Southern Live Oak
Praire Lakes: Lafayette, Jackson, Iamonia, Miccosukee

Lake Miccosukee once connected above ground to St. Marks river, now below ground, starting in Wakulla county.

Lake Lafayette: Pliestocene River Delta. once tributary of St. Marks. Sinkhole is in upper lake just south of Cody Scarp. 40 indian mounds surround lake.
		Midden mounds
		Temple mounds at Fallschase

Great Blizzard 1899

Hurricane Kate

most highly educated population in state. 49.9% w degrees (avg is 22.4%)

Left wing activism surronded by right wing counties

Consolidation failures
local owned tallahasse/ibaca
red hills horse trials
downtown get downs/football

The Past is still with us
		Lake Jacosn mounds
		Velda mounds
			Hauntings: Indians and wolves
		San Luis
		St. Marks
		Other missions.
		DeSoto encampment
		Andrew Jackson
		Slave trade
	Civil War
		Natural bridge
		suicide of govonern
		Ghosts of cadets at ROTC grounds
	Post civil war

Riley House: born slave died millionare
Knott house: emancipation read from steps
Tom Brown Park

Large Areas
	Red Hills  Cody Scarp  Woodville Karst Plain
	Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden, Wakulla Counties

	French Town- Poor but being revitalized
	Southwood- new upand coming yuppies
	Killearn- Previous yuppie
	Mid town- Walking bars, shopping, homes
	Myers Park/Indianhead : Anhaica
	Capitol Area
		Kleman plaza
	Southside- poor
	Woodville- rednecks
	Crawfordville/Wakulla- even more rednecks/city folk in the woods
	St. Marks/Sopchoppy/Carrabelle- coastal rednecks
	Chaires/Capitola (and assoc by pan store)- outlying community
	Lake Talquin/Ft. Braden
	Railroad Square

Weregators/Skunk Ape
White Squirells
Creature from the Black lagoon

3rd oldest railroad
3rd oldest police department

police state

Ted Bundy: Chi Omega house 1978. 

Apalachee  assiilated into spainish
1704 thousands of Apalachee taken into slavery by S.C.
Yamasee move in after Apalachee removal, later move to St. Augustine
Seminole/Creek/Mikasuki move in

All the excitment of watching paint dry
A small southern town with 2 tumors: FSU and the State
All roads lead to the center, except the big on that bypasses the city
Population recyles every 4 years
	Human in form. Redneck. Inbred.
	Breed by dumping eggs and sperm into water they mix and form eggs.
	Eggs hatch into tadpoles and live like that for a year
	Tadpoles enter females and take root "It jsut happend" to howed you get pregnant.
	Couples raise child as own but i may have to genetic ties to either parnet
	Inbred becasue only those who swim in body of water (sink holes) can contribute. Springs anrt quite so inbreed as some egg/sperm and tadpoles come down from sinks through cave sytems.

1st Seminole War
	Negro fort shelled by gunboats and powder explodes
	Jakson marches down Aplachicola. Builds Ft. Gadsden at Negro Fort.
	Attacks Mikosuki at Lake Miccosukee: burns Tallahasse 3/31 and Miccosukee 4/1. 
	Jackson turns to St. Marks and seizes spanish fort
	Attacks fugative slave vilages on Suwannee
	4/12 destroy Red Stick village on Econfina River.
	finds most villages on suawanne empty.
	Returns to St. Marks leaves garrison
	Returns to Ft. Gadsden
	marches to Pensacola spanish retreat to Ft. Barrancas
	Ft. barrancas surrenders 5/28

1934 Villages on apalachicola move west to oklahoma


Stuff everyone talks about
	Leon commision develops for themselves
	Couty allows any development, city annexes and deals with mess

Group specific

Cautionary tales
	if girl walks alone accosted by hairy man on edge of campus