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Criterion RV-6


I've had this since about 1980. The date on the motor drive is 9/75 so its a little younger than I am. The clock drive has never worked correctly. The finder scope does not seem to be the original, its too big for the rings and can't be adjusted within them properly. I have replaced the mirror cell with a university optics one. Its higher than the original and I had to drill new holes. Its also little larger than the mirror, 3 little cardboard spacers keep it from sliding around. I have the old one but is is cracked. Tube and mount now painted black, there was some damage to the tube and I had to do some fiber glass repairs, the black paint is really to cover that up. Mirrors recoated with Clausings Beral coating 9/2002.

Nikon Coolpix 995 (This died in 2008)
A 3.34Megapixel digital camera.

    William Optics DCL-28 Eyepiece Digital Camera Adapter (24mm 1.25" eyepeice)
    This screws directly onto the camera, and fits in to the focuser.

    Nikon MC-EU1 Remote Cord
    Needed to take timed exposures and not jiggle the camera

    Scopetronix Digi-T Digital Camera Attachment System (Currently on the 40mm eyepiece)
    This allows mt yo use any eyepiece with the camera. Its two rings one attached to the eyepiece with small set screws (very easily lost and would be impossible to do in the dark), the other attaches to the camera and the two screw together when in use. You have to remove the rubber eye guard from the eyepiece and its to expensive to just get one for each eyepiece.

Olympus OM-1
A old manual SLR camera

Orion EQ-1 Equatorial Mount, Astrotrack drive and 1/4"-20 Adapter
For star field shots.

Kendrick Dew Remover
Controller, 18h battery, heater for 1.25 eyepeice, heater for 50mm camera lens.

1.25 EyepeicesMagnificationFOV °Exit PupilNotes
40mm30x1.445Hands on Optics GTO Plossl
44 FOV, 4 glass, 32mm relief
24mm50.8x2.53mmWilliam Optics DCL-28
18mm67.7x.939722.25mmCriterion A.R.
12.5mm97.5.939721.56mmCriterion A.R.

6", 150mm
1200mm focal length F/8 focal length
Magnification = telescope focal length / eyepiece focal length Field of view = (eyepiece field stop diameter / telescope focal length) x 57.3
Ramsden have 20-25 FOV.