week because of the tile install and then going to Dallas Thursday and Friday so I only finished 2 pieces. The first one is a Hirst Arts Ruined Tower that looks more like a Temple. Its spray painted with textured paint. This stuff goes on too thick if your too close using it and had to wipe it of and start over once. There are a few wooden support beams because the structure kept falling over from lack of support.

The second is another slum area. This time 2 Hirst cobble stone house fondations, one ok one ruined. The non-ruined one has a removable foam second story that is spackled for white texture. Between the two is a small campfire and table with human bones. A well fills out the tile.

Im now working on dual tiles with the river Stir flowing through them and bridges, as well as painting a lot of minis. The first dual tile is a footbridge. I used the regular blocks, the fieldstone wall, and the flag stone floor tile molds to design my own bridge. Also one the tile is the Bell Tower from the Hirst projects, ruined for Mordheim, and a gallows that is really just fieldstone outside and a filled plaster interior. More will be added Im going to tile most the surface, add water, perhaps a landing down to the water, and other block buildings.

More molds came in so I have a lot of options for Hirst block stuff but Ive got to find a new way to cast and not get plaster everywhere, including in my head its killing my sinus. I also need a source for harder plaster that wont change more than the plaster to ship.

Big Mordheim Campaign Info
[13-Jul-2009] Ron, Kris and I talked this over this weekend. We should start the big campaign the weekend of the 25th. We want Harry to get in at least one more game before we start this weekend. Ron is going to run the campaign itself, the main map and encounters. Im going to do bookkeeping on the warbands so I need to make more changes to the Warband spreadsheet to accommodate Campaign points, Hired Swords, and Dramatis Personae. All the offical and unoffical warbands will be allowed, experimental warbands are reserved for NPCs. We talked about any changes to the warbands or house rules and decided to leave things alone for now.

I will restart my Skaven band. Looks like Ron will play Dark Elves, and Kris will play Sisters. Ill be painting a Tomb Guardian band and a Pirate Crew band this week if any one wants to use them, otherwise they will be available as NPCs.

A large mordheim game
[06-Jul-2009] Ron and Kris played Dwarves (Ron started over) vs Beastmen. I played with Gibson so I hae no idea what happened.

Riley and I played a game Orcs vs Skaven. wydstone hunt with only 2 pieces. Riley went first. His first guy decides to fight another orc, 2nd one insults someone. He got extra movement and got one of wryd stone immediatly. I move and get under the building for the other one but its 3 levels up.Rats charge the squigs ineffectually. Squigs stun a clubber. The Skaven shaman fails to climb to the wyrdstone. Orcs shoot Murz ineffectually and resolve charges on rats missing them all. They also missed the downed clubber. Round 3 3 heroes and stickers all sling at an orc twice and OOA him. They also take out a squig. Orcs remove a rat. Skaven lose the assassin and a sticker and rout. The Assassin ends up with broken arm and is out the next game.

We decided to play a large 4 player game. Dwarves vs Skaven vs Orcs vs Beastmen with random events. The scenario was bandits in a church who fire at the closest warband each turn.

Round 1
Dwarfs take position in the runied temple. Skaven in a house to their left, Orcs on the ground further left and Beastmen on the ground on the fourth side. The Dwarves start by shooting across the board at Skaven through windows and miss because of distance and cover. They also shoot at the Gors but they are closer so one OOAs.
Skaven move for cover, giant rats move forward.
Orcs dont have any animosity problems. They move into the center park in mass.
Beastmen have a random happening. A giant spider comes in on the Dwarf side and makes a line for the orc side. Represented by the Blue Thing Ron finds. The beastmen rush the dwarfs.

Round 2
Beastmen is knocked down by Dwarf fire.
Skaven move in 2 groups rats towards the middle, stickers and heroes to the right. Shaman and clubbers hold the 2 story building they started in moving out of the line of dwarf fire.
Orcs continue to advance on the church in the center.
2 dogs and a Centigor charge a dwarf thunderer on the 2nd floor of the temple. They are balanced precariously. No hits. The thunderer stabs back w a dagger and misses. Church shoots at the rats and orcs. OOAs a Big Un.

