Ley Lines

This is a discussion of Ley Lines for a role playing game, nothing here should be taken as real or even not just made up.

A discussion of Ley Lines is generally more of a discussion of the confluence points of those lines or nodes. contrary to popular belief that they are straight the lines themselves twist and move all the time, like lines of force. On a grand scale they seem to run across the world from point to point but more locally their location can deviate by several miles in all 3 dimensions. Sometimes they are on the surface, other times miles beneath the earth and at others miles up. They tend to vanish entirely over bodies of water, but those which do tend to be stronger at either shore end almost as if the energy which should be over the water were packed into the over land part of the line. Only at the nodes do the lines become more stable, and because of the overlapping of lines at those places strong enough to use as a source of power. Many places that are thought of as Ley Line confluences are not a single point but a close grouping of interconnected nodes that seem to function as a single node to nodes outside the immediate area. There are places on earth which seem to have not Ley Line energy even if a line should cross them. Meteor impact craters in particular are devoid of energy (with one exception see the Serpent Mound).

All Ley Lines are associated with one of the traditional elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. The Spirit lines seem be religion-specific, though more than one religion may share a site (Jerusalem, Mt. Kailish). Lines between two Nodes of the same type tend to focus on that type of energy.

Below I will list the strongest nodes/complexes of nodes on earth. While this is not a complete list of nodes they are the only ones which seem to generate world spanning Ley Lines rather than local and regional lines. Many of these places are inaccessible for rituals due to the environment (active volcanoes, underwater), remoteness, hostile natives (Red Court Vampires) or excessive tourism. Longitude and Latitude are approximate to major features at the site and may not correspond to the focus of energy at any given moment. You must use the Sight to actually find the center of the energy at any given place.

Of more immediate use to any Wizard would be the mapping out of local Ley lines and nodes in his area. As many lines do not extend more than a few miles that is left as an exercise for the reader. I will provide an example of a local network in the Tallahassee, Fl region which provided a former apprentice with many months of practical Sight exercise in mapping out.

The information below has been compiled from a number of sources:

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Axis Mundi

The points around which the world revolves. These are the most important nodes and everything seems to radiate from them. They are often the center point of world religions.

Connecting them is the Great Ley Line extending from Mt. Fuji to Australia back to Asia, it splits at Jerusalem one branch going to Africa the other to Europe, Across the Atlantic and then down into South America.

