Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf

Notes on family.
    Werewolves (All Silver Fangs):
  • Pavel "Pasha" Maximovich Volkoff (Shawn's character)
  • Anna Sergeyevna Usov, GGGGM. Died in the Revolution.
  • Count Yuri Alexovich Volkoff, GGF. Fought in the revolution. Emigrated to NYC. Both Maxim and Uncle Stopya kew him. There are family stories about him as a werewolf fighting in the revolution.
  • Count Gegori Alexovich Volkoff, GGGGF. GF of Yuri.
  • Valerian Feodorvich Romanoff, 5th cousin, Russian Mafia in NYC.
    Tallahasse Residents
  • Stepen "Stopya" Volkoff and 2nd family. He doesnt really talk to Aunt Tanya (still in Miami) anymore. He's had 2 kids (Brain and Catherine) with Alice, a petite red haired college girl he met here. He has no intention of divorcing Tanya, who knows about the kids and Alice. Uncle Stopya is Russian Mafia. He runs a legitimate limo buisness in town also (Volkoff's Limos)
  • Susana Tsertlev. 17 skipped a year of school. Going to FSU. Model hot. Roommates with Pasha. Got a job doing bikini beer modeling.
    Pasha's kinfolk
  • Dad (Maxim). Lives in Miami. Russian mafia.
  • Uncle Stopya. See above.
  • Cousin Susana. See above.
  • Count Yuri Alexovich Volkoff. Russia to NYC.
  • Volodya Alexandrovich Tsertlev. Russian to Finland.
  • Vladimir Alexandrovich Tsertlev. Finland to NYC.
  • Ksenia Fomova Galytzina. Russia to NYC (as young child)

    Dads family
  • Grant Aunt Nactya
  • Grandmother Marusya
  • Uncle Stopya and families:
    • Aunt Tanya
    • "Uncle" Yasa (her brother). Mob ties
    • Cousin Stenka
    • Aunt Alice
    • Cousin Masha
    • Cousin Katya
    Mom's family
  • Uncle Sasha
  • Uncle Andryoushka and Aunt Alla
  • Cousin Susana
  • Vladimir and Helen Tsertlev (Grandparents) died in a car accident in 2002.
  • Roman and Boris, bouncers for club Sanguine
  • Mihail and Oleg, didnt get jobs as bouncers