Round 3
Dwarves miss shots on gors and an across board shot on goblin prodder. Centigor stuns the thunderer who falls.
Skaven rats head for spider
Goblin prodder goes mideval on an other goblin. Orcs enter the church and continue left and centerwards.
Dogs and centigor charge another thunderer and stun him. Gors charge a slayer on ground. Slayer crits a gor OOA. The Spider eats a giant rat. Church OOAs an orc inside church
centigor OOAs the stuned thunderer

Round 4
Skaven rats pull the spider towards the orcs. Spider eats another rat. The Skaven in the house climb down and the rest of the band move towards the park.
The Goblin prodder attacks another goblin and one orc gets extra movement. Church misses orcs inside.
Beastmen charge a dwarf in a door and stuns him. A dog jumps through two windows trying to get a dwarf and falls between the buildings. OOA. Dogs cant fly. 2nd dog makes it, maybe they can. Most beastmen turn to get the orcs that went through the church The Spider knocks down a rat but doesnt kill it.

Round 5 Engineer is stuned by a dog. Dwarf noble and other dwarf charge beastigor. Orcs like it from behind Spider eats the downed rat.

Round 6
Orc boss charges the beastman boss and lots of other charges orcs vs beastmen outside the church. Orc boss is knocked down. Big un OOA.
Beastmen pass a route check. Shaman teleports next to the goblin in charge of the squigs. Dog OOAs the engineer. A dwarf is OOAed and one knocked down. In the grand melee beastmen OOAed 2 orcs and the orc shaman. All orc heroes are out now. The beatmen shaman stuns the goblin controlling the squigs. Spider eats a 4th rat.

Round 7
Dwarves pass route check. Centigor stuns a dwarf
Skaven fail route test
Orcs fail route test
Bestmen fail route test

Dwarves win. get 93 gp from the church bandits however their Engineer and another hero died.

Skaven lose 1 rat and their shaman is out 1 game, he drank the tainted water fro mthe well.

Orc shaman loses out on next 2 games. A Big un got sold to pits, he will fight the combat next time.

Pictures of the battle.

Warband Creator 4.0
[01-Jul-2009] I updated the warband creator last night to do somethings to help keep track of experience and growth of a warband. Boxes now track scenarios survived, warriors taken out of action by heroes and a misc XP box that all tie into the warriors total XP. Several new pages were added. One allows Henchmen Heroes (as a result of that Lads got Talent), A second tracks items collected by the warband either bought, found, sold or just removed from warriors and currently extra inventory. A third page is a log of games played by the warband to track shards and gold found, shards sold, costs and notable events. All 3 pages tie together with the existing pages to track the warbands current gold, XP and warband rating.

I am not working on terrain this week since my kitchen is being tiled and the appliances are in the are I normally work in with the terrain tools stacked on the table I normally paint on.

All weather does not carry 1in blue foam board. I found this out after I arrived the girl on the pone thought I was talking about the big bubble styrofoam. They have a very limited (2 left) supply of pink 2in foam board.

Games Week 2
[29-Jun-2009] They told me this at the last minute so i forgot to take the MARP, and the power went off just as Kris and I finished the first game so the second one was played in the dark by candle and flashlight.

Game 1: Skaven vs Beastmen
Kris decided to play Beastmen. I got hosed on the scenario: Scenario 9 Surprise attack. My Skaven started scattered all over the board, and over half of them not even on it. Luckily Kris cant roll dice so nothing much happened. Kris forgot to move his Centigor and warhound the first round while i tried to consolidate my forces. His Centigor and warhound charged a clubber knocking downing the Centigor on round two. Our leaders got into an ineffectual fight with each other after my Assassin Adept dove off a building onto his Chief. I still didnt have my forces together but luckily all my off board guys kept entering on the same edge, away from his forces. A large battle happened across the board from the still not much happening clubbers vs Centigor and warhound between my Stickers, Shaman and a Black Skaven vs several of his henchmen. Kris ended up taking out a rat (died), a couple of stickers and a clubbers so I voluntarily routed. Found enough to to rebuild, and buy more rats.

Game 2: Undead vs Sisters
Harry is playing undead. I missed most this game since Kris and I went to go get food. They two of them both went right for the middle of the board with everything tightly packed and slugged it out. It looked like a football match, even more so since Harrys undead are proxied blood bowl undead right now. Ron routed when he got the chance.

