3rd Session Notes 3rd Session Notes 3rd Session Notes
Present Today is Sept 16. We are in room 2B at the Super8.

Aston is sent back from chasing rabbits by Lionel to the tether.
At the tether is a new guy talking to a tree.
Aston arrives at the tether. He is 4ft, black, wearing trenchcoat draging on the ground because it to too long. Ashton tells Lionel to to trick him with that talking rabbit stuff. He talks to Frank about cars.

Ariel and Zac arrive at the tether.

Ariel is 30ish average size. Zac is an old man, white unkept hair.

Frank says he needs to eat (Unusual). Zac suggests Rothstiens. Frank lights up a cigerrete also unusual. We ride to town, to Rothsteins.

Marv is working. He has a new york accent. Frank orders Roast beef on rye, w provalone, no chips. Coffee. Frank makes small talk with Marv. Marv has a brother Ira, both are married w kids, kids have left town. Marv moved here to help Ira and get away from the city.

One of the Sutherland is a realtor and commissioner.

We talk to Marv, then go to Mr. Cheese's.
Doris reccommends bannanna cream. Frank tries to get a sample. She gets on from a cold case. Frank orders a pie. She brings a pork pie. John is only in in the mornings. He is the manager. She can not let Frank into the back to see how they make them till John gets here. She can get Herb the cook out here to discuss how pies are made. Frank gives Herb a hard time. Herb says he needs to talk to John.

At the hotel Zac give Ashton the bones to put somewhere safe. Ashton leaves.

Frank comes back w his medicine. Ariel has never heard of it, she has lots of medicine knowledge.

Ezikiel got degress in medicince and chestry from Uva in 1923 and 1929.

Frank is human sent by Carlos, sent by [X]iel, working for the angel of policemen, working for Dominic. Carlos --- DOMINIC appears and confirms who Frank is. ---- Ashton

Back to the deli to be in a public place for lunch. Local news: Witnesses says Ashton assaulted and possibly killed Mordici Sutherland with and axe. Details are sketchy. He left into the woods.

Ashton gets to the teather. Tells Lionel hes pretty sure the body is a demon, he was evil and used songs. He will bury the body a few yards off but he needs to go up and talk to his boss about changing his appearence. Can you tell if its a demon after its dead?

Lionel points to a lake. Ashton puts some rocks in the body and drops it in the lake them goes up the teather. He talks to his Sgt. He leaves a message for the boss. Returns to the teather.

A Cop cars screams by the deli towards the motel. Frank drops Zac half a mile from the plantation house.

Ariel and Frank return to the teather. Ashton is there bloody. He explains Mordici was evil. He didn't bring him back to the hotel! They go to get the body from the lake.

Zac waits at the back of the house.

Frank goes to the meat plant and tries to cop his way in but is told to leave.

Sherrif returns to house w trash bag.

How did you get rocks in the body?
I cut it open.

Gets body out of lake, it is in bad shape.

Killing Mordici did not disturb symphany.

Tosses body back in lake.

I'm waiting till nightfall. Its easier to travel. I'm black.

Ariel stays at the teather. Frank goes to the sherrifs office.

Ashton coats himself in mud, make a loin cloth to do the Arnold thing in predator.

Frank gets tired of waiting and goes to the Sutherland House. There are a lot of cars. He rings the bell. And says he would like to talk to the sherrif. He gives the sherrif a story about wanting to help. The sherrif tells him to check into the Hotel and a specific room number and he will talk to him tomarrow.

Ashton comes to the cabin. A Disturbance in the Force.

Zac projects back to the teather.

Frank goes to the hotel. News: June Sutherland, his wife commited suicide.

Sherriff leaves. Then some other cars leave. Sutherland meats truck comes to house, engine stays running then it leaves.

Eventually everyone leaves. Zac and Ashton enter the house, Ashton in armor and with his axe.