The First Adventure


This is a starting adventure for kids who have never played an RPG before. It is meant to be played by 2-3 kids each with an adult helper and a single GM. The kids will be playing characters who are transported to a fantasy land where they become full fledged characters, get introduced to the world, and return after a single encounter. Along the way they will also pick up an unspeaking animal companion who only exists in the fantasy world (played by an adult). The animal companion can best be thought of as Daemon's from the Golden Compass series.

Before game starts have each kid pick a name and list 3 of their favorite animals. Have them put their name and the list of animals on a card so the GM can see it. The adult can create their daemon character now using the Daemon creation rules.

Kids are playing hide and seek one of them (roll to see who is it, let them describe where in the yard they are hiding). One of them sees a gnome sitting by a tree crying. If they approach he is crying because cant go home. Roll to see secret door in tree. Describes that an evil witch put a curse on him that he can only go home if the has the magic amulet and he left it at home. He asks if the players can go get it for him. He tells them they just have to go through the door and follow the right hand path over the bridge. They will find his house in the village (its the yellow house the 3rd one on the left). His door will be unlocked and inside hanging on the coat hook will be the amulet. He knocks 3 times and a door appears.

Once through the door they are in a small room with 1 other door. It is labeled dressing room and has a sign that says 1 person at a time.

Entering the dressing room the kids find an item related to each character:

Warrior: Sword and Shield
Hunter (f): Hair clip
Hunter (m)/(f): Bow and arrow
Warlock: Wand or Water Whip
Brute: Hammer
Rogue: Knives and a cloak
Healer: Staff
Knight: Sword and armor
There is a door at the end of the room and a sign that says pick your set and say your hero name to exit. The player must pick one set and say a new name their hero name before the door will open. Magic voices will help if needed (put out the character sheets for the pictures).

Once the players pass through the door they are at the End of the Road The bridge troll must be beaten but it deosn't have to be combat. Its dark when they arrive at the bridge and he blusters and swings his arms around and knocks over a lantern. The bridge bursts into flame and he starts to put it out. yelling help!. If they help afterwords he talks to them and says a witch "yes the same one" put a curse on him that he has to be beaten to allow someone across the bridge but they seem like nice kids and he could play checkers instead (hes not very good a checkers).