4th Session Notes 4th Session Notes 4th Session Notes
Present At the Graveyard
Abunal and Mariel are at the graveyard watching they see a grave dug with backhow during the late evening. It is for Mordici Sutherland. The go to the funeral home (Brown Family Funeral Home) a service is in progress for Erwin Walters. Talking to the proprieter he does not know when the services will be held, or in which of 3 funeral homes it will be in.

He tells them Mordeci was killed by a black man. Since there is a small black population the murderer should be rounded up quickly. The police have a good description of the killer.

At the Tether At the tether Vekar arrives from above. He is here till the job is done. He has been briefed. Ariel tells him about Mordici being in the lake and that Zaciriel and Ashton are at the Sutherland house. Ariel is there doing penence. Vekar wants to know what he can do.

Well what can you do?, Ariel.

They set out for the Sutherland Mansion once Vekar determines that Zarirel is in charge.

At the Mansion

They arrive at the mansion as Aston and Zac go back inside.

The doors are closed and Ashtons axe bounces off. Zac tries to project through, but fails and his senses are messed up afterwards. Ashton climbs the colunms. His axe bounces off even from the roof.

Zac describes the house.

There is a click. We try the door. It opens. Ashton and Ariel go to the kitchen. It is different now. Only one door upstairs now. It is unlocked and opens. Lots of books. Ashton and Ariel come up stairs. Looks like the science part of the library. The down stairs was differnt the house is reversed. We hear a click. The door closes and is no longer there. The books are M.I.T. books. Ashton opens the other door. There are people we pull him back.

Ariel picks up a book that is strange. She hands it to Zac. "further reflections in fusable matter" by Tesla. It has no library card.

Zac sends Ariel out

Graveyard 3 days later and no word from Zac and the others. The head for the Super 8. The room has police tape on it. There are no police cars. They head for the teather. Lionel tells them that the others killed one of the Sutherlands and put him in a lake then headed for the Sutherland house. Zac went there 2 days ago, Ashton a day and a half ago, after covering himself in mud. The Ariel and Vikar (someone new) went yesterday. They arn't at the house now. Lionel flew over there as a bird and watched them go in but they never came out.

At the Mansion

They see a broken window. Donald is still in the lawn. Zacs cut robe is still there too. Door is closed. Miriel throws a hose on a reel through a bottom window. They enter the dining room. Miriel picks up the china set and takes it to throw later. There are muddy footprints. They go into the foyer, the footsteps go up and the come back down and go outside.

They look around. The music room has been rifled. There is an open locket on the floor. The kitchen, has a bloody butcher block and knife. Miriel takes more suvaniers. The bones are June Sutherlands. They find June. Miriel takes June's head. nd ties it to his belt.

Upstairs, All doors are open but one. Moneal is watching you is still written on the wall of the room with the broken window. The dead skin woman is still here.

In the attic they look at the undusty boxes, they are financial records for the meat packing plant. They go back to the tether.


To Ariel it seems like Mit. She comes back and Zac sends her back out with instructions to ask, and make sure they are telling the truth. She goes back out.

Can you remind me whaty city I'm in?
Is this some kind of joke?
Just humor me.
Thats not really the truth, we are in Cambridge but she thinks its Boston.

She returns and Zac goes directly to heaven on hearing they are really in Boston. The other 3 talk for a while about what to do. No one knows where there is a tether in Boston. Vik suggests Why don't we just go kill some bad people and take their ride? Miriel ascends. A shadow passes the glass. They go out into the library and go to find a church.

In Heaven

Zac reports the Alemon is definatly involved. Ashton killed Mordeici, there was no disturbance. Nashur does not think Alemon possesed Donald. Reports on Dominics solider.

Ashton goes to see his sgt. Michael still can not meet with him, it could be a few weeks.

Zac and Ashton return to earth via the tether.

At a church Ariel and Vik relize it was Miriel that said you could find a teather at a church and are confused. They ascend to heaven.

In Heaven
Ariel and Vik met as Ashton and Miriel go down the teather.

At the tether

Everyone is togeather. Miriel and Abunal say they just came from the mansion. Zac warns Lionel that Alemon may know where the teather is now. 4 Asians now arrive and take up position. Zac offers his Malikim but Lionel thinks its taken care of. Stories are exchanged. We walk to the mansion. Miriel and Vik go to get Mordieci's car. Ashton runs ahead.

Meat packing plant
There is no car in M.'s reserved spot. They try the keys on other cars. Miriel assaults someone with Junes head and steals a car when the guy runs off. They arrive at the mansion as Ashton causes a commotion.

5 cars are here. Ashton waits for Ariel and Zac. Donald is still in the yard. A woman walks out picks Donald up with one hand and takes him inside. Ashton is sent with orders to get them all out of the house. He throws a rock through the window. Killed your brother now I'm here for the rest, come out and line up. The back door opens, the woman walks out. He asks if she is Anne. I'm the guy who chopped up Mordeci, he refused to repent his sins, I'm sure you'll repent yours. She invites hime inside to see what she is doing with Donald. Ashton chit chats with her. He asks if he can have the car. Ruth: If we give you the car will you just go away? Ashton: Sure. Her greatest sin is she lies. Her greatest virtue, in her public affairs she is scrupulouisly honest.

Ashton comes back and reports that she is not so bad. So he couldn't kill her, maybe he could go back and beat her up. Does Zac have more instructions? Miriel and Vik arrive. Ashton goes to take the car. The woman waves from the window. Miriel drives the volvo through the front door. The woman wistels a tune and the car stops about 5ft from the house it hit an invisible wall.

The three Malakim approach the house. The woman says they broke the deal. They lied.

R: 3 Malakim this will never do you should go now.

A: Did you cast that shield earlier? Did you send me to Boston. This will only last so long I have all the time in the world.

Ashton attacks the shield. The head of his axe starts to crack.

  • Something happend
  • Something big happened
  • This is a tether and the senesal just appeared with help.
  • Ashton: we are on a teather! Zac hears this and knows this is the Teather of Family Shame. He ascends to heaven.
  • More demons arrive at the teather.