Eucalyptus for honey production in N. Florida Eucalyptus for honey production in N. Florida Eucalyptus for honey production in N. Florida
At the book club meting I was told there is a stand of eucalyptus on the landfill. We do not know when they bloom but the should make good honey since eucalyptus are used for that in Australia. There are other stands around including a large multi acre stand but the one at the landfill is easy to get to an monitor.

I did some research on the internet. The trees at the landfill are Eucalyptus amplifolia, also known as Cabbage Gum. There are also some on FSU campus. They were planted as part of a project by Dr. Rockwood of UF. He is interested i wood and pulp production not honey.

The honey potential is medium, pollen potential is high and they bloom in Summer (Nov-Jan) in their native habitat.

Next I sent an email to Dr. Rockwood and found out that they should be on track for a March bloom but the time varies based on weather.

Started going by the ladfill in late Feb. to montor them. They were helpful but the landfill hours make it hard to get to except on Saturday. Standing between the office buldings provides the best view of the stand without going onto the actual landfill and setting off alarms. Pictures are to the right. The buds are really to small to be seen in them however.

  • 3/17/12: There are some clusters of yellow near the tops of a few of the eucalyptus that haven't been there before.
  • 3/24/12: The trees on the far left are showing yellow-green buds near the top.
  • 3/31/12: Numerous trees are showing yellow-green buds near the tops.
  • 4/7/12:
  • 4/14/12:
  • 4/21/12: No visit
  • 4/28/12: Trees have returned to normal

    My hives are .6 miles from the trees (1.2 driving)

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