Ley Lines Ley Lines Ley Lines
The Tallahassee area has a number of lines crossing the area.

The Mound Line. A powerful line runs parallel to and north of I-10 from the Lake Jackson complex, through the Velda mound and on to the Letchworth mound. Westerly from the Lake Jackson complex it splits a northern extension of this line runs north-west all the way to the Kolomoki mounds in Georiga but that is well out of the region. A more recent southern extension extends to Doak Campbell Stadium. This line has a strong assossication with Spirit and visions. Locals report seeing and hearing Indians and wolves at the sites along this line on a regular basis.

The Cody Scarp Line. The second most prominent line in the region, but almost useless because it is so wide and diffuse is that of the Cody Scarp. The Scarp is an ancient shoreline that runs across southern Leon county from from the west down into the Florida peninsula. The ley line follows the scarp twisting and weaving about, but it is extremly wide covering the entire slope of the scarp diffusing its power signifigantly. At best it acts like a threshold isolating the "oceanic" influence from the "continental" one. It is best described as a defensive line.

Sink/Spring Lines
Several Disruptive/Water lines run from a point or point in the north in a southwesterly direction and are associated with some of the underground rivers and movement of water under the earth from sinks to springs. All begin south of the Cody Scarp line. Crossing any of these lines tend to end spells.

Dark Lines
A network of minor dark lines crisscross the area. The end points all seem to be associated with places where horrific or haunting events took place. The Ft. Gadsden-Sunniland line croses the Chi Omega-Natrual Bridge Line at the FAMU Athletic field.
  • Panacea, Wakulla
  • Mclay Gardens
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