Original Aspects

  • High Concept: A SoCal Gothic Beauty
  • Trouble: The anti-psychotics don't really work that well, even when I take them.
  • My perky cheerleader sister needs to die.
  • I love me and my pet snakes, why don't you?
  • I'm sorry for you that we can't be friends anymore.

    Nefaria's was born as Jennifer Wilson (don't ever call her that if you want to live) in Sunnydale, CA (see Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Always a bit unstable she was seeing a psychiatrist by the age of 14. During high school she got into the Goth scene where she met and started dating a demon. After several months of preparation she sacrificed her cheerleader sister for magic powers. Her sister's body has never been found and there was not enough evidence to tie Jennifer (now using the name Nefaria) to the disappearance.

    With her new found powers Nefaria's life improved at the expense of others. Minor accidents leading to injuries, unexplained fires, and car wrecks all started happening to those she didn't like, or those who just weren't pretty enough for her. The final straw was the "incident" where her psychiatrist "spontaneously combusted" during a session. Nefaria and her demon boyfriend fled town.

    They traveled across several worlds until in her words "he was getting clingy and wouldn't take no for an answer so I put an end to the relationship". Which means he tried to sleep with her (she is saving herself for marriage with a Prince or King) and she killed him. After the demons death she ate the demons heart "cause doing that kind of thing gives you power and I always want our love to be a part of me". The horns developed soon afterwards.

    Nefaria appears to be a young beautiful teenage or early 20s girl with horns and often with wings (currently fake). She wears only black with silver jewelry. Usually her outfit consists of a completely impractical dress and a corset as outer wear. Accessories may include fishnets, lacy gloves, high lacy collars, spiked heels or boots. Her green eyes are always surrounded by overdone purple eye shadow and black eyeliner. Her nails in either black or purple. Her blonde hair is usually elaborately styled, its unclear if its naturally straight or curly since it changes frequently. She never had dreads or extensions but braids and occasional highlights are an option.

    Somehow her iPhone still seems to function. She uses it for music and text messages (we are not quite sure who she texts with). She has been heard making comments about not ever having enough bars to make phone calls or use Facebook/Snapchat. She often uses the phone to take selfies of herself with duck face and victims/devestation she causes or just new people she meets, like we said she is insane.

    Nefaria isn't so much evil as just completely insane. One minute she is hugging you the next ripping your still beating heart from your chest.

    Attached is a bill for services rendered in entertaining your spies for three days and nights and the trouble they caused me. They arrived and made quite a nucience of themselves snooping around until I agreed to let them in. Despite the fact they admitted to being at my tower to maliciously "learn all they could" I gave them a complete tour. This took three full days and nights of my time. The cost of both room and board for that time is on the bill. I discounted the rate since accommodations were in the dungeons not bedrooms, them being spies and all, and food provided was prisoner fare; bread and water only. They were nosey and unappreciative throughout. One of them even tried to kill Floxglove my reticulated python who just wanted to cuddle. At then end of the tour I cut out their tongues and cut off their hands so they could not report what they saw then cast them out of the tower. They purposefully broke their own legs so they couldn't leave by making no attempt to land properly. They then continued to hang around the base of the tower and made a horrible racket with their moaning so I had their mouths sewn shut. Even then they refused to leave. After multiple warnings I was forced to behead them for vagrancy. I have included their heads for identification and so you can return them to their families. Since burial is rather tedious, I doubt you would pay for an attractive mausoleum on the grounds, and FedEx will not pick up packages here, I instead have raised their headless corpses and put them to work in the gardens. The cost of the materials to cast the spells involved and my time in doing so are also on the bill. I expect prompt payment.

    There are a lot of snakes roaming the tower, they aren't so much minions as pets. They don't really respond to commands but are liable to eat anyone or thing smaller than they are in the tower. The smaller than them is the problem, there aren't just normal snakes but giant swallow your children whole constrictors too. Then there is Rainbow Dash (yes named for the My Little Pony) a 40' long Titanoboa that inhabits the flooded lower dungeons, and anywhere else it wants to. She can identify each one and they all have unique names. Its not clear how, what, or who she feeds to these snakes.

    Character Sheet

  • High Concept: A Demonic Gothic Beauty
  • Trouble: I set my psychiatrist on fire.
  • Sacrificed my sister for magic powers.
  • I love me and snakes, why don't you?
  • I'm sorry for you that we can't be friends anymore.

    Approaches (+3, 2x +2, 2x +1)

  • Careful: +1
  • Clever: +3
  • Flashy: +3
  • Forceful: +4
  • Quick: +1
  • Sneaky: +0

    Stunts (3)

    Because I am Demonic I get a +2 when I forcefully attack with magic
    Nefaria has 2 slots open for stunts for free without dipping into refresh.

    Refresh: 4

    Significant: Aspect change: Sacrificed cheerleader sister for magic powers, +1 Flashy
    Significant: ? +1 Forceful
    Major: Broke up with demon boyfriend: +1 refresh, added to High concept, +1 Clever

    Consequences (Mild: scene, Mod: session, Severe: scenario, Extreme: pretty much never)

  • Severe: (Lots of minor magic acts in Sunnydale) Some people just aren't up to my standards.
  • Extreme: (Fireballed psychiatrist): I'm burning up inside and it needs to get out.
  • Severe: (Teleporting to worlds/making iPhone work in them): Defiantly off my meds.
  • Extreme: (Killed and ate demons heart): Heart of a demon inside, horns on the outside.

    Triggering the Trouble

    First she has mental stability issues that can be triggered, she was seeing a psychiatrist before the game even started. Since its presumed she was on meds when he went down they weren't working too well. Now tied with the Consequence "Defiantly off my meds" she doesn't have any meds (no one to prescribe them). She tends have violent mood swings and lash out with fire. It also puts her in the wanted murderer category should she every return home.

    Nefaria wants real wings where the style, size and even color seem to change as often as her outfits and mood. They should be fully functional whatever form they take. Since the wings should let her fly they can not be taken as a direct consequence.

    Without her demon boyfriend she is stuck (she was powering the teleports he was guiding). So she has decided to set up shop and become a Queen (how else will she attract a prince/king?).