Mordecai Sutherland Mordecai Sutherland Mordecai Sutherland
Name:Mordecai Sutherland
Address:1 Sutherland Way
Apparent Age:
Actual Age:
Death Date:
Current Status:Active
Offices: County Commissioner
  • Age 16. Aimed car at Donald Hardsgrove. Mr. Hardsgrove was paralyzed from the waist down. Judge Zebulon Sutherland dismissed the case. Donald now refuses to say anything negative about the case or the Sutherlands citing his pig farm and the Sutherland monopoly on meat packing.
  • Has tomb in the cemetery at 34 Sutherland Way. Body is not his. Teeth are missing. Has been dead for some time. The body is hidden there so that the casket had weight. Shares crypt with Esther Sutherland
  • Killed by Ashton