The Color Palatte
All of the possible colors togeather are called tinctures. There is no reason to restrict myself to the standrd british system of 7 tinctures (Or, Argent, Sable, Gules, Azure, Vert and Pupure). There are both historical and modern examples of other tinctures in use, and not just on a rare case. Other heraldic systems reglarly use tinctures not in the Gallo-British tradition. I see no reason not to use some of these other tinctures particularly since we now have computers and paints that they can be very distinctive from the standard ones.

Originally heraldry made no distiction concerning shade, Azure ran the gamut from Navy blue to sky blue depednding on the artists. With modern technology and paints however it makes more sense to be more restrictive for each tincture, and hence allow more distinct tinctures. For each tincture I will specify a default tincture in ALL CAPS, and an RGB and/or a paint color, alternate shades can be used but they must be specified when used.

Metals and Colors
There are two basic types of tinctures; metals and colors. The standard rule is that no metal can be placed on a metal and no color on a color. This rule still applies, but what is defined as a metal and what is a color will change some. In the Gallo-British tradition Or (gold or yellow) and Argent (silver or white) are metals, and the rest (Gules, Vert, Azure, Sable, Pupure) are colors. However in other traditions this is not alwas the case. Central and Eastern Europe use Black as a metal, particularly in relation to Red (the arms of Albania for instance). I am going to incorporate some of these alternatives.

Furs. I am not using furs for now. Cant draw well enough.


  1. No metal on a metal, no color on a color
  2. Only 1 shade per tincture on a single device
CategoryTinctures and ShadesDescriptionRGBNotesOld Citidel ColorNew Citidel ColorVallejo Game color
Silvers ARGENT Typically white but may be a light grey. #FFFFFF   Skull White White Scar Dead White
Silver Grey A light grey but dark enough to be seen on Argent #C0C0C0 This shade be used as a color on Argent an exception to rule #2. 25% Black/75% White mix
Golds YELLOW Yellow #FFFF00   Badmoon Yellow
Or Or means gold and this is a more more gold than yellow #FFD400 This shade should not be used with an Orange Golden Yellow Yriel Yellow
Sky Blues BLUE CELESTE Sky Blue #96C8FA   Ice Blue Lothern Blue?
Coppers COPPER The color of copper metal #B87333 This should not be used with Bruntre
Buffs BUFF A yellow brown #F0DC82
Blacks SABLE Black #000000 Only used as a metal in conjunction with Gules Chaos Black
CategoryTinctures and ShadesDescriptionRGBNotesOld Citidel ColorNew Citidel ColorVallejo Game color
Blacks SABLE Black #000000 Chaos Black
Reds GULES Red #FF0000 Blood Red
Sanguine Blood Red #660000 Scab Red
Red Ochre #612D2D
Blues AZURE Blue #0000FF
Navy Blue a dark blue #000080 Blue + 50% Black
Greens VERT Green #00FF00 Dark Angel Green
Purples PUPURE Purple #FF00FF Liche Purple
Murrey The color of mulberries #8C004B Warlock Purple
Oranges TENNE Tawny #FA9632
Orange Orange #FFA500 Blazing Orange
Browns BRUNTRE Brown #964b00 Scorched Brown
Grays CENDREE Gray #808080 50%/50% Black and White
Pinks Rose Pink #F77FBE Darker than "pink #FFC0CB" for contrast on metals 50/50 Skull White and Blood Red
CARNATION The color of human flesh #FFCBA4 Elf Flesh