Major Nodes

  • Angkor Wat, Buddhist/Hindu Spirit Node The first Hindu then Buddhist temple complex in Cambodia. A Buddhist/Hindu Spirit Line connects to Mt. Kailish.
  • Brandberg Mountain Earth Node. Located near the Atlantic coast on Namibia. It is a San spiritual site.
  • Buscheich. Fire Node. Located on a unremarkable forest covered hill north of the small village of Buscheich, Germany is a spot directly above the Eifel Mantle plume and heavily charged with fire energy. Access is relatively easy but monitored by the Wardens as there is concern that someone could start a volcano here easily.
  • Cave Temple of Dambulla, Buddhist Spirit Node Near the center of Sri Lanka an extensive cave complex has been converted into a number of Buddhist Temples.
  • Wizard Island, Crater Lake Water Node. The aptly named Wizard island is located inside Crater Lake Oregon. Boat tours allow access to the island in summer but may get off only in the morning, overnight stays are not permitted. Trails lead to the crater from the dock. The Lake has long been used by Native Americans for vision quests.
  • Deception Island Air Node an island off Antarctica used for research since the island forms almost a complete circle around the harbor making it one of the safest harbors on the continent. In reality a volcanic caldera flooded by the sea glaciers cover most of the caldera rim. Mt. Pond, exposed to the Antarctic winds as the highest point is the place to perform any magic associated with the Ley Lines.
  • Easter Island Fire Node, Located a the SW end of the island the crater of Rano Kau sits on the sea is being slowing being broken into by the ocean. The crater is a mile across and has a separate climate from the rest of the island, a lake fills part of it. The ceremonial village of Orongo is on the crater lip where it meets the sea in a 750' cliff. Minor lines connect all the Maoi to this site, including the one in the British Museum. A Road leads to the village from the airport and it is a popular tourist destination.
  • Fernandina Island, Galapagos Fire Node. Located at a triple plate junction (Pacific, Cocos and Nazca plates). very close to the equator. Also known as Narborogh Island it is the youngest of the islands and the volcano is active. The island is mostly barren, access by private boat only. The rest of the Galapagos are filled with fire nodes and forms an interesting complex.
  • Chaco Canyon Earth Node. The Great Kiva is the most powerful spot in this one time ceremonial temple city. Petroglyphs and astronomically aligned buildings about though many of the buildings have been buried to preserve them. Access is by 20mi dirt roads and there are no plans to upgrade so as to dissuade tourists from visiting.
  • Great Pyramid of Giza Air Node. Despite popular culture and the writings of Pyramidiots the ancient Egyptians showed themselves to be phenomenally inept at locating and venerating Nodes of Ley Lines as Wizard Gamal bin Ahmad's 1930s study of the area showed. However they seem to have gotten particularly lucky (or were actually directed by aliens) in one case, the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Kings Chamber at the heart of the pyramid intersects a confluence of Air Lines perfectly. Access is permitted to only 200 people per day.
  • Inukso Point, Baffin Island , Earth Node A small point on the southwestern part of Baffin Island, filled with over 100 inuksuit, a single or cairn of standing stones. This is the northern most major Ley Line node except the North Pole itself. The point is becoming larger as the sea recedes and the inuksuit are slowing seeming to march inland.
  • Kilimanjaro Fire Node One of the tallest freestanding (ie not in a range) mountains in the world and a volcano. It usually takes 6 days to climb the mountain, though exceptional individuals have done it in less than 6 hours.
  • Lake Baikal Water Node. Shaman Rock on Olkhon island has long been used by local Wizards for rituals. The lake itself is the deepest in the world and the surrounding mountains isolate it from, well nothing because of its location in the middle of nowhere, Siberia.
  • Lake Titicaca Water Node. A harsh rocky island long used by the natives it has over 80 ruins on it. Much of the island has been carved into terraces. Power focuses on the southern end at the Rock of the Puma.
  • Lake Vostok Water Node. It has long been known there was a water node here but not why. Radar studies in the 60s showed that a subglacial lake, heated by thermal activity lies 13,000 feet beneath the ice. The Russians are drilling down to it but it has been sealed like this for 500,000 years. Needless to say water samples would be exceptionally pure of modern contaminates.
  • Majlis al Jinn, Oman Earth Node. A massive cave (large enough to just contain the Great Pyramid), access is only by descent by over 300' of rope straight down from the roof of the cave. 4w drive vehicles can reach the surface sinkholes.
  • Mauna Loa Fire Node. The largest volcano on earth, it sits over the Hawaiian Mantle plume. It is active but eruptions are non-explosive. The caldera (Moku'aweoweo) is 3 miles across at its largest and located in a Wilderness area (maintained in pristine condition). 2 trails lead to the area, one from the Park HQ and the ancient 'Ainapo Trail, Saddle Road leads only to the observatories a few miles north. The node seems to be in the process of moving to Kilauea and fluctuates in intensity.
