Weapon Construction Rules
Weapon Types

For weapon construction rules there are 3 types of weapons based on basic shape and a fourth based on materials. Sword Weapons, Pokers, and Headed Weapons are all constructed of PVC pipe, pipe insulation, open cell foam and duct tape. The fourth type of weapon: Foam Weapons do not have PVC pipe cores.

Sword Weapons include all weapons with a Thrusting Tip, Blade, Guard, and Pommell: Great Swords, Long Swords, Short Swords and Dagger. Daggers may not have a noticeable Guard. The entire Blade of a sword must be of silver duct tape. The Guard, Grip, and Pommell may be any color including silver.

Pokers include all weapons that are streamlined without horizontal protrusions like guards and heads. Spears, Glaives, and staves (two Pokers hooked at their Grips). All Pokers have a thrusting tip, a Blade, a Grip, a Pommell and a Haft. Pokers do not have Guards or Heads. Staves do not have Pommells (they have a second Blade), or Hafts (the entire padded surface is Blade). The term Poker does not refer to how the weapon is used in combat just how it looks.

Headed Weapons include all weapons the have a protruding horizontal heads. Axes, Clubs, Hammers, Maces, and Halberds. All Headed weapons have an open cell foam Head, attached to the main shaft, a Haft, a Grip and a Pommell. Headed Weapons do not have Guards. Headed Weapons may have Thrusting Tips and some require them.

Foam Weapons often look like other types of weapons but do not have a PVC core. They are typically throwing weapons but waylay daggers are also often of just foam.