Found a local source for 1in and 2in foam board. Allweather Insulation carries it 391-4555. They are right around the corner from Ron's house but only open normal hours weekdays.

Kris's nephew Justin is going to play but we dont know what yet. Next game is Friday about 7pm at Rons house.

Finished Terrain
[25-Jun-2009] Im making an effort this week to finish the pieces of terrain that I started before starting any more. So far:

The Menhir

The Hirst Tower
Ive also finished building and priming the ruined tower. Added the water to the Fountain and one of the slums. I mixed some green food coloring in with the woodland scenics water material for a good mordheim sick green color water. A little leaked on the fountain, Ill clean it up tonight and finish some touch up paint, weeds and permanently fix the fallen statue.

Photos of 1st Game
[22-Jun-2009] Put up the few photos of the 1st Game with its incomplete terrain, Orcs proxied as Skaven, and unpainted Sisters. Also an image of the Small Church terrain Im building. Working on a Mordheim Action Report Form (MARF). not sure if I want to submit it into a database on just a static page to print yet. Probably going to be a database for archive reasons.

Short Campaign: 1st Night
[20-Jun-2009] I brought several pieces of terrain mostly unfinished, a Wizards Tower, a menhir, a wrecked fountain and 2 broken house blocks. Ron based the Mordheim Blood of the Streets terrain on 1ft foam board with roads drawn in. We ended up with a 3 x 4 board.

Game 1: Sisters vs Skaven
We played the Occupy Scenario. Ron went first and sent most the forces to the East side of the board. I broke the Skaven up into 3 units, East, Center and West. Ron took out one Black Skaven (Zulrat), and a Beater. I took out 4 of Ron's henchmen before he voluntarily routed. Zulrat died afterwards but one of the Beaters got That lads go talent to replace it. Ron lost 3 of the henchmen. I found 4 shards and a Fletcher (2 Shortbows), Ron 5 shards and a Market Hall. Ron replaces some of the Sisters.

Game 2 Sisters vs Proxied Orcs Riley made and Orcs and Goblins band and proxied it with my Skaven till he has time to build his models. Played Rons Sisters with some replacements. The Orcs lost the Orc Boss and a Squig on round 2, Sisters lost a Sister. Then the orcs started in on each other, one getting stunned. Down another Squig. More close combat. Round 5 a Sister Superior was OOA by a Big Un. The Sisters use the Holy Relic to pass the rout test without a roll. The Orcs lost the Shaman, Goblin an Orc Boy and a Big Un. Orcs voluntarily routed with 2 Goblins a Big Un and an Orc boy left.

After action :
Squig, Goblin, Big un died. Shaman got multiple injuries Immune to Fear. The Orc boss got a Hand Injury. Orcs found 1 shard (35gp). A Sister Superior died, Sisters found 4 Shards and the Armorer w 2 helmets. Several Sisters leveled: Matriarch new skills, Auger new skill, Sister Sup new skill, Sister Sup WS+1, Henchmen WS+1. Henchmen were bought back by the Sisters.

Harry plans on making either Undead or Possessed.

Corrections to Warband Creator
[16-Jun-2009] Made some corrections to the War Band Creator based on items that were incorrect. Fixed the War Band Rating calculation for large creatures. Added a calculation for Armor Save. The armor save calculation is correct based on the main book but not later obvious interpretation. Its fine with just armor or a shield. However if the unit has both it does not drop the armor save by 1 for the shield. Im not sure how to fix the formula.

A play date set.
[16-Jun-2009] We will get everyone together to start Mordheim this Saturday, 6/20 at 6pm at Ron's house. Bring food for the grill. You dont have to create anything before hand, we will have several bands put together to play with and let everyone see the rules.

Ron and I talked about building modular terrain tiles. Ive added some notes on building tiles.

My dice tower/apartment access to it is done. It violates the above proposed rules. I am working on a fountain/public square next.

The best site for the game is down. The forums seem to suggest that it happens sometimes and might come back. Meanwhile I found an active Mordheim forum Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum

1st Game
[14-Jun-2009] Ron and I played a game today. My Skaven vs his Ron's Witch Hunters. I killed several of his war dogs, he got one of my Night Runners, my Sorcerer (who was useless the whole game, being shot first round), and 2 of the Stickers. I lost on a route test failure.