  • Mecca Islamic Spirit Node The point to which all Muslims face when they pray it is a cube shaped building in Mecca containing what appears to be a meteorite fragment set on the Eastern corner. Access to the interior of the building is not permitted and the door is 7ft off the ground. Nearby is the Zamzam Well a water node.
  • Cahokia Mounds Air Node, A large mound complex just outside St. Louis, Mo. This is the center of the great mound network of Ley Lines that stretches across much of the Eastern U.S. Monks mound is the most prominent site.
  • Mt. Tai Taoist Spirit Node, one of the 5 sacred mountains of Taoism.
  • Mt. Dalol, Afar Depression, Ethiopia. Fire Node The site of the highest average temperature on earth (94 degrees) . One of the lowest volcanoes because the land around is below sea level. The crater is only about 90 feet wide. It lies in the middle of a salt pan and there are numerous hot brine springs nearby including near the summit. The area resemble the hot springs area of Yellowstone. The Afar depression is a triple junction, where the Arabian plate meets the splitting African plate (into Nubian and Somalia plates). The area is one of the most remote places on earth, there are no roads access is only by camel.
  • Mt. Emei Buddhist Spirit Node, one of the 4 sacred mountains of Buddhism.
  • Mt. Erebus Fire Node, The southern most volcano on earth, located on the coast of Antarctica.
  • Mt. Etna Fire Node, The largest active volcano in Europe, though geologically (and magically) it is in Africa. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and eruption occur on the flank as well as the summit. A road leads most of the way to the summit.
  • Mt. Tahat, Algeria Fire Node. The highest peak of the Ahaggar mountains in the middle of a rocky part of the Sahara. Access is laughable, attacks by Wild dogs, jackals, and leopards are known to happen in addition to the normal desert hazards. Local lines connect to caves and cliff faces which often have prehistoric rock art. Little else is known about this remote location.
  • Nazca Lines A complex set of local lines that is significant because of the intricacy and surprising figures which the lines form. It is believed that the lines (both on the ground and the Ley Lines) were created as part of an unknown ritual by native wizards as the correspondence of the lines and Ley Lines are astounding. The Ley Line do not connect to Ley Lines outside the area, many do not have nodes, and often figures aren't even connected to each other. The purpose of their creation is unknown but experimentation has suggested shamanistic connections to the figures drawn.
  • Orcale of Siwa Earth Node, Near a remote oasis in the Western Egyptian Desert this site was long known as the second most powerful oracle in the world after Delphi. Alexander once detoured here after conquering Egypt just to confirm his status as a son of Zeus.
  • Caral Air Node Piramide Mayor is the ruins of a pyramid located in the oldest city in the Americas which belonged to the precursor civilization to that of the Incas.
  • Reunion Island Fire Node. Inside the 5 mile wide caldera of the Piton del la Fournaise volcano is a lava shield with 2 smaller craters which are the focus of the energy here. One of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is located over the Reunion mantle plume. A good stairway descends from the crater rim and parking lot to the caldera floor. Trails are marked up the lava shield.
  • Rome Spirit Node Mostly a secular spirit node everything comes together at the Piazza Campidogilo at the peak of the Capitoline hill. Numerous Christian nodes are also present here.
  • Serpent Mound Earth Node A 1330 ft mound shaped like a serpent eating an egg. The focus of energy is in the middle of egg that the serpent is swallowing and only extends along the mound ending at the center of the coiled tail. The mound itself lies in an ancient meteor crater which is devoid of Ley energy like most impact craters. The mound is unique in being a Ley Node and line inside a meteor crater. I believe it was a node before the impact and the only case where a meteor has struck a node directly hence the unusual behavior.
  • Sugarloaf Mountain Air Node the largest two granite morros that loams over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cables cars run o the peak but free climbing is more likely a route for Wizards, despite its hazards.
  • Sulayan Mountain Islamic Spirit Node A sacred mountain and pilgrimage site.
  • Yellowstone Complex Fire Node Mostly fire nodes, with water and earth nodes. The Yellowtone node isn't a single location but a complex series of interconnected nodes touching all the major geologic features in Yellowstone National Park. The nodes and lines are constantly changing. It is very hard to determine which or how many lines cross any particular node making magic wild and uncontrollable. Some research shows that geysers eruptions alter the flow of the Ley lines so timing is important. Use of any of the lines has been known to trigger earthquakes and geyser eruptions. Use is not recommended, for more information contact Wizard Drake who is researching the area. Access varies some spots are right on the roads, other in inaccessible mountain areas, most all sites are inaccessible in winter. Use is not recommended.
  • Ziteil Pilgrimage Air Node A confluence high i the Alps. The highest pilgrimage in Europe.

    The Bermuda Triangle
    There is an area formed by 3 points, Coral Castle, Bowditch Seamount and El Mooro Castle that seems to intercept any Ley Lines that cross it and redirect them to one of the corners.

    Tallahassee Ley Lines