Varroa control

  • Use 1 frame of drone foundation taken out and frozen for 24 hours once capped over. It can be returned as is and the bees will clean it up.
  • Starting on Mar 1dust with powdered sugar once a week for 5 weeks. Repeat inSeptember. Do it once a month in between.
  • Alternate: Dust with powdered sugar 3 weeks in a row, Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Use Small cell foundation in brood nest
  • Always use screen bottom boards.
  • Use Hygenic queens: Minnisota, Russian or VSH.
  • Try Hopguard first. Only use Apilife, Apiguard or formic acid when needed. Do not use harsher chemicals (Apistan)
  • When checking for mites. put sticky board in for 3 days. If it has more than 60 mites that is 3000 in hive and it needs chemical control. Do not do chemical control during honey flow.
  • Sugar shake test: 2 cups of bees
  • Real research shows sugar dusting does not work. It is effective for counting and knocking back a mite load but does not have long term effects.
  • I have had two experienced bee keepers say they are switching back to soild bottom boards. A study at Cornelll back in 2007 also showed screened bottom boards did not help. This is in direct contradiction to what everyone was saying 6 months ago. Yet sites several studies where screened bottom boards do help against mites including studies by Delaplane, Ellis and Sammataro