CK2 Challenges
Alternate methods to play the game that aren't just go conquer your neighbor.

  • Capetian Challenge
  • Norman Challenge
  • House of Karling Challenge

    Capetian Challenge

      Source: source
      Description: Rule as the Capetian kings of France in a historically plausable way, and beat the historical score of the Capetians at the end of the game.
    1. You shall not create an Imperial Title, nor shall any title but the King of France be your primary title at any time.
    2. You shall maintain agnatic primogeniture, and try with any means reasonable to your current ruler to maintain the direct and senior Capetian line.
    3. You shall not hold more than one Kingdom title for more than one generation. If you manage to achieve an additional kingdom title you must either
      1. Give the title to an agnatic dynast in your lifetime,
      2. pass the title to an agnatic dynast with your succession laws,
      3. Give the title to an agnatic dynast immediately upon the ascension of your successor,
      4. in the case of the kingdoms of rule 4 you can destroy the title and keep the land.
    4. You shall attempt to expand the de jure France to 'l'hexagone' and not beyond. English Channel -> Rhine -> Alps -> Mediterranean -> Pyrenees -> Atlantic. In relation to rule 3, this means you can destroy Lotharingia, and Burgundy. Brittany and Frisia too if someone manages to make them.
    5. You shall not have any other, or higher spiritual authority than the Roman Catholic Pope.
    6. You shall not suffer a higher secular authority, nor a stronger military 'authority' than the Kingdom of France. Since this is bit confusing, I am saying undermine the authority of the ERE and HRE to the point of obsolescence, and cut anyone realm bigger than you down to size.
    7. You shall attempt to place a agnatic dynast on 'throne' of every duchy in your realm, and on the throne of every christian kingdom.
    Norman Challenge
      Source: source
      Description: Start as one of 3 Norman rulers inside the boundries of the Byzantine Empire, stay Norman and become Emporer.
    1. Start in 1072 as one of
      • Roussel de Bailleul , Duke of Charisanon
      • Raoul Rallis-Raoul, Count of Methone
      • Raimbaud de Afranji, Count of Aintab
    2. Retain the culture Norman
    3. Become Emporer of the Byzantine Empire
    House of Karling Challenge
      Description: Start as the last male descendant of Charlemange and rebuild his Empire.
    1. Start as the Count of Vermandois
    2. Become the Emporer of the HRE
    3. Reclaim all the lost terrriories of the HRE
      • Kingdom of France
      • Kingdom of Aquitane
      • Kingdom of Burgandy
      • Kingdom of Germany
      • Kingdom of Italy
      • Kingdom of Frisia
      • Kingdom of Bavaria
      • Kingdom of Lotharingia
    House of Hapsburg Challenge
      Description: Form the great House of Hapsburg.
    1. Start as the Count of Aargau
    2. Become the Emporer of the HRE
    3. Beat the historical Hapsburg score
    An Empire divided
      Source: Totalwar
      Description: Take one of the successor states, or direct rivals of, the Byzantine empire and claim your rightful place as the legacy of Rome. For this scenario we will be using the January 1st, 1205 start date, and will focus on only factions from Asia minor.
    1. Start Jan 1 1205
    2. Start as one of
      • Latin Empire
      • Byzantine Empire
      • Sultanate of Rum
    3. Restore the boundires of the Eastern Empire.
      • All the territories above
      • Kingdom of Sicily
      • Kingdom of Anatolia
      • Kingdom of Armenia
      • Kingdom of Syria
      • Kingdom of Jerusalem
      • Kingodm of Taurica
      • Kingdom of Wallachia
      • Kingdom of Serbia
      • Kingdom of Croatia
      • Trebizond
      • Kingdom of Bulgaria
    Zoroastrian Persian Empire
      Source: Reddit
      Description: Create a Persian Empire with a Zoroastrian ruler starting off as either Khiva or Oghuz as quickly as possible! Have your heir be educated by a Zoroastrian character, and he will most likely adopt Zoroastrianism. Wait until he becomes of age, then die. You will play as your heir who is Zoroastrian, and you can reload as a Zoroastrian ruler because you started off as a Muslim.
  • United the Kingdoms - Hold the kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • On English Neck a Norman Yoke - Conquer England as William the Bastard
  • Hard Ruler - Start in 1066 as Harald of Norway, become King of England
  • Crusader King - Start in 1066, create the Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • Russkaya Pravda - Create the Kingdom of Russia as a Slav
  • The Outside Bet - Conquer England as Svend II of Denmark
  • Protector of the Holy Places - Have Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina in your Realm
  • Pentarch - As a Christian, hold Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem
  • Iustinisnus - As Byzantium, take back Italy, the Adriatic Balkans, the Levant and North Africa
  • You go, Slavia! - Control the crowns of Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
  • How Many Years of War? - As England, take and hold the crown of France.
  • Ain't no P.L.O. - Pick Jerusalem from a start date and survive until the end of the game. Also get Syria, Arabia, and Egypt.
  • Flagland - Pick a county in the HRE and vassalize all of Europe.
  • 'Deluxe Apartment in the Sky - Starting in 1066, begin as any Count and have one of your played descendants become a King.
  • Gott erhalted unser Kaiser - Become Holy Roman Emperor, in a game where you aren't playing a dynasty that starts as Holy Roman Emperor.
  • En Mano Trae Desnuda el Espada - Complete the Reconquista - as any Iberian dynasty, hold all provinces formerly held by Muslims. (If your first language is Spanish and you don't know what that's a reference to...)
  • Novus Ordo Romanum - As any Italian dynasty, hold all of Italy simultaneously.
  • The Magnificent - As any dynasty, become Count of Constantinople without ever giving allegience to the Byzantine Empire.
  • 390904 - Execute the Pope as a prisoner.
  • In the Narthex with the Crozier - Execute the Ecumenical Patriarch as a prisoner. (This is a Clue joke.)
  • Get out of my neighborhood - In battle, kill 50,000 Mongols.
  • I take my cigar out of my mouth - For the head of your dynasty, have more than 19 living descendants at any one time.
  • I'm terrified of my enemies... - Fight a war against, imprison, and execute another dynasty head of equal rank to yours.
  • Viva Chele - Imprison and execute the underage heir of somebody you have a valid cause to imprison, while that person is still alive. (I'm not sure you're actually allowed to do this...)
  • Damnatio memoriae - Sequentially imprison and execute a person and all their legitimate heirs.
  • Theology is hard, dude - Install an antipope.