1st Session Notes 1st Session Notes 1st Session Notes
Ron says screw Sam he didn't show so we start without him. Chris is playing something that would be late anyway.


  • Shawn playing Zaciriel a Seraph of Revelations
  • Melissa playing Abunal a Seraph of Destiny
  • Riley playing Davis a Cherub of Protection
  • Charles playing Ashton a Malakim of War
  • Chris playing Mariel a Malakim of Creation

    Game starts at the Eel Pond in Litheroy's Cathedral a place of quiet fountains and gardens on the south side of the city. Not as grand or prestigious as other places it resembles a 13th cent monastery all the doors and windows are open and brightly lit. Nashur Offanim of Investigations and Zaciriel are there waiting for the others.

    Davis enters the citadel and looks for someone who knows where the Eel Pond is. He asks a pink Reliever and is led to a courtyard and a green stone path. In the garden around a pool are an Offanim and a Seraph. Zaciriel is the Seraph and Nashur is the Offanim. Nashur is the Angel of Investigation one of Litheroy's oldest servitors. He used to server Dominic. Behind the Cherub comes a shadow with black wings a Malakim.

    The Malakim says "Nashur, I am the called in favor."
    Nashur responds "All are not here we must wait".
    Another Seraph arrives.
    Nashur then comments that "The last does not know the meaning of punctuational and we will start without him."

    Introductions are made:
    Ashton Servitor of Micheal, is the Malakim.
    Davis Cherub of Protection working for Zadkil
    Abunal servitor of Yves is the second Seraph
    Zaciriel servitor of Litheroy is the first Seraph

    Nashur describes the problem: There is a place on earth called Kentucky in the US. In the eastern portion of this place is Sutherland's Hollow a town. We don't not know the exact population (5-10 thousand). Something is going on there we want to know what it is. Zaciriel is going to find out what it is and if it needs to be stopped it will be. We believe SECRETS may be involved. Litheroy has not seen fit to tell Nashur how he found out about the problem. There is a tether of Novalis Angel of Flowers within 2 miles of the town in the grove of silver beeches. There are no known tethers in the town itself.

    Questions are asked by various attendees:

    What sort of problem?
    Nashur replies, "I have done some checking. The town itself was started by the Sutherland family. They still reside there and have some influence still. We believe the family is involved".

    Do you expect it to be dangerous?

    Nashur responds "The investigator is not capable of force so we involved more militant members. We believe SECRETS are involved".

    Zaciriel announces that we will leave now for the tether.

    A blue pixie with daises on its head arrives. It is one of Novalis's servants it will lead us to the tether. Nashur will send the other one along when he shows but he may have become distracted. Reports should be sent through the tether unless a faster means is available.

    An Aside from Ron
    SECRETS refers to the Demon Prince Alaemon is the the Demon of Secrets. An Impudite. Heaven thinks he is a minor demon. The original demon of secrets Genebath disappeared some time ago and Alaemon took over. Everyone thought Genebath was just hiding for a while.
    The group follows the blue fairy out of the heavenly gates to an orchard. Which leads into a huge forest and eventually into a section of forest where everything is alike, the fairy stops there.

    The group traverses the tether and arrive in a forest in their Corporeal forms: Zaciriel: and old bearded man in white robes.
    Abunal: A brown haired tall spindly coed from UC Berkley in jeans and college tshirt.
    Davis: A fireman with a fire ax, and other equipment.
    Ashton: A 4ft tall 2ft wide fellow ripped like Jesus, wearing jeans and a tank top from Golds gym.

    There is a discussion about which way to go to town.
    Everyone hears a voice that says to go north.
    It is Lionel. He says Zaciriel should wear pants.
    There is some rustling in the bushes and a pair of pants hits Zaciriel in the head. He puts them on but the do not fit well. He is told to tuck in the robe.

    Abunal asks "What are your stories". This is confusing to Zaciriel. The others understand somewhat but Davis makes some unclear statement about saying "Do What" in response to question.

    The group hears a scream and there is an impact behind them. Zaciriel moves away. Davis moves towards. a 5'10" portly fellow w old flannel shirt who has not shaved or bathed laying on the ground beneath Nashur. It is Mariel a Malakim of Creation. Introductions are made. The group sees Lionel as a bunny, and two birds.

    The Grove is up on a foothill near some mountains. About a mile away is a town that can be seen from here. Little traffic comes this way. The town has about 15 stoplights. A large portion of it is a farming community. The main highway goes through the downtown area. Dirt roads on predominate on the outskirts.

    The group starts down a nearby dirt road towards the town. Partway there they get a lift from a farmer, Mariel has had his thumb out. All the streets named are named after the Sutherlands. So is bank, market and supermarket. The Sutherland house is outside town. The Sutherlands are all the important people in town (Judge, Banker, Mayor)

    Before the farmer who gave use the ride leaves Mariel gets directions to Sutherland mansion.

    Zaciriel and Ashton go to library to read last months news.
    Davis looks up births
    Abunal goes to town hall
    Mariel looks for kids causing trouble but school is in.

    Recent News:
    3 deaths: 2 old, 1 Jed Taylor age 28, tractor accident No births

    Paper exists since 1872.

    There is a mill and a meat processing plant
    entire town smells like pigs
    lard rendering

    every march week long pig days festival
    today is Sept 14 2004.
    1983 last Sutherland to die was 102 when she died.

    85 Sutherlands in phone book

    Jebediah Sutherland has run the last 18 mayoral elections unopposed.
    Hezikiel Sutherland the Sheriff, only 10 elections. Replaced a Sutherland 20 years ago.
    only 2 Sutherlands out of 5 member of the county commission
    Uriah and Mordecai Sutherland are county commissioners

    County settled by Jebediah Sutherland died 1893. names are cycled regularly. about 50 names that are recycled. about 15 names for women.

    Ezekiel (Doctor), Zacharias (Bank), Isiah (editor in chief)
    Anna (Principal), Ruth, Delilah (Junior League)

    Mariel gets a library card and we check out the history of the town for later use.
    The Angels fail to get an ATV or other transportation.

    We get a room at the super8.

    Zaciriel send Mariel to the mill to apply for a job/look around. He also sends Davis to find Abunal. Zaciriel reads the history of the town. It has no overt lies but the history has been whitewashed. Nothing negative mentioned. Written by Isiah Sutherland. Ends in 1973.

    Zaciriel sends Davis to meat packing plant

    Mariel picks Davis up on the way back from mill and meat packing plant Muriel has applied for jobs at both. Mill is OK. Meat packing plant is bad. Very unsanitary.

    Donald Hardsgrove hit by Mordecai Sutherland 16, ran over him while he was crossing the street. Multiple medical expenses. Claims Mordecai aimed the car at him. Judge Sutherland ruled against Donald.

    Preacher Boaz Sutherland.

    We have dinner at the Pie and Cheese place. All pies are pork pies. Waitress believes that she sees cherry pie not pork.

    We try Rothsteins Deli. They get all meat from Louisville. No Pork. Other restaurants seem OK too.

    Zaciriel and Ashton go bowling. Guy named Zed w harelip kind of freaks when Zaciriel talks about electing someone other than a Sutherland.

    Zaciriel and Ashton go to the meat plant. Find a jar of teeth hidden in a safe, along w documents in some strange language, and $10000. We take the documents to tether. Then go back to hotel. Show the tooth to others. The had been at the honky tonk bar.

    Muriel steals a truck. Zaciriel reports the stolen car.

    Next morning we all go to the tether. The document is in Cyrillic but in code and can not be translated. It is in no language used by man.

    Abunal takes the document and uses a song on it so she can read it.