World Aspects
  • All women can be witches
  • Magic has a cost
  • Dragonlords
  • Laws of magic

    The End of the Road

    A weed choked cobblestone road leads south through scrubland from a cliff face that it surprising deads ends into. Faint paths lead to the east and west. In the distance to the west seems to be a dark forest and possibly a tower, to the east the land gets drier. Wooden sign is posted a few feet from the cliff with three directions on it and later scrawl:
    For some reason the passage between worlds is thin at the End of Road. Travelers from strange places often find themsevles here, and if they go south they live to tell about it. The unsigned mountains to the north are the Abonimable Alps.

    Abominable Alps
    Forbidding mountains covered permentatly in snow. The southern faces often end in sheer cliff making their exploration even more difficult. There are a few unmarked tracks leading to high meadows which are used to rise sheep by the inhabitants of Goat Meadows. Generally inhabited by giants, yeti, griffons and other manner of snow, mountain and goat eating monsters.

    Witching Weald
    A dark and gloomy forest that few enter and fewer leave. Dangers include animated people eating trees, streams whose waters cause sleep, lack of any light sources, pathlessness as well as lyberinthine paths and poisonous thorn bushes that grow with remarkable speed. Inhabitants are just as bad: witches, giant spiders, wolves and werewolves. The Evil Tower of Ominousness sits on the edge of the Forest.

    Skyfall Wastes
    A vast gravelly area with no plant life and little water. There are two weather conditions; completely clear scorching sunny days and cloudy nights when it rains fire and brimstone. The only shelter is underground and the rocky terrain makes it almost impossible to dig. Travel by day is difficult, the scorching sun and lack of water quickly kills most travelers. Sandstorms are frequent. Travel by night is impossible. Rumor has it that deep in the desert there are green oasis protected by some sort of magic. The waters alternately contain the larva of flesh eating beetles that eat the drinker from inside out or heal all wounds and ills. There is no way to tell which is which (or maybe all the waters heal and only some have beetle larva). Just to make things interesting wadis in the desert are known to be susceptible to flash floods of immense proportion, it is not clear where the water comes from or where it goes. Rumor has it that the land is a former kingdom subjected to a curse of tremendous proportions.

    Kozel River
    Between the End of the Road and the Goat Meadows lies the Kozel river. The Kozel is the northern boundry of the kingdom of Asbjorn and is a a wide river that runs generally NW to SE. There are two islands and three bridges where the road crosses the river. The get progressively better in quality and older as they get closer to the village.

    The Kingdom of Asbjorn
    Goat Meadows
    It is the last outpost of normal people before the End of the Road. It is a small farming villge with number of small houses strung along the road. At the center of the village is a square with a public well and a small stone church. The village has an inn, blacksmith shop and everything else one would expect to find in a small mideval village, as long as the item/place isn't needed by the plot. The village is surrounded by farmland for a mile or so in any direction. Its another mile past the farmlands to the river Kozel.