In Nomine In Nomine In Nomine
The beginning
[30-Oct-2004] Ron has announced we are going to play and angels based Inomine game on Sat after my Amber session.

We had character creation 2 weeks ago. I'll be playing the only Sereph, Zaciriel Servitor of Litheroy Angel of Revelations. As such I am nominally the leader of the party since Serephs are the highest order of angels. My character is trying to become the wordbound angel of Signs (as in signs and portents). As a Sereph I can not lie, and as a servant of Liheroy have no vessel so I'm really weak in the Corporeal realm.

There are at currently 9 other players: Chad, Chris, Sam, Melissa, Riley, Leslie and more. I'll detail them and their characters in another entry.

The mission
[30-Oct-2004] Litheroy has approached Zaciriel and told him there is a problem in Kentucky. He doesn't know what the problem is but Zaciriel must find out. Litheroy has pulled in some favors and at least some of Michaels (Archangel of War) people will be going also. We will have a meeting soon. Zaciriel is told to destroy any demons of Alaemon Prince of Secrets he comes across. Litheroy also says there is a tether in the area run by the Archangel of Flowers at a place called Silver Beech Grove.

1st Session Notes
[06-Nov-2004] Full notes from the first session.

Briefly Litheroy was correct there is something going on in Sutherlands Hollow. We have encountered at least 2 induviduals that seem under some sort of magical compuslion. The Sutherland family seems to be involved. They are hiding something big; coded documents and a jar of human teeth in their safe, the inability of the people to think about electing someone else to office and apparent permenant hallucinations concerning the pork from the meat packing plant. It may revolve around the pork distributed by the meat packing plant but it may be deeper than that. Hopefully the documents we acquired will help uncover the mystery.

2nd Session
[07-Dec-2004] The documents were of little help other than to confirm that A. is involved and to send us in the direction of Sarah and Osiarh.

We have confirmed the core group of Sutherlands are souless killers performing evil acts. They seem to be raising their long dead family members, and when they should die they are killing off distant relations to fill the coffin, minus identifing marks like teeth and finger prints. It appears that they arn't even human, though they are related to humans (Niffelim perhaps?). We now have Sarah Sutherland (well her bones anyway) so she won't be joining them but this may tip off the family that someone is after them. Osirah was not in his grave so it may be too late to stop him from joining the group.

No real progress on wider distribution of the pork and its effects though all the other resturants in town seem to check out ok. The other Angels are really falling down on the initiative job. Then there was the whole debacle of them trying to send Sarah's bones up the tether.

We have a serious lack of transporation and resources. The Mercurian with the only car said something about having to leave in 3 days so we will be stranded again. I am also concerned that should the Sutherlands become aware of us the Super 8 won't be a good place to hole up. I do not want to lead them to the tether.

3rd session
[14-Feb-2005] The Sutherlands are sick beyonf belief. They are not mortal. They cast spells, practice cannibalism, and other several other perversions. Some of them have been around since the 1850's. The house is a house of horrors, each room worse than the last.

Oh, and Ashton killed Mordici at the meat packing plant which may become a probelm since it was publicly done.