We need more terrain. It should be built on 1ft squares so it can be placed easily. Roads should be 6in for wide roads, 3 for narrow and enter/exit at the center of the tile if it does that.

Next week are going to try and get more people together and start a short campaign where each person plays every other person once. Then possibly one large game.

House Rules Any part of a visible mini including weapons and standards counts as visible for shooting.

Dice Tower and Wyrdstone
[12-Jun-2009] I've spent most the week making a dice tower for the Mordeim game. Its a tower that can be used as terrain and that dice can be dropped through for rolling and spit out the bottom in a contained fashion. The actual tower is done, now I just have to add buildings around it to make it so minis can get to the top. I have plans for a 5 story building on one side with a ladder from the roof to the tower.

Also painted some Wyrdstones

Also finished my Skaven Warband but I need much better pictures before I post them.

Mordheim Warband Creator
[10-Jun-2009] I have massively updated the Mordheim Roster. The new version includes all the Official and Unofficial Warbands. It auto populates the leader of the warband, and only allows the selection of the proper Heroes and Henchmen. For the Official warbands it also restricts weapon selection to the proper weapons and armor. It doesnt do that for the Unoffical warbands however, too much data entry and I havent gotten to it.

Other features include a selection to restrict the form to only the base book, Official, Unoffical or Experimental Warbands (on Reference page), some basic instructions on adding warbands, proper display of the units Special rules, cost calculation for units, items and mutations and Warband Rating calculation (incorrect if there is a Large size unit). It would be really great if someone would QA this since there is a lot of data and Im sure I made a mistake somewhere.

Mordheim Starting Info
[08-Jun-2009] Please let me, Kris or Ron know if you want to play. We will be doing this either Friday or Sat nights.

We are going to run a 5 game short campaign so that everyone gets familiar with the rules before running a longer campaign. Everyone will be allowed to switch warbands after the 5 game campaign. For the 5 game campaign only the warbands in the Mordheim Rulebook from the Mordeim Resources will be allowed. Those are

  • Marinburgers: Human mercs, start with extra money.
  • Middenheimers: Human mercs, stronger than others
  • Reiklanders: Human mercs, better marksmen
  • Skaven: Rat people
  • Witch Hunters: dedicated to the eradication of heretics, be they warlocks, witches, sorcerers, fortune-tellers, necromancers, worshippers of dark gods, deviants, mutants, blasphemers, sinners, mutterers of profanities, servants of Daemons, pornographers, or composers of corrupting music
  • Sisters of Sigmar: female warrior nuns.
  • The Cult of the Possesed: Demon possesed people, mutants and Beastmen.
  • Undead: Skeletons, zombies, vampires.

I am playing Skaven already and have my band put together and painted. Ron has a Skaven band also that someone else may play. At my house is all of Kris's Fantasy warhammer stuff. There is clearly enough to make the Human warbands (the first 3 listed, at least 2 more Skaven bands, and parts of Cult, Sister and Witch Hunter bands. The units come in pieces and must be assembled. I have everything needed (xacto, zap a gap) but it takes a while to go through the sprues and fire out what you want then assemble it. I also have primer and paints. I may be willing to paint warbands but my color selection is limited.

Also at my house are Kris's 2 2x4ft play boards. The are a gray rough surface. We have 2 set of card buildings that need assembled there, Ron has more. I am also building foam terrain. Pictures to come.

Additional links.

  • The Mordheimer's Information Centre: This is the best site. You should probably read the articles on How to Play, Creating Warbands and if available the Tactics Articles for your warband.
  • Mordheim Strategy Guide: Less comprehensive but has examples of created warbands.
  • Svenn and Tewfik's Mordheim Table A Mordheim blog.
  • A Roster Sheet that when filled out will do the math for calculating the warband and print out very nicely. I have modified this from the original so its better and have future plans to have it look up all the items instead of having to enter them. Only change cells in green.

Starting to play Mordheim
[03-Jun-2009] Kris and Ron say we are going to play Mordheim. Doubtful but I am doing my part. Read the basic rules, looks like its 3rd/4th Ed. D&D without the pesky roleplaying. Basically 2 small groups of miniatures face off in some ruins. Loser is routed before they die. Read up on recommended warbands and made 3 samples. Will have to see what models Kris has available.

Found a nice excel sheet to record warbands and modified it to do some of the math.