Gem, Glass and pottery production. It can be built in stages with the three gem spaces done early on and the glass and clay portions built later.

Skills Required

  • Gem cutting
  • Gem setting
  • Glassmaking
  • Item hauling (clay collection)
  • Glazing
  • Potting

    Custom profession: Craftworkers (CC).


  • Fuel
  • Rough Gems
  • Sand
  • Clay
  • Potash


  • Cut gems, glass and clay
  • Pearlash
  • Glass products
  • clay products

    Job Setup

  • Initially turn on auto gem. Pick one common type of gem and take it out of the auto gem so we always have a rough gem for moods.
  • Send the cut gems to a stockpile near the Trade Depot and set as automarked for trade.


    Sand + Fuel -> Glass Furnace Potash + Fuel -> Kiln -> Pearlash to Glass furnace for crystal glass.